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Betting Slang Terms

Gambling is a subculture with so many slang terms, it can often feel like a foreign language. If you’re looking to get you fluent in betting jargon, here are key terms you need to know.

Ice Hockey World Championship (IIHF) Betting Guide

We will take a closer look at the competition in this betting guide, highlighting some of the best World Championship Ice Hockey betting markets to look at, and offering some generous IIHF betting tips.

All You Need To Know About NBA Betting

The NBA is the biggest league in the world when it comes to Basketball. Learn all you need to know to start betting on NBA games in our latest NBA betting guide!

NHL Betting Guide

The National Hockey League - or the NHL - is the premier Ice Hockey championship in the USA and Canada. We break down a mini NHL encyclopedia to prepare you for the 2022/2023 NHL season.

All You Need To Know About Tennis Betting

Learn the ins and outs of tennis betting in our comprehensive guides.

Betting types and terms explained at LeoVegas

Want to know more about different bet types? Parlay, Trixie, Canadian and many more - we cover them all!