Live Lightning Roulette

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Get on the Buzz with ‘Live Lightning Roulette’

Feel the electricity in the air with ‘Live Lightning Roulette’ from Evolution. Sit back and experienced this well-known casino game in a whole new light. With the ability to multiply your bid by 500X, there are so many reasons to explore this supercharged version of a casino classic. To maximize your prize, you'll want to land on one of up to five Lightning Numbers which are available in each game round.

Special Features

Getting struck by lightning is thankfully quite rare! Unless of course, you're playing Live Lightning Roulette. In this thrilling game, you'll definitely want to get as close to the Lightning Numbers as physically possible. Let's take a proper look at what these Lightning Numbers are, when they occur and what they do.

Lightning Numbers

To have the ultimate electrifying experience when playing ‘Live Lightning Roulette’ you'll want to make good use of the Lightning Numbers Feature. Before every game round between 1 and 5 numbers from the board will get struck by lightning, and therefore become Lightning Numbers! Essentially, if you manage to pick one of these numbers before their announcement, and then the Roulette ball lands on one of them, you could win bag yourself between 50X and 500X your bet amount. Now that's an electric deal!

How to Win Live Lightning Roulette

Winning at ‘Live Lightning Roulette’ is all about predicting what number, or range of numbers, the Roulette ball will land on once it finally comes to rest. To zoom into more detail, let's have a look at all the different bet types and what they pay out at.

Inside Bets

Straight up:

Pays out at 29-499:1


Pays out at 17:1


Pays out at 11:1


Pays out at 8:1


Pays out at 5:1

Outside Bets


Pays out at 2:1


Pays out at 2:1


Pays out at 1:1


Pays out at 1:1


Pays out at 1:1

How to Play Live Lightning Roulette

The first thing you need to successfully play ‘Live Lightning Roulette’, is to place a bet. To do so, you'll need to purchase some chips from the chip display. Here you'll notice that there are some betting limits in place, and that these may change from time to time. Next, simply select a chip to place on top of a number on the game table.

What's it Like to Play Live Lightning Roulette

You’ll feel the electricity hit you as soon as you enter this premium live casino experience. You'll be greeted by a highly trained dealer, who will keep you up to date with the game’s proceedings. As you settle into the swing of things, you'll notice just how visually stunning this game really is. Whether it’s the neon lightning strikes which ripple down the walls, or the mechanical brilliance of the countless old-fashioned levers and gadgets, you'll recognize that you are taking part in a premium betting experience.

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