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Online Sports Betting at LeoVegas

Internet access, streaming, and mobile devices have revolutionised gambling. You no longer have to make a trip to visit your local brick-and-mortar bookmaker to place a wager on your favourite team. Instead, with a few clicks online, you can bet on the world's most exciting sporting action wherever you are.

Of course, not all sportsbooks are equal. The more sports and betting options, the better. From football to horse racing, greyhounds, tennis, or esports, LeoVegas is one online option that has it all. Below, we give our essential guide to online sports betting.

Online Betting - How It Works

An online bookie works in much the same way as making a standard bet. You simply decide what you think an outcome will be, decide how much to spend on it, and then place the bet. If you lose, your money is forfeited and goes to the bookmaker. If you win, you get a payout set by the bookmaker at the time you make the wager.

The difference with online betting is that you do all this online, not in a physical establishment. Once you choose an online bookmaker, you begin by signing up and providing your details. When you have credited your account, you can start to place bets. You just look through the categories, type in your stakes, see the odds, and then confirm.

It is not only sports that can be bet on, either. Most websites will have lots of different categories, allowing you to bet on everything from professional video gaming (esports) to politics and television. Moreover, you can get rewards such as a free bet or extra cash on deposit from time to time.

Best Sports Betting Odds

Once signed up, you’ll probably check the betting odds for your favourite betting markets. Odds are the chance of a particular outcome occurring and how much you would stand to win from it with your stake. They are used because very few bets have a 50/50 chance of happening, and different factors will weigh the odds in favour of certain outcomes.

For example, imagine you go to put on a football bet. A famous high level team is set to play a league 2 level one. If the odds were 50/50, then everyone would bet on the famous team. They are a world football powerhouse, while the other team are a small league team with semi-professional players. Thus, the odds change. Bets for the league 2 team to win would pay much more, as it is unlikely they will triumph. Betting on the high level team to win will bring little in the way of winnings, as it is almost a certainty.

It is important to note that different bookmakers around the world use different systems to show odds. The systems used in the US, for example, are very different from the European ones.


Decimal odds work differently and get expressed as numbers with a decimal point. You may see numbers like 1.75 or 2.80. For this, all you need to do is multiply your stake by the given odds.

For example, if you have a bet on a horse to win the Grand National, staking 10 at 3.00, you will get 30 (10 X 3.00). It is important to know that your original stake gets included in your returns, unlike in a fractional bet, where it is a separate amount. This also means that as 2.00 is even money, any less than this will see you win an amount lower than your initial stake. You will never see odds of 1.00, but you may see close to it. This usually happens when betting during a game as it plays, and the result seems sealed.


Fractional odds are the ones most commonly used in the UK. They are written as two numbers, such as 2/1 or 7/2. While lots of ways to understand them are available, in the simplest form, the first number is how much you will win, and the second is how much you stake.

For example, imagine you place a wager on a horse in a race. The odds are 10/1. If you bet 1 (the second number), you will win 10 (the first number) along with your 1 stake back. For large amounts, you just multiply these numbers. A stake of 10 would bring you 100 profit, and so on.

You may also see fractional odds where the first number is less than the second, such as 1/10. This happens when the odds for a bet are heavily weighted in favour of one outcome, so you would get very little back. In this instance, you would need to stake 10 to get a win of 1 and your original bet back. In many instances, this is not worth the risk.

Money Line

A money line bet may look complicated, but it is one of the simplest sports betting methods. Primarily used in North America, it can only apply to odds on a team or individual to win. The favoured team will have a - number next to them, and the underdogs will have a + number.

The easiest way to work out stakes and odds is to assume you are betting 100. A team rated at +150 would bring you 150 in profit if you bet 100. Your original stake would also get included with this.

When it comes to betting on the favourite, you will be dealing with – numbers. If a team is rated as -150, you need to stake 150 to win 100 in profit. These plus and minus numbers will rise and fall depending on the perceived difference between the two teams. If they are closely contested, the - and + will be closer together.

Types of Tickets

Once you know the odds, you can decide on the betting markets and the type of ticket. You can bet on a win for a game, or you can select an alternative, a more niched option if you fancy adding to the challenge. Below, we give the most important tickets.


A simple or straight bet is the easiest bet to place. You decide which team, player, horse, or greyhound will win. It can get more complicated if you want to go into a place or each-way bet. This occurs in horse racing and a few other sports and will payout if a horse wins or comes second, third or even fourth, depending on the race.


A combo bet gets placed on a series of matches, races, or events. Doing this reduces risk but maximises the profit potential. For example, imagine you visit the races and have 60 for six races. It is safer to split this, placing 10 on each race. If you place the entire 60 on one horse and it does not win, you lose everything. By having it in a combination, you could still be in profit if the other horses come in.

There are different types of combination bets. In some, for instance, you can use the profit from one win to roll over into the bet for the next. This is known as an accumulator.

