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Play Blackjack Online In Our Indian Casino

Are you ready to play blackjack online? Well, we sure hope so because you’ve landed in our live blackjack category and our game offering is pretty neat here.

Oftentimes considered a game of chance, blackjack is typically played with a standardised strategy which is said to deliver the best result 90% of the time. The best result being, to bust the dealer and therefore make their hand value exceed 21 before your own.

While using Basic Strategy doesn’t guarantee a win in all circumstances, it does ensure you always play the best move possible during the game. Basic Strategy compares your hand to that of the live blackjack dealer in order to determine whether you should Stand, Hit, Double Down or Split to statistically guarantee the best result. Below we go more in detail about each move:

  • Stand - If you’re happy with your cards or are afraid you might be close to busting, you may decide to pass your turn. In this case, the live blackjack dealer is obliged to stand as well if his hand goes above and beyond a value of 16.

  • Hit - If you want to increase your hand value, you can instead decide to hit and therefore ask for an additional card from the dealer. In this case, the live blackjack dealer must also hit until they have a minimum hand value of 17.

  • Double down - After having received your first two cards, you can decide to double down. When you do this, you have to double your initial stake and add one more card to your hand. After you’ve played this move, you are obliged to stand for the rest of the game.

  • Split - If your initial hand consists of two of the same cards or two cards of the same value, then you can choose to split. When you do this, you separate your cards to start a second hand. All the while, you are obliged to match your original bet. In doing this, the dealer must hand you two new cards - one for each hand.

So now that you know the basics of the game, are you ready to start playing blackjack online with LeoVegas Live Casino? Our professional croupiers are live 24/7, ready to keep you company at any time of day. So hop aboard and start playing live blackjack now!

Offering 30+ Blackjack Games

Winner Online Gaming Operator of the Year in 2020, we’re committed to always being first with the latest. It’s for this reason that we always strive to deliver new and exclusive games at the palm of your hand.

Among our most beloved games is Free Bet Blackjack a variant of blackjack which allows players to Free Double Down and Split Bets. Offering unlimited seats, Free Bet Blackjack never makes you wait in line. In this game, the same hand is dealt to every player but your betting decision remains independent of everyone else’s. Blackjack Fortune VIP is also a popular game among our high rollers who prefer to receive a first-class service from our live blackjack dealers.

Join LeoVegas Live Casino With a Blackjack Bonus

Did you think we were going to send you off in the world of live blackjack without any help? That’s not in our nature. Here, in the jungle, we always look out for one another! If you haven’t signed up to LeoVegas yet, press the ‘Open Account’ button at the top of your browser to kick off your initiation ceremony. Sign up to LeoVegas and select the Live Casino Welcome Offer on the left-hand side to register for a bonus worth up to ₹80,000. What’s amazing about this bonus is that we’re a real money casino, which means we pay out all your rewards in cash - allowing you to withdraw the money at any point in time.

Presenting Your Blackjack Mobile Casino

Live blackjack is a perfectly portable game which can be best enjoyed on mobile. Combining quality graphics and streamlined controls, we aim to deliver the same experience you would have on your computer, through your mobile screen. All of this at just a click of a button. Download our mobile app and take your favourite games on the go. It’s no wonder we were selected as the top Mobile Operator during the EGR Nordic Awards in 2020.