Royal Potato 2

Print Studios
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Enter the Court of Royal Potato 2

When it comes to popular slots, veggies are rarely on the menu, but that might change with the Royal Potato 2 online slot! The Print Studios slot machine is fun, original, and has great features and incredible prizes that reach x40,000 the bet. Besides, who can resist the charming faces of the potato entourage you’ll meet in this game?

Royal Potato 2 Slot Features

There are so many things one can do with potatoes. Almost as many as the bonus features you’ll trigger when playing the Royal Potato slot online! Check them out.

Spud Spins Bonus Game

The best and most popular feature in slot machines is, undoubtedly, free spins. Again, the key is in the Scatters:
3 Scatters: 10 free spins;
4 Scatters: 12 free spins;
5 Scatters: 14 free spins.

In the bonus round, one Jumbo symbol will drop in the middle. It can grow and add more free spins each time it contributes to a win. As the game progresses through consecutive stages, Jumbo substitutes for more symbols, therefore requiring more hits to be collected to advance. Ultimately, Jumbo can cover the entire grid and act as the highest paying symbol.

Super Spinner for Winners

You have probably noticed special positions between the reels. They are called Spinners and always display a certain value. If you land a win, and the payline passes through the Spinner, the Royal Potato 2 slot will multiply it by the Spinner’s value.

Royal Levy

Trigger the Royal Levy when you hit two kings or two queens in the base game. The two most valuable symbols spin to reward a cash prize worth up to x500 the total bet or free spins. The multiplier and Spinners values add up and are applied to the cash reward.

Potato Stack Feature

The Potato Sack symbol can land on reel 5 on any spin. The Potato Sack also promises even bigger potential with its ability to transform SuperSpinners into golden 10+ Spinners!
The sack yields four different features:
Golden Spinner - one SuperSpinner turns to gold with a min value of 10x each spin!
Extra Spins - awards 3 to 6 extra spins.
Synced reels - awards 1 additional spin where reel 1 & 2 will sync.
Symbol Activation - activates one symbol and awards 1 additional spin.

Royal Potato 2 Demo Slot

Whenever you play new slot games, make sure to test them in demo mode. Royal Potato 2 demo is free, and you can use it without registering with LeoVegas. All you have to do is launch it!

The demo game is equipped with 5,000 fun coins that promise a good time. Depending on the bet amount you choose, you can play hundreds and even thousands of spins. The demo play will provide you with an insight that is real, authentic, and objective.

Royal Potato 2 Theme and Design

Royal Potato 2 slot (2023) is exactly what you expect it to be: a game about potato aristocrats. Although it is rather unorthodox, this premise does wonders for the overall atmosphere of the game.

You enter a beautiful game, with masterfully crafted and intricate artwork. The royal court is depicted in shades of green, with an abundance of fun characters you’ll meet along the way. Queen Taterina? Lord Chippington? These names put a huge smile on your way right away (and make you want to get a snack from the cupboard). The music is simply sublime, and the baroque tunes make you feel as if you were in Versailles. Or Potatosailles!

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How to Win Royal Potato 2

Royal Potato 2 has 5 reels and 30 paylines. The maximum win is simply sensational: x40,000 the stake! All prize multipliers are applied to the total bet amount. To land a win, you have to get at least three symbols of a kind on a payline.

Check out the prize multipliers for 5, 4, and 3 symbols on a payline:

- King Eduardo: x50, x10, x3;

- Queen Taterina: x25, x7.5, x2;

- Duchess Wafflecut: x12.5, x5, x1;

- Countess Frytoria: x10, x4, x1;

- Baron Roasti: x7.5, x3, x0.75;

- Lord Chippington: x6 x2.5, x0.75;

- Purple Flower: x3, x1.25, x0.4;

- Yellow Flower: x2.5, x1, x0.4;

- Green Flower: x2, x0.6, x0.3;

- Blue Flower: x1.5, x0.6, x0.3;

- Bonus Potato: bonus symbol

How to Play Royal Potato 2

See that Play button on this page? Click it to start the game. After it loads, you’ll see some basic info about the Royal Potato 2 slot. Prior to your first spin, read the rules by hitting the Menu button. Then, use the pointers adjacent to the bet amount to decide how much you want to bet per spin. The big button is the Spin button. Press it each time you want to spin the reels. The small button with two pointers will start the auto-play mode.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.