Online sports betting markets

The betting markets are the sports bets available to place on an event. At LeoVegas you will find all popular betting markets, such as correct score, over/under, Asian handicap, draw no bet, etc. We offer the best ways to bet on your favourite sports. You will see all the options available next to your chosen event.

Tickets on the Go

The main advantage of online betting is that it can take place on the go. You only need a provider with a mobile application, and you can bet anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a signal. The range of tickets on offer is just as comprehensive as in physical bookmakers, and the range of sports and events is as vast.

Bet Live or Pre-Match

Allowing instant mobile betting has opened up a world of gambling not previously possible. It is now easy to place bets as games are in play, with odds that refresh according to the action as it plays out. This means sports betting can now break down into two main types:Live Betting and Pre-Match.

Live Betting

Live betting is when you place a bet during an event (after it has started). This may be in a match, such as a bet in the first or second half of a football game, or during a competition, such as betting on the cup winners after the group stages. As there are many different factors at work, the odds will fluctuate a lot.

When live betting takes place during a match itself, this is in-play betting. Odds fluctuate the most during games, but it can be the most exciting time. For example, imagine you are watching a match. Odds at the start of the game may be consistent, but if the score is 2 – 0 up in the 85th minute and you want to bet on the team in advantage to win, the odds will be vastly different than they were in the fifth minute of the game.

This type of sports betting has the greatest scope for good odds, as they drift and change during play. Many bookmakers will also offer incentives such as free bets or enhanced odds during play.

Pre-Match Betting

Pre-match bets get placed before an event begins. This can take place a few minutes before it starts or weeks in advance. Generally, pre-match betting odds are less likely to change in short periods of time. This means you may get more favourable odds if you look around and bet in advance.

These pre-match bets can also differ depending on the sport. For example, if you are betting on big events, you can place your bets way in advance of the competitions. The standard pre-match bets need to take place at least a day in advance. As many variables can change the price, you can get better odds.

There is also the long-term bet / ante-post bet option. This happens over a much longer period, where a bettor will not see the result of their wager for some time. It is quite common when people decide to bet on if their favourite team will win the next season, for example.

A Variety of Sports to Bet On

With LeoVegas, it is hard to find something on which you cannot bet. Our goal is to provide the best online betting experience. Major sports are available such as football and tennis, but even more obscure ones can be bet on as well. In addition, you may find other areas, such as entertainment and politics to place wagers on.


Football is undoubtedly the most popular and thus, gambled-on sport. The UK arguably has the greatest football league in the world, watched by millions around the globe. It stands to reason that each week, huge amounts get placed on games. Even in the lower leagues, the standard is still high, and football betting is still big.

There are for sure other top leagues, both in Europe and other parts of the world. Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Brazil, and many other countries have football at high levels.

On top of this are international tournaments. Every four years, there are international cups alternating, letting national squads battle on a global scale. Few events in sports match the scale of these.

Horse Racing

Horse racing and betting are synonymous with one another. Betting on horses can be extremely exciting. There are lots of factors that go toward creating a championship-winning horse, known as the form. These include its previous races, the trainer, jockey, parentage, and the ground it is running on. You just need to sort through to find a winning one.

The world has lots of fantastic race meetings, and you can bet on events like the Irish Derby or the Kentucky Derby from the comfort of your home. The most popular events in Ireland are the Irish Derby, the Irish Oaks, and the Irish 2000 & 1000 Guineas.

The gold standard of horse racing in the UK is the Grand National. Every year, the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool hosts this spectacular jump event where horses race over four miles and thirty fences.


Greyhound racing is very popular in Ireland, Australia, the US, and the UK. There are both local and international competitions taking place regularly. The sport uses dogs, which run around an oval-shaped track at high speed to see which is fastest.

The biggest event in Ireland is the Irish Greyhound Derby, while the most prestigious event in the UK is the English Greyhound Derby. With very generous prizes, they attract the best trainers and dogs. A visit to the tracks is something that must be experienced, but if you cannot make it, betting online is just as enjoyable.


Tennis is another major global sport that always remains popular. Luckily for fans, unlike most sports, tennis tournaments continue pretty much all year round. This provides plenty of opportunities to bet on this exciting game.

The major events are the four Grand Slam tournaments, and these attract the most spectators. They include the French, US, and Australian Open. However, Wimbledon is the most famous of all tennis championships.


Another sport beloved around the world is basketball. This team game pits twelve players against another twelve, with only five members of a squad on the court at any one time. The National Basketball Association (NBA) in the US is the most famous of leagues. It includes major teams and it has the world's greatest players. Of course, this is not the only league. The EuroLeague is popular over the Atlantic.

International tournaments are also plentiful. Not only is this an olympic sport, but there are also many other international cups. If the action in the US is not hot enough for you, you can follow basketball on a worldwide scale.


Esports are a new addition to the realm of online betting. For those who do not know, they are competitive games played by electronic methods. If you have a games console or are a PC gamer, you probably know that people can earn a living playing video games. This is how it is done.

