Space Stacks ReelBets

Push Gaming

Discover Space Stacks ReelBets

Let's travel through time and space with video slots that pay up to 5,000x the stake! And the best of them all? The incredibly charming Space Stacks ReelBets online slot by Push Gaming. Bold, vibrant, and incredibly hypnotizing, Space Stacks ReelBets slot machine is the best way to explore distant galaxies without ever leaving your couch. Are you ready to launch? We start in 3… 2… 1!

The Best Space Stacks ReelBets Features

Just like space is full of unexplored planets, the Space Stacks ReelBets online slot is stacked with hot features.

Adrenaline-Inducing Astro

Astro feature has the power to trigger a bonus wheel with 32 segments and instant prizes. Instant prizes may be anywhere between 2x and 100x the stake, or +2 to +1,000! There is also a collect segment. You can spin the wheel until you land the collect segment.

Fabulous Fix

Fix features will introduce you to a 6x6 board. Your job is to pick three out of six tiles available. Each tile is attributed a random prize between x1 and x1,000, or a Rocket icon. Rocket symbol activates the x2 multiplier and gets progressively bigger each time revealed, up to x100.

Astonishing Apex

The Apex feature has six Instant Prize reels and they have the following values: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 20. The Enhancement feature has multipliers of between x2 and x20. Fill a column to collect the prize and get it multiplied!

Try the Space Stacks ReelBets Demo Mode

It is possible to play Space Stacks ReelBets slot online without prior notice! Sign up, deposit and have a blast! However, we advise you to try the demo game first, as you don’t have to sign up or deposit to have a great time. Once you’re ready, you’ll be ready to blast off with real money after signing up and making a deposit. It only takes a few moments in Earth time.

Space Stacks ReelBets Theme and Design

Space Stacks ReelBets mobile casino game is inspired by space adventures. Despite featuring a cartoonish style, this is one of those serious slot games that packs more than it seems. Never judge a book by its cover or the game by its titular image. That’s an old proverb we just made up.

This game takes you thousands and thousands of light years away, to a palace where a black hole is ready to create new forms of life. Goo is dripping from all corners and majestic gems fall like rain upon you. Your rocket is ready for exploration and you should be too. Space Stacks ReelBets is one of the most spellbinding space-themed online slot machines we have to offer.

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How to Win Space Stacks ReelBets

Playing Space Stacks ReelBets is not similar to playing megaways slots. It features a 10x10 grid with seven reels that can reward you with instant prizes, while the remaining three are reserved for bonus games. A win is achieved once you fill the stack. On a single spin, you can collect more than one stack, but they have to be completed on the same drop. Here are the possible payouts you can trigger:

- Max block - 5,000x

- 50 pays at least 50x

- 10 pays at least 10x

- 5 pays at least 5x

- 3 pays at least 3x

- 2 pays at least 2x and comes in 2 colors

How to Play Space Stacks ReelBets

Before you start the game, you must select the chip of a certain value that works for you. The next thing you have to do is click the reels where you wish to place your bets. It is possible to bet on as many reels as you want. Hit the spin button to start the round.

The game makes navigation easy by adding a Bet All button. Alternatively, you can pick chips in different colours and values and place them as preferred. The game also has an auto mode button, as well as an Undo button. Undo can be used only in the process of placing bets.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.