Table Games UK At LeoVegas

Table Games have been around for centuries in one form or another, with some evolving in brilliant and beautiful ways, while others are kept simple on purpose as there is nothing that can be added to improve them. The great thing is that technology has come so far that it allows us to offer plenty of online Table Games for our players, from the top Roulette titles through to some excellent Blackjack offerings.

History of Casino Table Games

Casino games go back so many centuries in various different forms, meaning that it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where everything started. This is what makes things so intriguing, as some say rolling dice on the streets is where things began, while others would argue that people playing cards in bars and saloons was the first signs of proper casino games. In terms of official buildings, the first brick and mortar casino was built and opened in Venice way back in 1638, with this legacy then being transferred over to the USA and across Europe including right here in the UK. Though Las Vegas, Monaco and Macau are now land-based casino strongholds, we believe that the greatest experience can come in an online format here at the LeoVegas casino.

Types of Casino Table Games

In terms of the types of Table Games that are available to access as a player here at LeoVegas, there are a number of fantastic variations for all of your favourite titles. In this section, you will find some of the greatest games across a number of different formats. The key difference to note between Live Casino games and Table Games is that the latter are computerised and do not require a live dealer to be in charge of the game, therefore Table Games can be played at any time. Another plus to this is that you’ll never need to wait for someone else in the game to place their bet for example, as you will always be the only player in your game.

Blackjack Table Games

One of the top card games in the world is, of course, Live Casino Blackjack, and a favourite variation of ours comes in the form of 3D Blackjack from 1x2 Gaming which does not require a live dealer and is entirely computerised. The 3D table allows you to physically place your chips on the sleek felt table when placing your bets. The question remains though, can you beat the dealer? That’s not all from everyone’s favourite 21 card games, as you could also choose to play the 6 in 1 Blackjack variation, where you can indeed play up to six side bets per hand, which can completely revolutionise the way you decide to play.

Roulette Table Games

It’s far from just Blackjack that is available to play from our Casino Table Games collection, as there are some brilliant Roulette games here too. This includes our special branded table of LeoVegas Roulette, which highlights our phenomenal brand in the form of the lion logo across the Roulette table, which itself is coloured with the glorious orange and black. Plus, if you’re looking for something a little bit different, then why not try Double Ball Roulette which has double the balls in play and thus double the action! This huge change to the game means that there are more opportunities to land a winning bet as the balls land in the special Roulette wheel segments.

Poker Table Games

When watching movies and TV shows on the silver screen, much of the casino representation often comes from the powerful game of Poker. It is well known that Poker is a game with an incredible number of variations, many of which are available right here at the King of Casino. For example, Caribbean Stud Poker can provide a bit of flair to an already exceptional game. There is also a progressive jackpot available, with up to 250x your stake there to be won. If you prefer to play with less cards, 3 Card Hold’em could be the game for you, with the opportunity to place side bets for potentially bigger wins.

Play Casino Table Games Online in the UK

Many players enjoy both Roulette and Blackjack, but if you want a different type of Table Game then why not give a Baccarat game a go? Punto Banco provides LeoVegas players with an exceptional casino experience from Red Tiger Gaming, as one of the oldest casino games in the world increases in popularity. All you have to do is guess which hand of cards will come out on top, the player, the banker or a tie. Do so, and you could be on your way to an excellent win!

Of course, if Table Games aren’t your thing, you could also look to try out our incredible list of slots that are ready to play, or alternatively look to your favourite sport on our live match betting platform. Join us and become part of the pride at LeoVegas, King of Casino.