Crazy Time Live

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Let your eccentric side shine with ‘Crazy Time Live’

Let your hair down and get a little crazy with ‘Crazy Time Live’ from Evolution. As another stunning addition to the ever-popular category of wheel-based game show adaptations, this one is by far the craziest! With the ability to hit a 20,000x multiplier and four bonkers bonus games, there are so many reasons to give ‘Crazy Time Live’ – a big fat, slightly strange…. spin!

Special Features

With not one, not two, not three, but four bonus games – ‘Crazy Time Live’ certainly lives up to its name. Spin the wheel in hopes of landing either the Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, or Crazy Time bonus game to maximize your prize! Let’s have a look at a few of them now…

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

If a bonus game involves firing a cannon at a wall, then you know it's going to be very crazy. Enough said? If you bet and hit the Cash Hunt Bonus Game, you'll be faced with a wall of 108 random multipliers. After you have briefly seen each of them, they will then get masked under different symbols and quickly shuffled. Your job is to aim and fire a cannon towards the area of the wall that you believe now holds the highest value multiplier.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

If you bet and land on the red door segment, you'll activate the Crazy Time Bonus Game. It will take you to a new wheel, which has three pointers and 64 segments, of which all are packed to the brim with Bonus Multipliers. Once the wheel comes to a halt, each of the three pointers will be pointing at a different multiplier. The multiplier of the corresponding segment will then be applied and in certain cases this could include a 20,000 X multiplier. Now that really is crazy!

How to Win Crazy Time Live

The art of winning ‘Crazy Time Live’ , lies in being able to predict where the wheel will land after it finishes spinning. Based on the layout of the wheel segments, there are a few clever ways to work out the likelihood of certain potential outcomes.

The 1 Symbol has 21 segments and pays 1:1

The 2 Symbol has 13 segments and pays 2:1

The 5 Symbol has 7 segments and pays 5:1

The 10 Symbol has 4 segments and pays 10:1

The Pachinko Symbol has 2 segments

The Cash Hunt Symbol has 2 segments

The Coin Flip Symbol has 4 segments

The Crazy Time Symbol has 1 Segment

How to Play Crazy Time Live

To play ‘Crazy Time Live’ , you'll first need to place a bet. To do so, purchase an amount of chips and place one or more of them onto the 8 provided options. These options naturally mirror the segments of the wheel. Once your host is ready, they will spin the wheel and all the craziness will unfold before you. Trigger the bonus games to bag yourself up to $500,000.

What's it Like to Play Crazy Time Live?

Jump headfirst into the weird world of ‘Crazy Time Live’ and you'll experience the LeoVegas at its most eccentric. When you first enter, you'll instantly be entertained by the rhetoric of the highly trained and naturally creative hosts. As you settle in, you'll be wowed by the surreal colors and lights of what is one of the most imaginative sets in the world ofs.

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