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Online Scratchies NZ: Complete Guide

How to Get Started with Online Scratchies

At LeoVegas, several different game types fall into our Instant Win category. These are 'crash' games, like Aviator, a host of Slingo variants, and what we’re going to talk about today - online scratch card games. Perhaps better known in New Zealand as playing online scratchies, these games challenge your virtual finger to tickle up a prize.

Play Online Scratch Cards

Online, it’s easy to get started with scratchcards. Firstly, you’ll need to get yourself a LeoVegas account, which is as easy as clicking on the green Open Account button in the top-right of our website. You can simply click Log In in the same place if you already have an account with us. Remember, it’s possible to manage your account on mobile or desktop.

Next, input all the required information to complete the signup process (don’t forget to choose whether or not you’d like to take us up on our Casino Welcome Bonus offer) and then make a deposit via the Cashier section. Send over at least 10.00 to join in the fun - and be aware that there may be wagering requirements attached to any bonuses.

Scratch card rules are all different, in general, they task you with finding three of the same symbol to win, whether it's a plum, a crown, or a cat. Of course, you'll need to make a bet first, just like in slots, and then your winnings will be determined by a multiplier.

You can find all of our scratchcards on the LeoVegas site by clicking on Casino at the top of this page and then on the Instant Win button above the game selection. Continue reading below for some of our favourite scratchcards from three popular developers, namely, Microgaming, Hacksaw Gaming, and Realistic Games.

Exploring Different Types of Online Scratch Card Games

Traditional Scratchies with Classic Themes

Traditional online scratch cards share many of their aesthetics with LeoVegas’ retro pokies. That is, they include pictures of four-leaf clovers, bells, fruit, and cash bundles. In these games, all you’ll need to do is match three symbols from the (usually) nine available.

While they have the same gameplay as the previous type of scratchcard, themed or branded scratch games might carry the logo of a popular game show. Why? To appeal to the franchise’s fans and give them something to do when the TV is off.

Progressive Jackpot Scratchies

This is where things get interesting. A progressive jackpot scratch card game has a prize that’s made up of a percentage of all players’ bets. Put another way, every time you wager on a scratchcard, you’re helping to build the jackpot for everybody.

Instant Win Scratchies

Instant win games include some of the more recent innovations in the casino games world. These instant play games tend to be guessing games like Aviator, in which the player has to choose when to cash out before a plane takes off. As long as it's still in play, the prize fund keeps ticking up.

Best Online Scratch Cards in NZ


While the blue clovers in Scratchy might look like a cow’s frozen dinner, this scratchcard is one of the hottest on our site. It's all about simplicity. Scratchy invites you to match just three symbols from the ones hidden under the clovers. If you manage to do that, you'll win whatever cash amount is printed on them.

Prizes range from 1.00 coins to 50.000 coins in this Hacksaw Gaming scratchie so there's something for every bankroll here.

Avalon Scratch

Avalon Scratch from Microgaming takes the Arthurian legend and turns it into an opportunity to win 1,000x your stake. With the castle Camelot looming in the background, the gameboard presents the player with six different symbols, ranging from a silver chalice and a coat of arms to a big A and K.

Prizes in Avalon Scratch payout at 2x, 4x, 10x, 25x, and 75x before they reach the jackpot - and all you have to do is match three symbols.

Cash Scratch

Itching for a win? Cash Scratch has a maximum prize of 100.000 coins to play scratchies for. Just take the plastic scratcher and drag it over the gameboard. This Hacksaw Gaming scratchie uses the same printing as bank notes, along with imagery of a big city, to really get across its big spending tendencies.

There are 15 different cash prizes in Cash Scratch’s pay table, beginning at 1.00 coins. Only two of the biggest jackpots are available though - so get scratching.

Golden Koi

A 'pull tab' game, Golden Koi from Realistic Games uses peelable covers to hide the symbols below. It's still a match-three scratchie but it incorporates a wild symbol - a golden koi, oddly enough - that allows for match-two gameplay. Pull back the tabs to reveal a collection of non-fishy fruits, including grapes and plums.

The maximum win in Golden Koi is 50x your bet for three bell symbols, while a trio of cherries gets you your stake back.

Pot Luck

Fish not your thing? Realistic Games also has an Irish-themed slot called Pot Luck. This scratchie plays in exactly the same way as Golden Koi (it’s a pull tab game) but it uses Gold, Silver, and Bronze symbols in addition to melons, oranges, and cherries. Pot Luck also has the customary leprechaun common to all Irish games.

Wins in Pot Luck are determined by how many pots of gold or fruit you get, with three of each returning between 1x and 500x your wager.

Sunken Treasure

If your dreams of late have featured a jewellery-clad octopus, they’ve probably been leading you here. The third of Realistic Games’ scratchcards on today’s Sunken Treasure is a pull tab game with a salty twist. First, let's outline the cash prize. You can get up to 500x for three toothy sharks, 50x for three crowns, x10 for three crowns, and all the way down to 1x for three starfish.

The twist is that Sunken Treasure's wild symbol - the same grinning shark - doubles your prize. Better still, two of these pictures in a line quadruple it.

Diamonds & Rubies

The last entry on our introductory list is - you guessed it - another Realistic Games pull tab concept. Diamonds and Rubies takes its cues from fruit machines and hides precious gems and fruit behind its paper windows. You’ll get four attempts at matching three pictures per card that you buy.

Diamonds and Rubies has two jackpots to play for, which are paid out for three diamonds or three rubies. Cherries are the lowest-paying symbol.

Online Scratchies Game Providers

Hacksaw Gaming

We mentioned Hacksaw Gaming briefly when we talked about Cash Scratch. This developer claims to be the "#1 scratchcard provider in the iGaming industry" and its huge range of games does seem to attest to that boast. Hacksaw has six different instant win games in its repertoire, more than fifty scratchies and countless slots available.

What makes Hacksaw so interesting, other than its 'edgy' persona, is the number of themes it has managed to borrow ideas from. This includes vehicles, mythology, animals, sports, and even bathtub ducks.


As one of the biggest game creators in the casino space, Microgaming barely needs an introduction. They're represented at LeoVegas via the Avalon Scratch game but the company offers more than 100 different scratchcards to its audience, including one about mowing the lawn. Who knew that gardening would transfer well to a scratchcard?

Like Hacksaw, Microgaming has enough experience in iGaming to be a trusted brand so we're more than happy to have its scratchcards on the LeoVegas website. You'll also find plenty of Microgaming-branded pokies here for playing online, too.

Realistic Games

Realistic Games takes quite a retro approach to scratches with their unique pull tab games. The developer is just as well known for its diverse portfolio as Microgaming and Hacksaw Gaming but it places an emphasis on language accessibility, being active in more than twenty different language markets.

We have a huge selection of Realistic Games properties for you to now play scratch games online, including European Roulette, Blackjack, Keno, and slots like the 6x4 reel Catch-22. Don't worry about the name either. Realistic Games can be just as off-the-wall with its designs as any other creator out there.

Online Scratch Games FAQs

Can I play online scratchies on my mobile device?

Yes. All our casino experiences can be played on tablets and smartphones regardless of the game type or developer.

How do online scratchies work?

Online scratchcards work in a similar way to slots. However when playing scratchies, instead of having to line up combinations on a spinning reel, you'll need to scratch away the top layer of the gameboard to see if there are any symbols matching each other below.

Don't worry - the outcome of each game is determined the moment you buy the scratch card online so you can scratch the card in any pattern you like.