Free Bet Blackjack

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Stay Under Twenty-One with the Free Bet Blackjack Live

Enjoy a fresh take on the casino classic with our super-cool Free Bet Blackjack online live casino game from Evolution. Beat the dealer’s hand to pick up some cool prizes that you could brag about to the game’s charming hosts and hostesses. The goal is to get a higher hand than the dealer without going over twenty-one. To make the most of this online live casino game, be ready to utilise the Hot 3 Side Bet and the Six Card Charlie Rule.

Special Features

The Free Bet Blackjack online casino game is brimming with elements that could be classified as special features. Perhaps we can't cover them all, but let’s take a closer look at the Hot 3 Side Bet and the Six Card Charlie Rule. Explore the game to learn more about the other features, or discover other classic casino games turned into new slot games.

Hot 3 Side Bet

The Hot 3 Side Bet in Free Bet Blackjack offers various betting combinations with three cards: two from your hand and one from the dealer's hand, leading to different payout scenarios. For instance, you might encounter a 'total 19' combination, comprising cards like an 8 of hearts, two of diamonds, and nine of spades. Alternatively, a 'total 20' combination could include an eight of hearts, two of diamonds, and 10 of spades. Moreover, there's the possibility of achieving 'total 21' through cards, like a nine of diamonds, two of diamonds, and 10 of diamonds. Besides these examples, you might also try your luck with the '777' combination, where the cards consist of three sevens of different suits.

Six Card Charlie Rule

The Six Card Charlie Rule essentially rewards you for making a hand of six cards, provided that the total value doesn’t exceed 21. This remains true even if the dealer has Blackjack, which must feel damn good! Keep in mind that in case of a split hand, a little more attention is required and the situation will be reviewed separately.

What's it Like to Play the Free Bet Blackjack Online Live Casino Game?

Just like in a real casino, when you sit down to play the Free Bet Blackjack live casino game, you will be sitting in front of a charming, and chatty dealer. Then there is the indispensable table, adorned in red, with essential markers guiding you on where to place your cards. Aside from the game itself, the live conversations between players—from all over the world— and the dealer are highly entertaining. We know Blackjack is played with several packs of cards, but who would have thought it could be played by hundreds of players from different corners of the globe. That’s quite a big table.

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Blackjack Bonus Wheel 1000 by Gaming Corps, and Blackjack Miami from the team at OnAir Entertainment are two solid options after enjoying Free Bet Blackjack. So, head over to LeoVegas’ celebrated online casino, and try these two awesome additions next time!

How to Win on the Free Bet Blackjack Live Game

To grab a win in Free Bet Blackjack, you'll need a better hand than the dealer without going over the coveted number of twenty-one. However, if your first two cards are worth a perfect twenty-one, then you have Blackjack, which comes with a 3:2 payout. Whereas, a winning hand awards a 1:1 payout. Then, if the dealer gets Blackjack, insurance pays out at 2:1.

How to Play the Free Bet Blackjack Live

Free Bet Blackjack begins when the dealer announces the start of a new round. Once this happens, you have to select your bet amount from the available casino chips. To make a bet, select your chip (these vary in value) and click the position on the table where you would like to place it. It’s possible to choose a new bet the next time, while you can use the Repeat Button to play with your previous bet. The latter is a cool feature you won’t find too often in the world of online pokies.
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