Online Blackjack at LeoVegas

If you’re looking to experience a completely immersive game of blackjack online, then you’ll be happy to know that the live casino is the perfect place for you!

Whether you’re a pro player, or you’re still learning the ins and outs of 21, you’re going to find something for you. Top titles from Evolution Gaming, Authentic Gaming and much more transport you to exclusive studios in a single tap. From suave VIP tables where you can rub elbows with the high-rollers, to themed tables, our professional live dealers will make sure that you’re always having a good time. From first base to final card, find out for yourself why live blackjack online is best at LeoVegas!

Online Blackjack in a nutshell

Blackjack is a very popular casino game because of its easy rules and strategy based gameplay. The goal is to get a better score than the dealer, without going over 21 points. 

Both you and the dealer will get two cards each. According to the number of points, you can then decide whether you want to get other cards or not.

Card values in blackjack

You can find below the card values to calculate the points of a blackjack hand. This is only to understand the rules, because the game will calculate the score automatically for you. Online blackjack games are way more convenient to play. You will see the total value of your cards next to them at all times.

  • Cards between 2 and 9 will have their shown value

  • 10s and face cards will have 10 points 

  • Aces will have either 1 or 11 points, according to which is more helpful

Types of blackjack bets

Once you get your first two cards, you will have the option to choose your next step. Here’s what you can bet on when you play online blackjack:

Hit- this bet means you ask for another card (you can ask for as many cards you want until you hit 21)

Stand - this bet means you keep your two cards until the end of the game (you are confident their value is enough to win)

Double - this bet means you double the wager and can only get one extra card

Split - this bet is available when you have two cards of the same kind; the pair will be split into two hands, and the wager will get doubled as well.

How blackjack pays

The most common blackjack payout for the standard bets is 3:2 (1.5 times your stake). The side bets usually pay out more, which is why players like to add them to the mix.

Blackjack surrender and insurance

You might have heard about blackjack surrender and insurance. These are extra options available in some games. 

The surrender bet can be helpful if you consider that your hand is a losing one. If you choose to surrender, you will get half of your wager back.

The insurance bet is available when the dealer's first card is an ace. If you choose the insurance, you are basically betting that the dealer will hit blackjack. You will wager half of your wager for a 2:1 payout if the dealer does indeed hit blackjack. Otherwise, you will come even.

Live blackjack vs virtual blackjack

At LeoVegas you can play both live and virtual blackjack games. The difference is simple: live blackjack is played with a real dealer, while virtual blackjack is played with a computer software. Let’s take a closer look at both options.

Live blackjack

Live blackjack is probably the most popular option these days. Live blackjack games are streamed from real studios, with real dealers. You get to see the blackjack table, the dealer, and even have a live chat to join the conversation. The dealer will announce the bets, the results, and also keep the discussion going. The atmosphere is chill and friendly.

Take a look around the live blackjack lobby at LeoVegas to see which table suits your preference. You have over 50 games to choose from.

Virtual blackjack

Virtual blackjack was the first option available in online casinos. You basically play against a computer software with a RTP. The bets and results are announced by a pop-up message, and you can set some music to play in the background. Since there are no dealers or other players, the game goes faster.

Some players enjoy this version of blackjack more. At LeoVegas, you can find the virtual blackjack tables on the card games page.

How do you actually play blackjack online

If you have never played blackjack online before, here is what to expect. We’ll go over the standard stages of a live blackjack game. The steps can vary slightly depending on the bets or gameplay available (you can even play extra seats at some tables - set wagers as if you were playing for two or more players).

