Flying Hippo

Pragmatic Play
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Shoot for the Stars with Flying Hippo Online Slot

Grab a hold of your pilot license, you're about to take off with Flying Hippo online slot machine from Pragmatic Play. Find yourself up in the clouds with an unlikely flying creature—yes, that’s right, a big pink hippo. Up in the blue night sky, you can find multipliers of up to 50x, and thanks to the grid-styled gameplay, you can pick up wins just by having a certain number of symbols on the screen at any one time. So, as you flutter around in the atmosphere, try to spot the Tumble feature and the Spawning Wild feature to raise your possible take!

Special Features

Up in the clouds everything looks small. However, there's nothing small about the two special features in the Flying Hippo online slot machine. Both the Tumble feature and the Spawning Wild feature can be of great use in your aerial escapades. So, here’s a look at how you can use them to maximum effect in this cheeky addition to the mobile pokies available on LeoVegas.

Tumble Feature

The Tumble feature in Flying Hippo online slot machine does a great job of improving your chances to pick up multiple wins in a row. Essentially, it removes all old winning game symbols off the reels and replaces them with new symbols that could potentially form additional wins. The tumbling can happen over and over but will immediately come to an end as soon as no new wins result from the initial tumble that activated the feature in the first place.

Spawning Wild Feature

The Spawning Wild feature in Flying Hippo online slot machine adds Wild symbols and eventually multipliers to the game. The Wild symbols get left behind after a cluster of symbols land on the reels and explode. After this happens, a new Wild symbol will randomly appear in one of the empty spaces. Depending on what level you are on, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3, the associated multiplier will change accordingly. For example, when you are operating within Level 3, your multiplier will sit at either 3x, 4x, or 5x. Keep in mind, if two Wild symbols hit simultaneously the multipliers will get added together.

Playing Flying Hippo Online Slot Game Theme + Design

As soon as you see the smile on the big hippopotamus’ face, you’ll know you're in for a good time with Flying Hippo online slot machine. Set up in the clouds, this aerial-themed adventure is filled with all things “up” — stars, clouds, and of course flying hippos! Being a grid-styled game, it's set on a 7x7 matrix which is filled with Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols entirely constructed out of fluffy clouds. To the left of the reels, you can find the Wild Metre which shows wild values from 2x-3x, 3x-6x, and 3x-50x. Accompanying the visuals is a smooth and relaxing soundtrack consisting of shimmering guitar and calming synth pads—a perfect musical choice for air travel!

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How to Win Flying Hippo Slot Game

Connecting blocks of matching symbols inside the 7x7 grid is how you go about creating a win in Flying Hippo online slot machine. The symbols must be touching either horizontally or vertically to make the win count. Each symbol in the game holds a different payout depending on how much that symbol is worth. Here's a look at how much each symbol in Flying Hippo online slot machine is worth in terms of potential payouts.

Hippo Symbol:

- 25+ - x100.00

- 21 -24 – x40.00

- 18 -20 – x20.00

- 15 -17 – x10.00

- 12 -14 – x6.00

- 9 -11 – x4.00

- 7-8 – x2.50

- 5-6 – x1.50

Yellow Star Symbol:

- 25+ - x80.00

- 21 -24 – x30.00

- 18 -20 – x15.00

- 15 -17 – x7.50

- 12 -14 – x4.50

- 9 -11 – x3.00

- 7-8 – x1.80

- 5-6 – x1.20

Red Star Symbol:

- 25+ - x60.00

- 21 -24 – x20.00

- 18 -20 – x10.00

- 15 -17 – x5.00

- 12 -14 – x3.50

- 9 -11 – x2.00

- 7-8 – x1.50

- 5-6 – x1.00

Green Star Symbol:

- 25+ - x40.00

- 21 -24 – x15.00

- 18 -20 – x7.50

- 15 -17 – x3.50

- 12 -14 – x2.50

- 9 -11 – x1.60

- 7-8 – x1.20

- 5-6 – x0.80


- 25+ - x20.00

- 21 -24 – x6.00

- 18 -20 – x3.00

- 15 -17 – x1.60

- 12 -14 – x1.20

- 9 -11 – x0.80

- 7-8 – x0.40

- 5-6 – x0.30


- 25+ - 10.00

- 21 -24 – 4.00

- 18 -20 – 2.00

- 15 -17 – 1.20

- 12 -14 – 0.60

- 9 -11 – 0.40

- 7-8 – 0.30

- 5-6 – 0.20

How to Play Flying Hippo Online Slot

In the right-hand corner of the screen, you will find the Spin button with a plus (+) symbol and a minus (-) symbol sitting on either side. You can adjust these two symbols to either raise or lower your potential bet amount. Meaning, if you wanted to raise your bet, you would click the plus symbol until you reached the desired bet amount—which is visible in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Having made your bet to one that works well with your personal budget, you can start the game by clicking the Spin button!
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