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Mines: Dare 2 Win

Created to further diversify the hit crash games section, Mines: Dare 2 Win puts a distinctly Minesweeper-esque spin on online casino gaming. Your goal is simple: collect as many Diamonds as you can before hitting a bomb! The Mines: Dare 2 Win slot not only lets you choose how many Mines you need to avoid, but playing at the highest difficulty unlocks a top prize of 10,000 coins! Here’s what you need to know to play this Hacksaw Gaming creation.

Mines: Dare 2 Win Bonus Features

As a crash, or rather, a Mines game, Mines: Dare 2 Win doesn’t have any kind of bonus features. However, you do get several options to customise every game you play. These are your Minefield options, as it were, and how each impacts how the game is played.

Number of Mines

You get to pick the number of Mines that are dotted around the grid in each game. Depending on what Grid Size you pick, you can have up to 80 Mines on the field, leaving just one space on a 9x9 grid. However, playing with just one doesn’t lead to the top prize.
On every grid, the highest return is found when there are more Diamond positions available, making the game about collecting several in a row rather than just hitting one lucky spot. In every game, regardless of Grid Size, you have to have at least one Mine on the field.

Grid Size

The Grid Size that you select not only determines how much space you have to select, but also the potential prizes. You get to pick a grid size of 3x3 (nine spaces), 5x5 (25 spaces), 7x7 (49 spaces), and 9x9 (81 spaces), which will also alter the number of Mines that you can select to have in play.

How to Win on Mines: Dare 2 Win

To win on the Hacksaw Gaming Mines: Dare 2 Win game, you simply need to click or tap on one of the blank spaces and hope to reveal a Diamond. Depending on how many Mines are in play and your Grid Size, you may only need to hit one Diamond to get a potential return greater than your stake.

On the easiest setting of one Mine on a 9x9 grid, you need to find four to get a 1 coin return, or six to turn a slight profit (if you cash out) or 1.02 coin. With 76 mines on a 9x9, one Mine returns 15.55 coins, two gets 311.04 coins, and four returns 8190.72 coins. Check out the line of multipliers atop the grid to see what your next win will be if you find a Diamond before a Mine.

How to Play Mines: Dare 2 Win

Before you start a round on the Mines: Dare 2 Win slot, much like in Coin Miner, you first need to set up the game. Tap on the Number of Mines that you want from the options or pick any count from the Custom button. Select your Grid Size, and then adjust your Bet Amount with the arrows, and then hit Bet.

Available on iOS and Android devices, as well as your trusty computer, Mines: Dare 2 Win is all about knowing when to cash out. After you press the Bet button, you can tap on as many empty positions as you want to find Diamonds. However, the more you find, the greater your prize. After any Diamond find, you can press the Collect button to ensure a return and end the game.

Game Info: About Mines: Dare 2 Win

Released in March 2022, Hacksaw Gaming have created a very straightforward yet modern crash game. The layout is efficient, showing you your recent wins and making the setup simple. Then, to enhance the experience of the tap-reveal game, Mines: Dare 2 Win comes with this upbeat soundtrack, which does add a sense of anticipation to the gameplay.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.