Play Online Roulette at LeoVegas New Zealand

The iconic and glamorous table game in many brick-and-mortar casinos is playable at LeoVegas New Zealand. Available in almost all casinos in different parts of the world, roulette comes in various styles. While the roulette game is playable in different ways, the game's aim remains the same. In roulette online, you aim to bet on the outcome of the random spin of the wheel.

Many online casinos, including LeoVegas, offer different online roulette variations with the actual roulette wheel and betting table replaced by virtual representations of them both, and the game operates using a Random Number Generator (RNG). If a bet is correct, a payout is earned based on the type of roulette bet and wagered amount.

Although the gameplay of online roulette is simple, this classic game offers a wide range of betting options and some variant-specific rules that can appeal to serious players.

What are the main types of online roulette games?

Roulette is a classic table game with a long and rich history. First played in 18th century France, roulette has grown in popularity and has spread to different parts of the world. Several variants became available throughout its history with a few changes in the gameplay and rules. The list below details the main types of online roulette games to play at LeoVegas New Zealand:

  1. European Roulette. The European Roulette is considered authentic, with a friendly house edge among the different roulette variants. This game uses a single-zero-wheel layout with a 2.7% house advantage.

  2. French Roulette. The French version uses the same single-zero wheel layout with one distinct difference: its addition of the 'La Partage' and 'En Prison' rules. If the La Partage rule is active, when the roulette ball appears on the zero pocket, your even-money bets are split in half. Under the En Prison rule, your bet stays on the table until the next spin if the ball lands on the zero pocket.

  3. American Roulette. It is also known as double zero roulette. Players will find an extra pocket for '00' (double zero) in the American variant. The change in the wheel's layout was based on the decision of many American casinos to increase the game's house edge.

  4. Live Roulette. Live roulette allows players to play the game in real-time against professional dealers offered by popular vendors like Playtech and Evolution Gaming. Thanks to streaming technology and multiple cameras, players can witness the spinning of the wheel or the rolling of the ball as it happens.

  5. Double Ball Roulette. Double Ball Roulette is an exciting variant from Evolution Gaming that uses not one but two roulette balls. The bettors' chances of winning doubles with two balls in play, but it lowers the potential payouts. To improve your chances of winning, you can bet on both balls.

  6. Speed Roulette. For the fastest online roulette game, you can't go wrong with Evolution's Speed Roulette game. Playable across devices, this live roulette variant plays about for 25 seconds!

  7. Mini Roulette. The mini roulette wheels can run a little smaller than the standard wheel 0-36. The half bet will be paid back when a player's ball hits "0". Except for the miniature wheel size, the rules are exactly the same as for normal Roulette.

How to play roulette online?

The roulette rules are quite simple. The player's aim in roulette online is to predict which number or specific pocket the ball lands. If your prediction is correct, you win! Roulette online offers the players plenty of ways to place a bet on the wheel's outcome. And, the player's actual payout depends on the type of bet played and the amount wagered.

Learn more about the rules of roulette in our "How to play Roulette" beginners guide.

What are the main types of roulette bets?

Online roulette is a colorful casino game thanks to its wide variety of bets available. In this classic casino game, you can bet on a single number, a group of numbers, or whether the result is odd or even, high or low, or red or black.

Generally, the roulette bets that you can play will fall in one of the two categories below:

Inside bets

These are the bets you can make on specific numbers or a group of numbers that offer higher-paying odds. For example, you can bet on your favorite number, which we call a 'Straight-up bet', or put your money on two numbers called a 'Split.'

Straight Up Bet

This bet involves betting on a particular number on the roulette wheel — for example, 2

Split Bet

A split bet is a two-number bet. You're betting for the ball to land on either of the two numbers on the roulette table.

Street Bet

Street Bet is also called Three Line Bet. It's a three-number bet, which wins if the ball lands on any number within a row of three. Examples include 22/23/24, 10/11/12, and 25/26/27.

Corner Bet

As the name suggests, a corner bet (aka square bet) involves four numbers that form a square on the betting grid.For example, 12, 13, 16, and 17 form a corner bet.

Zero Corner Bet

This bet is similar to the corner bet. But instead of any four numbers, you’re betting on zero (0) and adjacent numbers 1-2-3.

Six Line Bet

This bet allows you to cover six numbers within two consecutive rows. Examples include numbers 4-9, 13-18, or 28-33.

Snake BetThis bet covers 12 numbers. To place this stretching snake bet, you’ll need to cover 12 numbers straight up: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34.

Outside bets

In roulette, outside bets are those that appear frequently but offer smaller payouts. The most popular outside bets to play are even-money bets or those wagers that provide you a roughly 50-50 percent chance of winning. For example, a player may bet on odd/even, high/low, or red/black.


This simple bet means you’re betting whether the ball will land on a black or a red number.

Odd/EvenIn this bet, you are betting whether the ball will land on odd or ever number.

High/LowYou’re betting that the roulette ball will land on a number within the 1-18 or 19-36 range.

Special bets

The Finale - Bet on numbers that end with the same digit

Les Orphelins - Bet on Orphans (1-20-14-31-9 & 17-34-6)

The Voisins - Bet on adjacent numbers

Le Tiers du Cylindre - This bet is placed on 12 numbers on the opposite side of the wheel, and covers numbers 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36

What are online roulette odds and payouts?

Your odds and potential payouts in the roulette game depend on the variant you're playing. Let's take the straight-up bet or a wager on a single number as an example to show the difference in odds and payouts.

In the European variant, a straight-up winning bet has a 1 in 37 odds of winning with a 35/1 potential payout. But in the American variant, your odds of winning the same bet is 1 in 38. It's due to the addition of an extra pocket for the '00'.

