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Daily Jackpots Explained

You may have seen the term ‘daily jackpots’ used on bingo and casino sites like LeoVegas New Zealand, but never known what it actually means. Daily jackpots are slot machine games that give players the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot - the best part of daily jackpots is that they provide players with the chance to win every day.

What makes these jackpots so enticing is the daily aspect. A daily jackpot must be won by a specific time. One lucky player will win a significant amount of money each day by a set time and can play shortly before the jackpot drops to win it. These attributes of daily jackpots make them an ideal feature of online casinos. While they don’t provide players with the same opportunity to win a life-changing sum of money as other progressive jackpots, they do offer the chance to win a big one, daily.

Progressive jackpots build up as more people play, adding to the winning prize. Daily prize pots must be won every 24 hours, so they don’t build up to the same degree.

How Do Daily Jackpots Work?

A daily jackpot is reset at a specific time each day. One lucky player will win the prize with one spin of a slot game. If no one wins the daily jackpot, it will be reset for the next day; it doesn’t have to be paid out.

Players can only win the jackpot with single spins. It doesn’t matter how long a player plays the game or the number of paylines used. These do not affect the daily jackpot. Moreover, players cannot win the daily jackpot using bonus rounds or free spins.

You must familiarise yourself with daily jackpot rules before playing a specific daily jackpot slot game. This will inform you of the time the jackpot drops. The drop time varies depending on the game. You want to time it just right to win the daily jackpot.

The slot game will have a jackpot timer that counts down showing how much time is left to win the prize. The jackpot is paid out when the timer hits zero. You may even be in the middle of a spin. This is one of the great aspects of a daily jackpot game. You can play it at a specific time each day to win.

A traditional jackpot is different to a daily jackpot because there is no specific time for it to drop within. Traditional jackpots drop whenever the algorithm or random number generator produces a win.

The Advantages of Daily Jackpots

There are several advantages to playing daily jackpots over traditional jackpots. Let’s explore some of the advantages:

  • Jackpots must be won - daily jackpots must be won at a certain time each day.

  • Instant Gratification and Quick Wins - Players can have an immediate sense of gratification from their wins. They don’t have to play a slot game for hours instead, they can play at the right time each day to attempt to earn a big win.

  • Enhanced Gaming Experience - Slot games with daily jackpots give players something to strive for, within a set time limit. While a progressive may build for weeks or even months on end, a daily jackpot is set to drop within a specific time frame, so expectations of a potential win are different and may help build anticipation and engagement.

Top Daily Jackpot Slots Games

Online casinos offer different daily jackpot games for players to choose from. Below are some of the top games available at LeoVegas New Zealand, providing players with the chance to score daily jackpot wins. All three games were developed by Red Tiger.

Wild Elements

Wild Elements is a seven-reel slot game with 30 paylines. Players can win free spins during the bonus round to continue playing without additional wagering. Multipliers and Stacked Wilds make Wild Elements even more exciting to play. Players can stake as little as $0.10 and as much as $100 on each spin. Wild Elements takes players into the land of the mystics on an epic journey.

Devil’s Number

Devil’s Number is a daily jackpot slot with five reels, four rows, and 30 paylines. Free spins are available with higher value symbols added to enhance winning potential. Devil’s Number is available on all devices, so you can play via mobile on the go or PC at home. The minimum stake per spin is $0.20 and the maximum is $40.

Dragon’s Luck Power Reels

Dragon’s Luck Power Reels is an Asian-themed game from Red Tiger Gaming. It has 10 reels, six rows, and 30 paylines. You will find Chinese symbols throughout and will need to match these up to win. Dragon symbols provide upgrades to additional symbols to enhance winning. Dragon’s Luck Power Reels is an immersive game full of mystery and intrigue that doesn’t disappoint.

Daily Jackpots FAQ

What are daily jackpots?

Daily jackpots are slot machine games that must be won by a specific time each day.

How do daily jackpots differ from traditional jackpots?

Players can win a traditional jackpot at any time, but a guaranteed daily jackpot drops within a specific 24-hour time period.

Which games offer daily jackpots?

A variety of slot games offer daily jackpots. Red Tiger has developed several games with daily jackpots. Online casinos will have a list of daily jackpots available. You can check the “Ready to Drop” page at LeoVegas New Zealand to find the latest jackpots.

How can I increase my chances of winning a daily jackpot?

Firstly, you need to read the rules of the game and understand when the daily jackpot drops. Then, you need to play the slot game at that specific time each day to improve your chances of winning.

Are there any strategies to manage bankroll when playing for daily jackpots?

It is important to keep all emotions in check and play these games patiently. You can win a daily jackpot in the middle of a spin. Daily jackpots can only be won on single spins.

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