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Guide to Fixed Jackpots

Online casinos are more popular than ever. There are hundreds of online casinos available to play, and in just a few minutes of registration, players can enjoy a myriad of games.

Online casino pokies are one of the most popular options for players. Online pokies are fun, and interactive, and provide players with the chance to win large sums of money. If you’re looking to cash in big, look for slot games that feature a fixed jackpot. These can come in the form of one large jackpot to play for or a variety of sized ones mixed into the game, like a mini, minor, major, and grand. Choosing an online slot with a fixed jackpot is often a great choice if you’re keen on bigger windfall opportunities!

What are Fixed Jackpots?

A jackpot is a large sum of money or cash prize players can win from an online casino game. There are two types of jackpots available from online casinos. One type of jackpot is a progressive jackpot. The second type is a fixed jackpot.

Progressive jackpots increase over time. Fed by a single slot game or a collection of slots, progressive jackpots continue to build until they’re won. Their amounts increase as each wager contributes a small, predetermined amount to their pot. If an online slot is popular and has a progressive jackpot, you can bet it’s a big one! Fixed jackpots, on the other hand, do not increase. Instead, they feature a set prize that players attempt to win. Also known as a non-progressive jackpot, fixed jackpots do not grow, no matter how frequently players choose to play them.

Some online casinos may also call fixed jackpots flat jackpots or standalone jackpots. Regardless of the name, the concept is the same. The prize does not increase over time, so players can only win the advertised sum.

Jackpots are important to online casinos because they attract players. Many players will play slot games hoping to win a life-changing amount of money. There is always hope from players that they can win a jackpot, which keeps them playing. Jackpots are a great way for players to win big if they can land them!

Fixed jackpots may pay out a life-changing sum of money, but players seeking the chance to win a truly staggering amount may want to stick with progressive jackpots. The prize purse can be far greater than on a non-progressive jackpot.

The Mechanics of Fixed Jackpots

Online casinos may have two versions of fixed jackpots, and the type often depends on the game’s provider. Some slot jackpots are based on the amount of a player’s wager whereby the amount of money wagered by a player can trigger a specific fixed jackpot. The other version is simply a jackpot prize that can be won, regardless of how much is wagered.

Regular slot games and fixed jackpot pokies are similar. The main difference between them is the maximum payout. A regular slot will play up to triple a player’s wager while fixed jackpots provide more rewards. Players may win between 100x and 100,000x their wager.

Not all fixed jackpots will payout based on the amount of a player’s wager. Some online casinos will offer fixed jackpots with a total winning sum regardless of the stake. For example, a player may make a $1 wager on a jackpot slot that can payout $2,000.

A progressive jackpot will simply grow until one lucky player wins it. This makes progressive jackpots more difficult to win. Both fixed and progressive jackpots can deliver an incredible amount of money in winnings; however, fixed jackpots do not payout as much as progressive jackpots.

Moreover, on some fixed jackpots, players must wager the maximum stake to increase their potential for a massive win. Players can go through their bankroll quickly waiting for a jackpot win. Progressive jackpots can payout far more money, but a fixed jackpot is often a smarter choice for players looking for a win.

Key elements of fixed jackpots:

  • Don’t payout as much as progressive jackpots.
  • Can be easier to win compared to progressive jackpots.
  • Offer two types of prize amounts.
  • Provide higher winning potential than regular slots.

Online casino software developers are constantly designing new games. Software creators may release multiple slot games each year to keep players enjoying their games, keeping relevant with the latest innovations, storylines, and graphics which can rival those of video games. Fixed jackpots are available for different types of games, not just slots.

  • Classic slot machines - Slots games are the most popular for players seeking a jackpot. Players with hankering for retro classic slots can find many options with fixed jackpots.

  • Jackpot slots - Much more engaging than retro slots, video slots offer multiple ways to win and more paylines than classic slots. The storylines and graphics are immersive and often interactive, attracting a whole range of players and bankrolls.

  • Table games - fixed jackpots from side bets or as an incentive to play, can be found on classic casino table games like blackjack, roulette and more.

