Crazy Coin Flip Live

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Crazy Coin Flip Live Description

This Live Casino game is a unique blend between a classic slot game and a live game show, giving you the best of both worlds. The thrills of the randomised symbols landing on the slot machine, together with the live Coin Flip bonus round, make Crazy Coin Flip Live the perfect game for when you’re looking to enjoy both Casino and Live Casino games. Evolution have outdone themselves with this game’s exciting features, bonus rounds and a maximum payout of €500,000. These include the multiplier Top-up Phase and the Coin Flip Phase, but before enjoying these fantastic features, the player must first make it through the Qualifying Round; this adds an extra layer of suspense to the already gripping game.

Which are the bonus rounds in Crazy Coin Flip Live?

As briefly mentioned above, Crazy Coin Flip Live has three different phases, which are the Qualification Phase, Top-up Phase and the Coin Flip Bonus Round, and in order to enjoy the last two, you must first make it out of the Qualification Phase. The last two phases of the game are where most of the magic happens, as you will see below.

Qualification Phase

This is the first phase of the game and in order to qualify for the next two phases, you must first land three scatter symbols in one spin on the 5x3 slot machine. In order to improve your chances of getting through, the game has three spin modes, which are the normal spin, XXXtreme spin and Super XXXtreme spin. Your selected bet in the normal spin becomes your base bet and the XXXtreme spin is 5x your base bet and the Super XXXtreme spin is 50x. You are guaranteed one scatter symbol with the XXXtreme spin and two scatters with the Super XXXtreme spin. A further point worth mentioning is that the XXXtreme spins also offer more frequent multipliers.

Top-up Phase

After having landed three scatters in the initial phase, Crazy Coin Flip Live takes you to the Top-up Phase. This against-the-clock phase is the perfect opportunity for you to increase your multipliers. During this game round, you are presented with a 3x3 slot machine, containing blue and red coin symbols, each of which has a multiplier value. These multiplier values can be increased by increasing your bet. You can bag lucrative multipliers by landing three same-coloured coins in the middle row of the slot. The number on each coin is then added to the total Top-up multiplier for the coin colour you’ve landed, giving you your total multiplier value.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

The final and perhaps most exciting phase of Crazy Coin Flip Live, and together with a super friendly presenter, this bonus round creates further multipliers for each side of the coin, red and blue. These multipliers will be added to your winnings and are valid for all players. After this, all the multipliers which you would have accumulated in the game so far will be displayed separately for each side of the coin. The most exciting phase is finally here, when the host pulls the lever and flips the coin. Whichever side is facing up will be the multiplier that is applied to your final payout.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Demo

Since this is a live action game show, a free-to-play demo is not available. However, there’s always the option to take in all of the game's thrills by being a spectator. This will help you get to terms with the game’s various game modes. All you have to do, in this case, is log into your LeoVegas account and you start spectating to your heart’s content.

Crazy Coin Flip Game Info

This game was released in June 2022 and Evolution have created a near perfect blend between Casino and Live Casino. With the slot machine in the qualifying round featuring many classic casino symbols and the presenter at the end pulling the lever to flip the coin, excitement levels are at their peak within this game. The music and the studio work wonders to further immerse players into the game, especially with the studio being so fabulously decorated with red and blue, representing both sides of the all-deciding coin. See for yourself by giving it a go today!

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How to win in the base game of Crazy Coin Flip Live

The Qualification Phase is a game in its own right, functioning just like a normal slot giving you payouts for every three to five matching symbols you land on the 5x3 reels. Here’s how the symbols payout:

- Bell - 5x, 10x, 20x

- Cherry - 2x, 6x,12x

- Ace - .6x, 1.5x, 3.5x

- King - .5x, 1.3x, 3x

- Queen - .4x, 1x, 2.5x

- Jack - .3x, .7x, 2x

- Ten - .2x, .5x, 1.5x

The next part of the game is the Top-up Phase and this is where you stand to make some real damage and chase high multipliers. The aim here is to land three matching coin symbols across the middle layer of the slot as many times as possible before the buzzer goes off, accumulating as many multipliers as possible on both the red and blue sides of the coin.

The final and arguably the best part of the game is the actual Coin Flip, in which all your multipliers will contribute to your final payout, depending on which side of the coin lands facing up. The top win can be that of a staggering €500,000!

How to Play Crazy Coin Flip Live

Three different phases may sound like a lot at first but the game is very easy to understand once you get playing. In the initial stages, as with many slots, there’s the value of your bet at the bottom accompanied by the + and - symbols, which let you increase or decrease the value of your bet.

During the first phase, the main priority is to land three scatters and the XXXtreme and Super XXXtreme spins may help to get you there faster. However, they come at a cost of 5x and 50x your base bet respectively. Once you’ve got your three scatters, a new slot appears filled with red and blue multipliers. During this phase, you can increase your bet causing the value of the multipliers to increase. The final phase of the game is a pure waiting game, keeping your thrills at a high level until the host will finally flip the coin!
This game is licensed outside of Malta.