What are casino card games?

Card games are the classic offerings in most brick-and-mortar casinos, with baccarat, blackjack, and poker as famous examples. However, other colorful card games are also available in both physical and online casinos in addition to these crowd favorites. At LeoVegas New Zealand, you can check out and play the following popular casino card games available online 24/7.

  1. Andar Bahar. By far one of the most favourite casino card games in India is now available at LeoVegas New Zealand. In this game of pure chance, the player bets on one of the two piles of cards on the table: Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). The casino dealer then deals cards alternately to these two piles until a card appears that matches the first card.

  2. 32 Cards. This exciting card game uses a deck with 32 card, where all the Aces, Twos, Threes, Fours and Fives are removed. Developed by Ezugi, the player aims to bet on which among the four hands has the highest total score. Each hand has a default card in each round and receives an extra card after all bets are submitted. Like Andar Bahar, 32 Cards is a game of chance, and there's no tested strategy that can guarantee a win in each round.

  3. Texas Hold'em. Texas Hold’em is arguably the most widely played poker variant in most online casinos. In this card game, the player aims to form the best five-card poker hand from a random combination of seven playing cards: two hole cards and five community cards. There are three betting rounds in Hold’em: the flop, turn, and river, and the player needs to decide on each round depending on the hole cards. For example, the player can call to match, raise, or, fold; which means withdrawing from the hand.

  4. Teen Patti. This is an Indian-themed card game with rules based on the three-card brag and poker. The player’s objective is to make the best three-card hand using the game’s hand ranking. Like many card games, Teen Patti follows a set of hand rankings that serve as the basis for identifying the winner.In this card game, the Trail or Trio, or three cards of the same rank as the best hand. For example, collecting three Queens or Kings is a Trio. Among all Trios you can form, the Aces are the best. In addition to being a social game, Teen Patti has roots in Hindu culture and celebrations.

  5. Lucky 7. LeoVegas New Zealand partners with Ezugi to develop another exclusive and exciting card game called Lucky 7. This game uses eight decks of 52 playing cards. Here, the player bets if the card is higher than 7 (7 up), lower than 7 (7 down), or if it's 7. Lucky 7 is playable as a live dealer game that lets you enjoy the exciting game in real-time. This live dealer card game from LeoVegas is an exciting option for players looking for an easy-to-play game with decent returns!

What is the difference between card games and table games?

For some players, the terms 'table games' and 'card games' are the one and the same and often used interchangeably.

However, there's a slight difference between these two popular categories of casino games. Technically, games you can play on a table or similar surface, with playing pieces or balls, are referred to as table games. Card games, on the other hand, are played primarily using cards.

In most places, table games are casino games of chance, like craps, blackjack, and roulette played against the house.

Other casinos list card games as a specific type, such like poker Texas Hold'em and many poker variants, as particular examples.

Can players play casino card games for free?

Like online pokies, casino card games are also playable in the free demo. At LeoVegas, players don't need to register or log in to an account to enjoy the popular card games for free.

Just visit our Games Lobby, click on 'Table Games' section and select what card game to play. Then, wait for the game to load, and you're ready to go!

Playing card games in the free demo can be useful particularly for the novice player. If you're new to the game, you can use the free game credits to explore its rules and types of bets to play and test a betting strategy risk-free.

Can players play casino card games on mobile?

LeoVegas New Zealand is the 'King of Mobile' for all the right reasons. Our casino boasts a native app that players can download for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Also, you can directly access the website using the browser of your preferred mobile device. In addition, our massive game portfolio is mobile-optimized for a supreme gambling experience.