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Brain Teasers: Are You in the Top 4% of Players?

Everybody loves to test their brain now and again, so with this in mind, the team at LeoVegas have worked with professional puzzle experts to create a series of challenging brain teasers that will have you scratching your head in your frustration.

Find the Hidden Items

From our survey of 500 participants, we found that only 4% of respondents could find all five hidden items within our five-minute time limit – can you find them all quicker?

Challenge 1: Find the Hidden Snowman

Can you spot the hidden snowman and make a note of his co-ordinates in the grid below?

The quickest time to find Frosty was 4 seconds - can you find him faster?

1. Find the snowman_V1.png

Challenge 2: Find the Hidden Jingle Bells

Find us the set of shiny Jingle Bells within the image grid below. The quickest solution for this puzzle was 7 seconds for those looking for a challenge!

2. Find the jingle bells_V1.png

Challenge 3: Find the Hidden Christmas Cracker

Can you spot our big Christmas Cracker in the puzzle below? You’ll have to think outside the box on this one.

3. Find the Christmas cracker_V1.png

Challenge 4: Find the Hidden Snowball

We’re ramping up the difficulty now, find us the hidden ‘star-shaped’ snowball. This question had a drop off rate of 85% - it really is a tricky one, so good luck in your searching!

4. Find the star shaped snowball_V1.png

Challenge 5: Find the Hidden Playing Card

And finally, we finish this set of brain teasers with a reduction in difficulty. Locate the hidden playing card at the Christmas party.

Of users who were still left in the game, 30% found the card within 10 seconds.

5. Find the playing card_V1.png

Guess the Famous Characters

Our next of brain teasers test memory and shape recognition skills. Can you name all the popular characters?

These are on a timer, so you’ll have to be quick!

Round 1: Famous Beasts and Where to Spot them

Guess The Characters 1_V1.gif

Round 2: Law and Order

Guess The Characters 2_V1.gif

Round 3: Intrepid Explorers

Guess The Characters 3_V1.gif

Round 4: Action Adventure

Guess The Characters 4_V1.gif

Round 5: Serious Fire Power

Guess The Characters 5_V1.gif

We hope you’ve enjoyed these puzzles and that they’ve given your brain an appropriate workout.

If you still don’t know the answers to the hidden items above, stay tuned for part two in this series, where we’ll also have a new set of puzzles to put you to the test!

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