Dead or Alive Saloon

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If you're looking for a fast card game with a wild west theme, then it could be time to head to the LeoVegas live casino and place our bets at the Dead or Alive Saloon. An immersive card game hosted by a live dealer, this game features a deck of 52 cards, and from this deck, players will need to select which will be the winning card. There is also 52 bonus cards in play which can enhance your winning potential thanks to multipliers and double cards, which can increase those to a huge 100x your stake. Simply predict which card will be drawn from the pack and place your bets on the specific number, suit or numerical value set it falls into. Within this game, there will also be the Bounty Hunt feature which can see players collecting even more multipliers and increase their wins by even more. So if you're ready to head to the west, grab your cowboy hat and play Dead or Alive saloon at LeoVegas today.

Dead or Alive Saloon Game Description

It’s a well-known fact that town planners in the Wild West didn’t make towns big enough for everyone (hence all the gunfights). Fortunately, the desert haven in Evolution’s Dead or Alive Saloon has space for plenty of people to take a seat. Part of a new trend for live dealer games, Dead or Alive Saloon is an almost entirely unique experience. It’s a guessing game where the only objective is to bet on the next playing card that will be drawn. Mingled in with the pile are plenty of bonus cards, such as multipliers. Of course, as a cowboy-themed game, the Dead or Alive Saloon casino has a Western-themed bonus round and authentic set dressing and costumes. So, load your shootin’ irons and join this train heist.

Dead or Alive Saloon Bonus Features

The Dead or Alive Saloon game is designed to be straightforward to play by even novice cowpokes. As such, it has just one bonus round, the aptly named Bounty Hunt. This special feature is triggered when the dealer pulls a Bounty card from the deck.

Bounty Hunt

Bounty Hunt tasks the player with shooting one of three Wanted posters. Behind each one is a multiplier that influences the outcome of the main game. Note that you won’t see the full effect of this bonus until the end of the current game round.

How to win on Dead or Alive Saloon

As it’s not a slot, the Dead or Alive Saloon casino game does not have a standard pay table. Instead, the objective is very similar to roulette, where the player bets on one or more numbers - in this case, playing card values./n The player can place chips worth 2, 5, 10, 50, or 100 on 52 different cards. However, there is also another 52-card deck in play. This second deck is filled with multiplier cards, which are combined with the first deck before play begins. Without multipliers, the default win is 20x./n The croupier deals one card at a time. If a standard playing card is drawn in the Dead or Alive Saloon game, it ends the game and determines whether you win or lose, based on your earlier bets. Bonus cards inscribed with the following multipliers can also be drawn, with quantities in brackets: 20x (20), 30x (19), 50x (3), and 100x (1)./n We’ve already covered the Bounty cards (6), but a rare Double card (3) can also be found in the 104-card deck. This doubles the player’s potential win.

How to play Dead or Alive Saloon

Whether it’s on our website or via the LeoVegas casino app, it’s easy to play the Dead or Alive Saloon casino game. You have a set amount of time to place your bets (bottom of the game screen) before the first round begins. Remember you can bet on any or all of the cards. You can also set your chip values in the lower left. Then, all you have to do is watch as the croupier deals the cards one by one. The results of previous rounds in the Dead or Alive Saloon game will be displayed on the screen as they’re concluded.

Dead or Alive Saloon Game Info

Horses, corsets, and six-shooters, Dead or Alive Saloon Evolution is a tribute to the Old West in a distinctly new medium - the live dealer game. It’s one of the more recent additions to Evolution’s catalogue too, appearing online in November 2022. The dealer plays the role of a game host in a CGI Western bar. Each different croupier - and there are several - is dressed in period-appropriate attire. Even the secondary actors, who appear to shuffle cards, are kitted out in waistcoats and bolo ties.

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