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Bingo Jackpots Guide

Bingo jackpots are a player's way to win big off a single ticket. Jackpots are available on many of the bingo games offered on online bingo websites. Not all bingo games offer jackpots, and the games that have jackpots are usually sought out by players.


A jackpot is a prize available to win if a player covers their entire ticket before a specific number of balls are drawn. For example, a $1,000 bingo jackpot may be triggered if a player covers their ticket in 30 balls or fewer. Jackpots can differ depending on the game. Moreover, not all games will trigger a jackpot.

Understanding Bingo Jackpots

There are multiple types of bingo jackpots. Jackpots can differ depending on the bingo game. Some will offer a predetermined sum of money to the winner (fixed). Other games will have a jackpot that grows over time (progressive).

Fixed jackpots offer players a set prize for winning, while progressive jackpots increase over time. Once triggered, the player is rewarded with a large prize. Once the prize is won, the progressive jackpot resets.

Jackpots add incentives for players to play a specific bingo game. Regular bingo games will offer a prize to the winner. But a jackpot game provides a larger prize to the winner. Some bingo jackpots can even provide life-changing sums.

A bingo jackpot is a special prize representing the highest possible amount of money available for a specific game. What makes a jackpot special is that it isn’t guaranteed to be won with every game. Unlike a regular bingo prize, a jackpot isn’t triggered often.

Jackpot triggers can be:

  • A full house or covering all the numbers within a specific number of calls.
  • Covering or creating a pattern.
  • Covering two number lines.
  • Covering diagonal number lines.

Progressive Jackpots vs. Fixed Jackpots in Bingo

There are two main types of bingo jackpots: Progressive and Fixed. Both types of bingo jackpots enable players to win large sums of money. However, there are some differences between the two types of jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are the most sought-after by players. These are the types of jackpots players read about online or in the newspaper that change people’s lives. Progressive jackpots can certainly change a person’s life thanks to the large amounts of money that can be won.

Progressive jackpots change and can be worth more or less than previous pots. These jackpots start with a seed value that is built up over time. The jackpot grows every time a player plays the bingo game. One lucky player will trigger the progressive jackpot at some point and win the money. The jackpot will then return to its seed value.

Players typically gravitate to progressive jackpots due to the large sums of money available to win. This makes progressives more difficult than fixed jackpots to win.

Progressive jackpots are incredibly exciting. They offer a thrill to players, because of the ever-increasing amount of money available to win. Players can only increase their chances of winning a progressive jackpot by purchasing multiple tickets. Overall, winning a progressive jackpot is pure luck. The number of players typically increases as the jackpot increases. This makes a progressive jackpot even more difficult to win.

Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots have a winning sum that never changes. The fixed award isn’t necessarily a life-changing sum, but it can be very rewarding. Even if a jackpot is won in back-to-back games, a full amount will be awarded to the winners.

Fixed jackpots can be worth $50, $100, $200, or more. While it can be a big win, it isn’t like the amounts available from progressive jackpots. Fixed jackpots are easier to win than progressive jackpots due to fewer competitors.

A fixed jackpot bingo game doesn’t have hidden features like bonuses. The rules are usually clear and straightforward. If multiple players win a fixed jackpot, the prize money is usually divided amongst them.

Additional Types of Jackpots

Coverall Jackpots

Also known as blackout bingo, coverall jackpots are an online version of bingo in which competitors must cover their entire ticket to win the grand prize. Some coverall games have a predetermined set of bingo numbers that must be covered to win. The jackpot is awarded to the player that covers their ticket in the fewest number of calls.

Community Jackpots

Community jackpots allow all players to benefit when one competitor wins the jackpot. The player that triggered the jackpot and the players with cards for the winning game all benefit. Community jackpots typically pay out 50/50.All players with a bingo card in the game split one half of the prize, while the player with card who triggered the jackpot takes home the other half of the prize in its entirety.

Escalator Jackpots

Escalator jackpots are like progressive jackpots. Rather than increasing the jackpot, the escalator increases the trigger ball count. The chances of the jackpot being won increase, as players have a better chance of getting a full house before all the balls are called.

For example, a bingo game may have a ball count of 35 or fewer to trigger the jackpot. In an escalator game, the ball count may increase to 45 or fewer balls to trigger the jackpot. This gives players an extra 10 chances to get a full house. Bingo websites may use escalator games as part of promotions.

Escalator jackpots will increase just like a progressive jackpot if no one wins. Excitement increases amongst players as the prize increases, along with the increase in the number of balls.

Probability of Winning Jackpot in Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance. Although players can try to strengthen their chances of winning a game of bingo by buying more cards or playing in games with fewer players, tickets are printed randomly. Moreover, players are at the mercy of the bingo machine.

The odds of winning a bingo game are determined by the number of players involved in the game. The number of bingo cards each player has also affects the odds. This is why buying more bingo tickets improves one’s chances of winning. Likewise, the probability of winning a bingo jackpot can be enhanced by purchasing more bingo tickets and the number of players in a specific game.

There are different variations of bingo, including 30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball, and 90-ball. The different versions of the game also change the probability of winning a single game. Thus, the chances of winning a jackpot can change depending on the variation.

Jackpots can be won randomly. Therefore, a player’s chances of winning a bingo jackpot can vary from game to game. Daily jackpots pay out each day at a specific time. Players can play these daily games at the right time of the day to improve their chances of winning the jackpot.

Fixed jackpots do not pay out as much as progressive jackpots, but they typically have fewer players. Due to the large amounts of money available from progressive jackpots, they tend to have more players. Also, progressive jackpots may be pooled together from a variety of bingo websites. Progressive jackpots are far more difficult to win thanks to these factors. Although the money is life-changing, players are less likely to win progressive jackpots.

Bingo Jackpots FAQs

What is the largest bingo jackpot ever won?

John Orchard won the largest bingo jackpot ever in 2012. The UK resident and factory worker won $7.7 million (£5.9m). Orchard played a single game of bingo, staking £0.30 on a game. After winning the jackpot, the 60-year-old quit his job.

How are bingo jackpot winners determined?

A portion of the ticket sales for a bingo game goes into the jackpot. The winner of a bingo game is determined by a player achieving a specific pattern on their ticket. Players can also cover all the numbers on their bingo ticket to win.

Can I increase my chances of winning a bingo jackpot?

Players can improve their chances of winning a bingo jackpot by playing multiple bingo tickets. Another way to improve the chances of winning a bingo jackpot is to become very familiar with the rules of the game.

How do progressive jackpots work?

Progressive jackpots change as more people play the bingo game. The progressive jackpot will grow until someone wins it. Once it is won, the jackpot will start over. Progressive jackpots can be life-changing. The amount of money can grow to incredible sums if no one wins it for a while, and it continues to build and build.

Is there a strategy for winning bingo jackpots?

The best strategy for winning a bingo jackpot is to play games with multiple tickets. In addition, playing bingo games with fewer competitors can increase a player’s chances of winning a jackpot.

What happens if two or more players win a jackpot simultaneously?

All bingo sites are different and have different rules for players who win a jackpot simultaneously. It is vital to read the rules of the game before playing. Some websites will share the jackpot equally amongst the winners. Other websites will pay the jackpot to the player that called “bingo” first. There are rare websites and bingo halls that will pay both players the advertised jackpot in full. This is very rare.