Double Ball Roulette


Double the Fun in Double Ball Roulette

If you are tired of mobile slots, Double Ball Roulette by Felt could be the roulette game for you! In this exhilarating casino game, expect to face an improved roulette wheel where a second ball can be added at any point. Toss in some Neighbour bets and Jackpot Bets and you’ll be up for a rollercoaster of emotions, numbers, and dizzying spins. Who said roulette is an old-fashioned game? This one is definitely new and improved!

Double Ball Roulette Slot Features

Slot games are famous for their features, but Double Ball roulette doesn’t drag behind. The most compelling roulette title of them all comes with a couple of tweaks that will raise eyebrows and make many hearts beat faster!

Double Ball Bets

Once you have spun the first wheel, you’ll be given the opportunity to spin the second one. You’ll have five seconds to call the shots and drop the second ball. Smash the Shoot button and don’t miss out on your opportunity to win big time!

Jackpot Bets

Jackpot bets are your opportunity to win up to 12,000x the stake! You are simply activating a special bet, hoping to land both balls in the same position. In this case, the second bet will drop manually. The Jackpot Bet is placed on separate racetracks and not on the regular table.

Neighbour Bets

Click the Neighbours button on the left side and you’ll reveal a new racetrack. There, you can bet on multiple numbers at once according to their distribution on the wheel, rather than on the table. Double Ball Roulette Neighbour Bets include:

- Voisins

- Tiers

- Orphelins

Double Ball Roulette Demo Game

Double Ball Roulette is not a slot machine, but even so, it offers a great free-to-play demo. Explore the game by using the virtual funds we prepared and have a good time! Explore different betting options and just like in online slot machines, learn how to manage your funds. Playing a slot online is easy when you know what to do and Double Ball Roulette is no different! Take your time and master the game before playing it for real money stakes.

Double Ball Roulette Theme and Design

Double Ball Roulette by Felt was released in 2014 to much acclaim. It is one of the oldest, yet most innovative games on the market that utilizes the power of adding a second ball into the mix. The interface is sleek and easy to navigate, while the realistic sound effects help players immerse themselves in the world of online gaming. As you choose your bets and click the buttons, Double Ball Roulette will introduce you to other options and make every session more unique and interesting than the previous one!

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Felt is one of the main table game suppliers in our online casino. Present since the early 2010s, this studio is famous for providing thrilling and adrenaline-inducing games. If you couldn’t resist Double Ball Roulette, why not take a shot at Blackjack+, High Card Flush and Roulette+.

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How to Win Double Ball Roulette

Whether you play Double Ball Roulette with one game or two, you have the same goal - to precisely predict where the roulette ball (or balls) will land. There is no wisdom to the process. Rely on your gut and go with the flow, as this is a game of chance.In Double Ball Roulette, you’ll face slightly more complex payouts than in the regular game of roulette. Payouts for 2 balls and 2 outcomes are as follows:

- Straight - 17:1

- Split - 8:1

- 3 Line - 5:1

- 4 Corner - 3:1

- 6 Line - 2:1

Payouts for 2 balls and 1 outcome:

- Both balls landed on the same number - 35:1

Additional possibilities are:

- Same Column bet - 8:1

- All remaining bets (odd/even, red/black, 1-18/19-36) pay 3:1

How to Play Double Ball Roulette

To stake the chips, first, pick the chip value. Use pointers to increase and decrease values. Then, place the chips on the dedicated spot you want to bet on. If you like, toss in some side bets as well. The next step in the process is hitting the Spin button. It will put the wheel in motion and give you a chance to add the second ball. After the balls settle, the game will display the zoomed-in positions of your ball. Then, a new round may start.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.