The next two high-paying bets in roulette online are the Split and the Street bets that pay 17/1 and 11/1, respectively. Finally, even-money bets, like a wager on red/black or high/low, offers almost a 50-50 percent chance of winning, but they only pay 1/1.

What are the most popular online roulette games?

At LeoVegas New Zealand, you can find a rich selection of premium roulette games from popular software vendors. If you’re planning to register, deposit and play, you may consider the following exciting roulette game titles:

LeoVegas Live Roulette. It’s an exclusive live dealer game designed exclusively by Evolution for LeoVegas. Like most Evolution live casino games, this live roulette game is streamed live in HD to the player’s preferred device.

Mega Fire Blaze Roulette. For a more engaging roulette experience, check out the casino’s Mega Fire Blaze Roulette game. This roulette variant uses a 3D single-zero layout game with plenty of single and multiple bets. In addition to the standard payouts, players can win one of the four jackpots during the bonus round!

Live Roulette Azure. Azure is a live roulette production from Pragmatic Play and uses the European variant layout. This live casino game is one of the most attractive productions to play at LeoVegas, thanks to its use of the blue colour for its theme and background.

Live Lightning Roulette. Feel the electricity in the air with ‘Live Lightning Roulette’ from Evolution. Sit back and experienced this well-known casino game in a whole new light. With the ability to multiply your bid by 500X, there are so many reasons to explore this supercharged version of a casino classic. To maximize your prize, you'll want to land on one of up to five Lightning Numbers which are available in each game round.

Roulette Tips

Here are some roulette tips for beginner players:

  • Check the roulette rules and learn about various roulette bet types
  • Choose the roulette wheel that suits you best.
  • There is a difference between European, French, and American roulette variants
  • Try placing simple bets that pay even money, like red/black or odd/even
  • Practice for free in RNG roulette games to learn the game process
  • Use common roulette betting strategies to manage your bankroll
  • Use Live Casino Bonus at LeoVegas New Zealand

How to win at online roulette

Keep in mind that lady luck controls the roulette. But over time, mathematicians and roulette enthusiasts have developed methods to improve their odds or, at the very least, manage their bankrolls. Due to the fact that they include multiple betting plays rather than one-shot victories, these techniques are frequently referred to as "systems."

Let's examine the Martingale System, which is one of the most straightforward and well-known. Re-do the bet at double the stake after each loss. In other words, when you win, you'll make up any losses, and when you do, it's time to reset your wager to its initial amount. Repeat!

The Fibonacci Sequence is another well-known mathematical term with a long name. Each number in the numerical system used by this technique is equal to the sum of the two numbers before it. The last two numbers in the system are added to bets whenever a betting round is lost. When you succeed, reduce it by two positions.

Labourchere is another roulette system, but it necessitates a large, opulent budget due to the exponential growth of bets.

Online Roulette FAQ

Can I play online roulette on mobile?

LeoVegas New Zealand fully supports mobile gambling through its dedicated native app. Available for download on both Android and iOS devices, this app allows players to access and fully enjoy the site's top selection of mobile roulette games. So whether you're on it for the RNG roulette games or its live dealer versions, you can always count on fast loading times, crisp graphics, and impressive visuals.

Can I play online roulette for free?

Some of the LeoVegas roulette games are available in the free demo mode. Beginners can try the game's free credits to check out the rules and try a few betting strategies in free roulette games. However, its wide selection of live roulette games is only available in real money play.

What is the best roulette strategy?

There are several popular roulette strategies, and it is hard to say which is the best. Monte Carlo strategy, Martingale strategy, and D'Alembert strategy are the ones you should check out.

How many types of Roulette games are there?

There are many variations of the traditional game of roulette, and the options are even greater when searching through online roulette.Play roulette online right here on LeoVegas, with various games available for you to discover across our online casino games. Our range of live dealer roulette games, transforms the classic land-based roulette experience online, with real dealers, chat functionality and more.

What is the difference between the American, European and French Roulette?

European and French roulette are very similar games, sharing the same single zero roulette wheel and game rules. The only real difference between the two is the table layout. When it comes to European and American roulette, the real difference is the roulette wheel. The American roulette wheel consists of two zero's, increasing the house edge. Online roulette features a range of American and European roulette games so it's important to be aware of the different games that are available.

What is the best bet in roulette?

Straight bets have the highest payout odds at 35/1, however, outside bets typically appear more frequently as they cover more numbers. With this in mind, these bet types do tend to have lower payout odds.

What is the safest bet in roulette?

Outside bets typically appear the most frequently as they tend to cover the most numbers, however this means that these bets tend to pay out lower odds.

What number hits the most in roulette?

In online roulette games, the outcome is decided using a random number generator, with the odds of a straight-up bet sitting at 37/1 on a European wheel. Taking this into consideration, there is no certain answer on which number will hit the most. The addition of luck will mean that some numbers will hit more frequently than others so there is no sure roulette strategy when playing online roulette.

How is the roulette payout calculated?

The roulette payout is calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the payout odds. For example, a straight-up bet has payout odds of 35/1, meaning a bet of $10.00 would be multiplied by 35 to provide a return of $350.00.

What is the highest payout in roulette?

The straight-up bet option offers the highest payout odds at 35/1, with winning bets awarded when a player is able to predict the roulette ball landing on a specific number.

How much do you win if you put $100 on a number in roulette?

Whether you are playing European or American roulette, the payout odds do not tend to vary for a straight-up bet on a number.

Payout odds will typically remain at 35/1, meaning that a successful bet of $100.00 on a number would return $3500.00. Odds can change depending on the game you are playing, so its worth checking before placing your bet.