  1. The dealer will first announce that bets are open, and you will set your stake using the virtual chips. You adjust the stake by clicking on the chips with the values that match your desired wager. You can select more chips to get to a higher amount (e.g. clicking 2 times on a chip with the value of 5 will set a stake of 10). You can also mix chips of different values.
  2. The dealer will then deal the first two cards
  3. You will decide if you want to stand, hit, double, or split
  4. The dealer will give you extra cards if you hit, until you get to 21 or you press “stand” 
  5. The dealer will then reveal their hand
  6. You will see if you won or not

At some online blackjack tables, you will play with just the dealer, while at others you will be joined by other players. If there are other players joining, you will wait for their decisions and hands as well. As mentioned above, some tables allow you to take more seats at the table and play more hands at the same time.

You will be able to see the values of all hands throughout the game of blackjack.

Types of online blackjack games

There are many versions of live blackjack available at LeoVegas. However, the two main types (and also the ones you might be most familiar with) are American and European.

American Blackjack

American blackjack is also known as classic blackjack. These blackjack games are the most popular in online casinos. The tables follow the general rules presented earlier, with slight variations according to the provider.

European blackjack

Just like European roulette, European blackjack usually has better odds. The main differences are that the dealer stands on soft 17 and that you can only double down on 9, 10 or 11.

Tips for a great online blackjack session

Blackjack and casino games are all about having a great experience. The secret to making the most out of your blackjack session is to know the rules, know what you’re playing, and to keep your budget.

Know the rules: This advice applies to all casino games. It is crucial that you understand how the games work, how to place and adjust your bet, and the payout. When playing online, the software shows you the value of all hands. Once the first cards are dealt, you can try to predict the outcome and focus on how you want to proceed. If you’re new to blackjack, you might find tons of resources around the topic of card counting when searching for information. This strategy might work in land-based casinos, where the cards are shuffled less. At online blackjack, the cards are shuffled after each round, which makes it difficult to count.

Know the game: You’ll see that while all online blackjack games are similar, there might be some differences here and there. Before placing your bets, make sure you know how the games work. Check out the layout, the control panel, and the information available. You can even ask the dealer or our support team if you are struggling to understand how a game works.

Keep a budget: We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to play blackjack with the purpose of leisure and not to chase wins or losses. We recommend always setting a budget before starting to play, and not going over it. If you feel that you can’t control your limits, there are plenty of options for responsible gaming available at LeoVegas. You can limit your deposits, your wagers, your losses, and more. Check out the resources available in the HELP section, or access our  LeoSafePlay platform for more details.

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Discover a Blackjack Casino that Cares

You are the most important part of what LeoVegas is and as such, we want to provide you with lightning-fast customer support services to solve any problems you may have in an instant. Check out the in-depth FAQ pages where you will find a wealth of information. For a more personal touch, you can contact our dedicated customer support agents 24/7 via phone, email or live chat. For any gambling related concerns, visit LeoSafePlay for an abundance of useful resources.

Play Blackjack Online Your Way

Take a virtual seat at one of the blackjack tables and start your gaming session. Explore the varieties of blackjack and dealers. With so many options, you will find for sure a game to match your style. Go around the live blackjack lobby and explore. Some live blackjack tables are more interactive, while others are more quiet, focused on the gameplay. There’s for sure one table for everyone.  

Enjoy the Classic Game of Blackjack

Do you enjoy playing the classic version of blackjack? Fancy you! This age-old game is pretty perfect the way it is, which is exactly why you’ll find a massive selection of the different variants of the game you know and love. Find your favourite of these among the impressive selection.

Experience Blackjack with a Twist

If you're just starting to play blackjack, you might look for some standard versions of online blackjack at the beginning of your journey. Once you feel comfortable with those, you can dive into the games with extra bets and features, like Sports Blackjack. Learn to love the game again in a whole new way!

How do I place my blackjack bet?

To place your bet, first, click on the chip corresponding to your preferred stake. Then place the chip on the betting area matching your decision - stand, hit, double, or split.

Can I place multiple bets at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to place multiple bets at the multi-hand blackjack tables. You’ll find various options at LeoVegas.

What is the origin of blackjack?

Most specialists agree that blackjack appeared in France in the 17th century, known as vingt-et-un (21).