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Cash or Crash Live


Blimp Your Ride with ‘Cash or Crash Live’

Discover new heights with ‘Cash or Crash Live’ live casino game from Evolution. The fate of this giant floating ship depends on your ability to pick the correct color of the next ball to be produced by the game machine. Will it be green, red, or gold? Featuring a ladder-style paytable, the more you guess correctly, the higher up you will travel. Keep an eye out for the Golden Ball, as it can save you from crashing as well as increase your payout by up to 50,000x.

Special Features

‘Cash or Crash Live’ is a live game show. It’s a simple concept, and yet still very rewarding to play. Essentially, depending on the color each new ball, the blimp either floats up or it crashes downwards. This means there's not a lot of room for special features. However, one thing you should keep an eye out for the Golden Ball – it can save you from crashing and simultaneously maximize your prize. Let's take a quick look at what it is and how it works.

Golden Ball

In this exciting live casino game, there are 3 types of ball produced by the machine. The Green Ball takes you higher, the Red Ball makes you crash, and the Golden Ball protects you from crashing (one time only). Keep in mind, there is just the one Golden Ball per game, so the chances of landing it are relatively limited. However, if you do land it, it can also perform the basic function of moving you further up the paytable ladder.

What's It Like to Play ‘Cash or Crash Live’?

Having the fate of a floating ship determined by your ability to predict a random series of events certainly makes for a thrilling betting experience. When you first enter you will be greeted by a charming hostess, who will be dressed as an airline assistant. The studio setting gives you a wonderful view of the city below - the higher it climbs the better the view becomes. The jazzy soundtrack and the 1950s uniforms combine to create a very nostalgic feeling from the industrial age. It's a nice simple game to play and gets and holds your attention with each new ball.

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How to Win Cash or Crash Live

To win this game you need to land as many Green Balls as you can and then cash out before a Red Ball is produced. This game features a ladder-style of paytable which means you can win more the higher you rise. Let's look at how this works and what it really means.

Before Shield is Broken:

20 – 18,000x

19 – 6,800x

18 – 2,900x

17 – 1,200x

16 – 550x

15 – 310x

14 – 160x

13 – 95x

12 – 54x

11 – 33x

10 – 21.5x

9 – 15x

8 – 10x

7 – 7.1x

6 – 5x

5 – 3.6x

4 – 2.7x

3 – 2x

2 – 1.6x

1 – 1.2x

After Shield is Broken:

20 – 50,000x

19 – 11,000x

18 – 4000x

17 – 1500x

16 – 760x

15 – 360x

14 – 175x

13 – 105x

12 – 62x

11 – 36x

10 – 24x

9 – 16x

8 – 10.5x

7 – 8x

6 – 5.6x

5 – 4x

4 – 3.1x

3 – 2.2x

2 – 1.7x

1 – 1.2x

How to Play Cash or Crash Live

The host controls the game, so you just need to follow their instructions. After you place a bet, the ball machine will start producing colored balls. In each game there are 19 green balls, 8 red balls and one golden ball. The green ones help you travel up the paytable, the gold one protects you from crashing while the red ones make you and your potential winnings fall from the sky and burnout. Before each ball is drawn you will be given 3 options. You can either pull your money out, continue, or simply pull half of your money out and allow the rest to stay in the game. Good luck!