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How to win on Pokies


Online pokies and their physical counterpart share similar features in that they both use circular reels with themed slot symbols. The player spins and waits for the symbol alignment for potential bonuses or cash prizes. In online pokies, this spin is governed by a random number generator (RNG) on a remote server which distinguishes them from casino machines.

The chances on winning consistently in online pokies relies solely on chance, emphasizing entertainment over long-term profit. Smart play involves setting budgets, avoiding increased stakes during losing streaks, and managing time spent on pokies. Other ways to increase your winning potential is to join VIP programs. These VIP programs usually offer extra bonuses and higher stake games often yield better payouts.

Promotions such as the LeoVegas NZ welcome offers can also allow the player to leverage features such as free spins to spin for additional times for depositing the same amount of money. Jackpot online pokies offer life-changing sums but come with higher volatility.

Players can also choose to play a demo mode of that particular slot game. Playing demo mode on platforms such as LeoVegas New Zealand allows risk-free exploration of game mechanics, bonuses and paylines, whilst also trying out different volatility levels to better match your gaming experience.

In essence, approaching online pokies as a source of entertainment, employing smart play strategies, and leveraging promotions can enhance the overall gaming experience.

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Pokie machines, as they are commonly known in New Zealand and Australia, or slot machines, are popular games that are often found in casinos, and bars.

However, they can now be played online too. When you play online pokies, the idea is to spin the reels and hope to find a winning combination to land a bonus or cash prize.

Play Online Pokies

How do Online Pokies work?

Online Pokies have circular reels that consist of various symbols and numbers which might fit a certain theme of a game. For example, if the game theme is that of the Wild West, the symbols might be sheriff badges, guns, and cowboy hats.

To play, you click a button to spin the reels and then wait for them to land. Alternatively, you can select the auto-spin feature, if that is an option, where the reels will spin for you without you having to click every time. When the reels do stop, if you have matched any symbols or found a winning combination, you can land a bonus or a cash prize. With so many online games available, there are varying rules for each game; so always read the rules before you play.

Online Pokies work the same as the ones found in casinos. The only difference is the game logic and the Random Number Generator (RNG) which sits on a remote server that your online game will connect to.

How to win on Online Pokie Machine

The first thing to know is that there is no way of obtaining consistent wins when playing online pokies since, in essence, they are based on chance. You might be lucky enough to land a nice win now and again, but the chances of making long-term profits are small, and there is always a risk of losing some money. The main purpose of online pokies is entertainment, and this is how they should be approached.

There are ways of playing smarter to increase your chances of winning, and/or minimising your loss of money. First, here are some ways of minimising your losses.

Always set a budget before you play, so if you do lose on most spins, you haven’t lost too much. If you do hit a losing streak, don’t increase your stakes to try to win back that lost money. You will only end up losing more than you budgeted for. And set a time limit for playing pokies so you stay in control of your spending.

To increase your chances of winning you can join an online VIP program where extra bonuses and promotions will be sent your way. Remember, if you are making a profit, walk away and enjoy your winnings. It is important to note that online pokies have a higher percentage of payouts compared to the machines in bars and casinos, and the games with the higher stakes will often have the better pay outs too.

Check Online Pokie volatility

When looking at which pokies you wish to play, you might see the word ‘volatility’. Essentially, a pokies volatility will range from low, to medium, to high. The lower the volatility, the more often you can expect to win. However, the payouts are typically lower. The higher the volatility, the less chance you can expect to win, but the wins are typically higher.

Medium volatility pokies do strike that nice balance of winning sometimes and with a good value to their cash prizes.

Pay attention to the paylines

The term ‘payline’ is used to describe where on the online pokies grid a winning combination might occur. Traditionally, the middle line was the cash line, but now the winning patterns can occur as straight across multiple lines, or as zig-zag shapes across the columns. The paylines will differ from game to game, so make sure you know where on the Pokie it is before playing the game.

Another way of triggering paylines is ‘Megaways’. These are specific pokies that can be played using up to 6 reels. If you land identical symbols on adjacent reels from left to right, it will create a payline. The number of symbols on each reel will change with each spin, so the number of potential ways to win will change randomly with every spin.

Check Bonus Features

Almost every online pokie machine has bonus features such as wilds, starters, multipliers, respins, free spins, and bonus rounds.

An online pokie machine typically starts a bonus round or special feature by landing a cluster of symbols, wilds, or scatters. Whatever the trigger, once it starts, the bonus round is typically quite enjoyable and exciting and gives fantastic winning chances.

Learn about RTP (Return to Player Percentage)

"Return To Player" stands for this return to player percentage, which will help you determine when a slot machine should pay out.

Always remember that RTP is a variable average dependent on a slot's cycles and is determined over a long period of time, across millions and millions of spins. Since every pokie has a unique design, it is impossible to know exactly if, when, or how much it will pay. This means that even though a pokie machine's RTP is 97%, we shouldn't expect it to pay out $97 right away for every $100 we wager during a session. But a high RTP is always a good sign if you want to find a pokie game you like.

Play demo mode to understand the game

If you want to understand how an online Pokie works without spending any money, LeoVegas offers you the chance of playing these games in demo mode. This means it is free to play, with no cash risk at all.

It is a great way to learn how a specific game works, where on the pokie grid the paylines are, and what bonuses are on offer. This is the perfect opportunity to work out how to play a game without playing with real money.

Look out for promotions

One of the big advantages of playing online pokies are the promotions that you can be offered. For example, LeoVegas has a great offer where you are rewarded with Free Spins to use on our games.

This allows you to spin as many times as the Free Spins allow you to, with any prize you land being paid out in real cash. There are many promotions to take advantage of, so always keep an eye out for them.

Try jackpot online pokies

Jackpot online pokies are the big boys of the slots’ world. These are games where a life changing sum of money can be won if your luck is in. However, they do come with a higher volatility so winning is rare.

But, if you want to chance your luck, set yourself a budget to spend and best of luck spinning those jackpot reels.

Online pokies FAQ

Which pokie machine pays the most?

Book of 99 boasts a miraculous 99% RTP! You might not win on every spin when playing this slot machine due to its extreme volatility, but you might come out on top with heroically large wins!

Is it better to play one online pokie machine or move around?

Whether playing one pokie machine or exploring an online casino, it makes no difference. You'll experience the same outcome whether you play at the same pokie all day or switch it up because pokies are based on RNGs, and the outcome of each spin is completely random.

Is it better to play more lines on pokies?

Generally speaking, placing more bets enhances your chance of winning. However, that does not imply that you should rely solely on the odds to determine your probability of winning. The outcome is always random regardless of how many lines you bet on a pokie machine.

Can you tell if a pokie machine will pay out?

The symbols on the reels before you play have no effect on how the pokie machine will respond.

How do Pokie game algorithms work?

Online Pokies work the same as the ones found in land-based casinos. The only difference is the game logic and the Random Number Generator (RNG), which sits on a remote server to which your online game will connect.

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