Fixed jackpots are most common with classic slots and online slots, but some online casinos will offer players the chance to win a jackpot from a table game. A table game fixed jackpot could be an incentive for a player to play roulette, blackjack, or another game and wager a specific amount in order to qualify.

Scratch Cards & Instant Win games - Scratch cards and instant win games are popular features at online casinos. There is no strategy for them. Like traditional scratch cards, players can win a jackpot from an online casino scratch card or instant win game. The potential to win a jackpot from these games is an incentive to play.

Games with Fixed Jackpot Slots at LeoVegas New Zealand

LeoVegas New Zealand is home to fixed jackpot games, giving players the chance to win even more money. Below are three of the most popular fixed jackpot games available at our online casino.

Fire Forge

Microgaming’s Fire Forge is a five-reel, three-row slot with 243 ways to win. Players must land three or more symbols or wilds on the reels beginning with reel number one. There are three fixed jackpots up for grabs, including a Minor that pays 5x the stake, a Major Jackpot that pays 25x the total stake, and the Ultra, which pays 200x the bet. Players looking to cash in on the biggest win of the game, at 50,000x their bet, would need to win the Ultra Jackpot with a big multiplier attached!

Koi Princess

NetEnt’s Koi Princess is a five-reel, 20-payline Asian pop culture slot game packed with features and a fixed jackpot of 1,000x the stake. The minimum bet is $0.10 and the maximum $100. Players can land a massive payout if they hit the fixed jackpot and the best way to do that is usually through a Bonus Wheel spin. The vibe is sleek Japanime graphics with brilliant colours, making it easy to get lost in the artistry.

Luxor Gold: Hold and Win

Egyptian-themed slots are plentiful, and players sure gravitate toward them. Due to Egyptian slots' continued popularity, software developers keep pumping them out and Playson’s Luxor Gold: Hold and Win is a favourite for many online casino players. It is a five-reel and three-row game featuring 25 paylines. Luxor Gold: Hold and Win offers players sleek, colourful graphics and modern gameplay. Players can win 5,524x their stake, making this one of the best fixed jackpot games available at LeoVegas New Zealand. The minimum stake for a spin is $0.20 and the maximum stake sits at $100. Wagering the maximum stake and hitting the jackpot can land players a six-figure win!

Set high up in the classical-looking clouds, you'll have a good view of all the prizes on offer across this game’s 20 paylines. To maximize your prize, make sure to cash in on the Amazing Link Feature and the Zeus Pick Feature.

Once activated, the Zeus Pick Feature will reward you with a prize if you can match 3 icons across the ornate regal reels. There are 4 fixed jackpots, including the Mega Jackpot with a max win of x5000 of the bet.

Fixed Jackpots FAQ

How do fixed jackpots differ from progressive jackpots?

A fixed jackpot doesn’t change. The prize amount can be based on a player’s stake or a specific amount. A progressive jackpot on the other hand, will increase over time until someone wins it. The jackpot will increase as more people play the slot.

Are fixed jackpot games more predictable?

Since fixed jackpots have a predetermined prize, players can win more frequently playing slots with a fixed jackpot. The return to the player is typically higher on fixed slots than on progressive slots.

Can you win life-changing amounts with fixed jackpots?

Absolutely! Players can win life-changing sums of money playing fixed jackpots. Of course, this depends on what you mean by life-changing! Some fixed jackpots have prizes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How are fixed jackpot winners paid out?

The online casino must verify the win before paying out the player. The casino will also ensure the win was legitimate. The verification process normally takes a few days. Once it is complete, the online casino will pay the player the winnings into their account. Players may need to provide verification documents to prove their identity to receive their winnings.

Are there any strategies to improve your chances of winning a fixed jackpot?

Players should select slot games with high return to player stats. These are games with an RTP (return to player) over 96%. A high RTP means players have a better chance of receiving a payout with every spin.

Progressive jackpots are often more popular because players can win more money. Players should consider playing fixed jackpots instead because they can provide more frequent wins.

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