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Sportsbook Termonology:

Sportsbook terminology...

Favourite – The selection considered most likely to win.

Evens – Odds where the return is double the stake. Decimal odds 2.0.

Void – Your bet is cancelled and the stake returned.

Profit Boost – A bonus that increases the winnings on a given bet by a specified percentage.

Ante Post – Odds offered on events prior to the day of the event its self in return for higher odds. Bets are not returned if your selection is removed from the event.

Start Price – The final odds offered at the start of an event.

Odds Compiler – The person responsible for setting event odds based on current market events.

Live Betting – Bets placed on an event whilst it is in play. Live betting will become available 10 minutes before the start time.

Pre-Match Betting – Bets placed prior to the start of an event. Pre-Match bets will be discontinued 10 minutes before the start time.

Betting Suspended – All bets are suspended due to a significant occurrence within an event which will directly affect the odds and/or outcome.

Handicap – An advantage or disadvantage applied to a selection to boost or reduce the odds/risk.

Non-runner – A selection which does not start an event.

General Sports Queries:

Can I change the way odds are displayed?

The odds can be displayed in fractional, decimal or US odds.

You can change the way they are shown in your settings by selecting "Sports" then "Odds Format".

What is a handicap?

A handicap is one of the teams receiving a virtual advantage or dis-advantage to level out the chances of a weaker team winning. 

For example: A premier league team vs a division 2 team. We might start the premier league team on -1 to give the division 2 team a fighting chance.

Which bet types do you offer at LeoVegas?

Single: Betting on the specific outcome of a single event. For example, a £10 bet on Lucky Star to win the 3:10 at Aintree at odds of 4/1. Lucky Star wins the race you will receive £50 winnings. Any other position in the race the bet will be settled as a loss.

Double: Betting on the specific outcome of 2 events. For example, Liverpool and Tottenham both to win in the premier league. In order for your bet to be classed as a win, both teams must win their respective matches. If one or both teams fails to win, you bet will be settled as a loss.

Treble: As above, however, the selection includes 3 results and all must be correct for your bet to be settled as a win.

Accumulator (4 or more selections): Up to 12 selections can be made on a single bet slip. Once again all selections must be correct for your bet to be settled as a win.

Each Way: Placing an each way bet means that your bet is split into two. Half being a win and half “to place” These are most commonly used in Horse Racing but can be used in some other scenarios.

For example you place a £10 each way bet on Hedge Hunter in a 10 horse race at 5/1. This will be split as £5 for the win at the full odds. And £5 for the place at one fifth of the odds. In this case that would be evens. In a 10 horse race the place counts as the top 3.

If they win the race you will receive winnings for both sections of the bet at the odds mentioned above. If they finish second or third, the win portion of your bet will be classed as a losing bet. The “each way” section will pay out at the lower odds.

The number of positions included in the “each way” section will vary depending on the number of horses in the race.

Trixie: This includes a number of bet combinations for 3 selections. This consists of four separate bets: 3 doubles and a treble. A minimum two selections must win to gain a return.

Patent: Similar to the Trixie but with all possible permutations on three selections. This consists of 7 separate bets: 3 singles, 3 doubles and a treble. Equivalent to a Trixie plus 3 singles. One winning selection will guarantee a return.

Yankee: This works in the same way as the Trixie but with the inclusion of a fourth selection giving 11 separate bets: 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold accumulator. A minimum two selections must win to gain a return.

Canadian: The same principle as both the Trixie and the Yankee, this time with 5 selections. This gives a combination of 26 separate bets: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfolds and a fivefold accumulator. A minimum two selections must win to gain a return.

Heinz: Again, we are adding an extra selection to the bet. This time the wager is on six selections and is comprised of 57 separate bets: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds and a sixfold accumulator. A minimum two selections must win to gain a return.

Super Heinz: The largest of the combination bets offered at LeoVegas. This includes seven selections and involves of 120 separate bets: 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 fivefolds, 7 sixfolds and a sevenfold accumulator. A minimum two selections must win to gain a return.

What is the "cash out" feature?

A function offered on specified singles. You can collect winnings prior to the completion of an event at reduced odds. These odds will continually change through the course of the event at the discretion of our odds compiler.

To utilise this function, from your account select open bets, select your bet and chose the “cash out” option.

Sports Bets:

How do I use my free bet or odds booster?

Some bets are exclusive to either mobile or desktop. Please check the Terms and Conditions of your offer to ensure that you are accessing your account through the correct format.

  • Locate the event you wish to place your bet on and open your bet slip.
  • Here you will see a red box marked “Bonus Offers".
  • Clicking this box will display your available bonuses.
  • Clicking on the name of your chosen offer will apply the bonus to your bet.



When will my bet be settled?

All bets are settled when the event is officially over and verified. If the event is subject to things like stewards enquiry, the bet is settled after the ruling has been made. 

Why was my bet settled incorrectly?

We settle all results as stated by the relevant official governing body. Should you feel your bet was settled incorrectly, please contact Customer Support.

I placed a bet on a player to score a goal, why didn’t I get my winnings?

When placing a bet on goal scorers, there are certain conditions which need to be met depending on the bet. In the case of “First Goalscorer” or “To Score Any Time” The player must start the game. If they do not start the game the bet is void.

Where can I see my open bets?

You can see all of your open bets by selecting "Sports" then "My Bets". 

You can choose either "Showing all bets", "Settled", "Open", "Live" or "In-Play" from the drop down menu.

You can toggle through the options to choose either "Showing all bets", "Settled", "Open", "Live" or "In-Play".

Voided Bets:

A player has pulled out of a Tennis match, why has the bet not been voided?

If a player withdraws during the first set of a match, then the bet will be void. However, if the player retires from a match after the completion of the first set, we will base the settlement of your bet on tournament progression.

For example, you have placed a bet on Nadal to beat Murray at Wimbledon. Nadal retires due to injury in the 3rd game of the second set. Your bet will be classed as a loss as Murray progresses to the next round.

The event has been postponed/abandoned, why has my bet not been voided?

Sometimes there can be unforeseen circumstances which lead to an event being postponed or abandoned. There are specific rules relating to this.

Match Abandoned

If a match be abandoned after it has already commenced and the official result has been decided within 12 hours, the bet will stand. Otherwise your bet will be voided and your stake returned.

For example: You have bet on Manchester United to beat Watford. After 72 minutes the match is abandoned due to adverse weather with Manchester Utd leading 2-1. If the governing body decide the result will stand and the 2-1 result is finalised, the bet will also stand. If no decision is reached within this 12 hour time frame your bet will be void.

Match Postponed

Should an event be postponed prior to the scheduled start time, your bet will be void if the event does not take place within 12 hours of the original start time and date. However, if the match is played within 12 hours of the intended start time all bets will stand.

What happens if one of the selections in my accumulator is voided?

Should one of the selections in your accumulator be voided, that selection will be removed from the bet and the new odds will be based on the remaining selections.

Please note that, when betting on Football through the BetBuilder functionality, if one of the selections is voided, the remaining selections will also be voided.

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