DOTA 2 is one huge game with a prize pot to rival most major physical sports tournaments. In addition, classics such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends are highly tactical team games with huge followings. Players get signed to squads and have full sponsorship deals. With esports now being included in major competitions such as the Asian Games, its popularity will only begin to grow.


You can bet on far more than just sports: politics is another area full of competition, where the fate of nations is contested.The most obvious of these bets are when elections take place. You may have a wager on which party gets into power or wins certain seats. Guesses can also be made on who gets jobs in the cabinet or new governments. Of course, you can choose to do this in your own country or even in elections abroad. Not all countries will let you do this, however, and it is not possible to do it in the United States.


When it comes to the world of entertainment, you have a whole host of events to bet on. From music to movies, most outcomes can be wagered on. From who will play your favourite character in a movie, to what the end of a tv series will be, entertainment is one of the most popular areas.

In terms of music, few contests match the spectacle of Eurovision. Held every year, the event is a celebration of songs with a hint of geopolitical favouritism. It is not always the best tune that wins, but you can watch and enjoy the creativity on offer while enhancing it with a small wager on your favourite.

Aside from music, television and movies are other hotly contested topics. Awards ceremonies such as the Oscars and BAFTAs can throw up some surprises and provide a great platform for betting on categories such as best movie or actor. Away from this, casting is a big one as well. You may have a bet on the next actor to play James Bond or even who will be the next one to become Doctor Who.

Advantages of Betting at Online Bookies

Both visiting physical bookmakers and using online betting have their place. However, several distinct advantages apply to online betting. Below are the main ones.

No Need to Go Anywhere to Place Tickets

When you place a bet online, you can do it anywhere you have a device and signal. Your bets get stored electronically, and your wins are automatically sent to your balance. This makes placing bets and collecting winnings much easier.

Great Odds

Online bookmakers do not have the overheads that physical premises do. They do not have to pay rent, utility costs, or as much staff. This means they can pass the savings onto you in the form of great odds.

There is also a lot of competition from the many sports betting sites online. As a gambler, this makes for a great combination. Instead of the company absorbing the profit, it is often passed onto the person placing a bet to entice them from other platforms. As a person making a bet, it is a great attractive offer.

Sports & Competitions Variety

When you visit a physical bookmaker, they may have odds listed for the major sports and events at the time. You will be able to get odds for others, but it may involve asking the cashier and then making some calls. With online betting, a huge range of sports and events are only a few clicks away. From major championship winners to what will be the next international music hit, you can find odds on almost anything.

Easy to Follow the Outcome

When you are connected through your mobile device, you do not need to be near a television to see the outcome of the event. Scores and results will update in real time, making results easy to follow and check, even during play.

Bonuses & Promotions

As mentioned, the online sportsbook market is competitive. This means it will offer a range of bonuses and promotions. From welcome offers with cash on deposit or free bets for those who sign up to enhanced odds for in-game events, there will be plenty for you to take advantage of.

Start Betting

If you are ready to start betting, then doing so at LeoVegas is easy. It will only take four simple steps, and you will be wagering on your favourite teams and events.

Step 1 – The first step is to log in. If you do not have an account with LeoVegas, getting started will not take long. Simply click on the open account button on the LeoVegas homepage. Make sure you enter your details correctly, including your name and email address. Once you have entered your mobile number and agreed to the terms and conditions, you should have access to the website.

Step 2 – Next, you need to make a deposit. Go to your account and check the deposit options. At LeoVegas, there are numerous ways you can pay. From major cards like Visa and Mastercard to ePayments like PayPal and ApplePay, there are many ways to charge your account. Only deposit what you can afford to wager and gamble responsibly.

Step 3 – Once you have money in your account, you are ready to choose the sport you want to bet on. All the options are in easy-to-use menus with simple navigation. Once found, look for the competition or match you want to gamble on. Make sure you check out any bonuses or offers related to the event as well.

Step 4 – Next, it's just about setting up the ticket and placing the bet. LeoVegas will have all the odds laid out for you, so it is a case of selecting the ticket type and then putting in your stakes. Odds will be calculated so you can see the outcome of events. If you win, then they will be automatically added to your balance; no need to check yourself, and there's no chance of losing the ticket.

What is the difference between live betting and regular betting?

When betting online, you can choose to bet pre-match or live. If you choose to bet live, you will place your bets in real time during an event. If you choose to bet pre-match, you will place your bets before the event starts.

How do I receive my profit if I win a bet?

If you place a winning bet, your profit will be automatically added to your balance. No need to check and redeem the bet yourself.

What events can I bet on?

You can bet on pretty much any sports or entertainment event nowadays. Whether it’s something popular such as football, horse racing, tennis, or basketball, or something like the US elections or Eurovision, you’ll find betting markets. Select “Browse Sports” from our betting menu to see the list of all events and markets available.

What are betting odds?

You can think of betting odds as a metric to display the likeliness of an event to happen. They also display the possible profit on a bet.

Can I bet from my phone?

Yes, you can bet right from your browser or from the LeoVegas app.