LeoVegas Live Baccarat UK

For those looking for a sophisticated game of cards, have you tried online baccarat? Offering players something different to explore in our live dealer casino games, baccarat is a simple card game where you need to bet on the outcome of whether the dealer's hand or the player's hand will have the highest total. If you select correctly within this classic game, you win. Sound simple right?

The game of choice for many online casino players who are looking to emulate the likes of James Bond, we don't just have the option for you to play baccarat online in the classic edition. Like most online casinos, we have a wide selection of live dealer baccarat games, including Speed Baccarat.

Take your pick from some of the best live baccarat games from the top software developers in the world online casino world, including Evolution, Pragmatic Play Live and On-Air Entertainment. Every live baccarat game can be played in an immersive, authentic live studio environment and by a real life dealer who will be on hand to guide you through every hand of the variants as you play live baccarat at the LeoVegas Live Casino.

Live Baccarat Games on Mobile

Have you ever wondered if you can play baccarat on your mobile? Thanks to our mobile-first gaming mentality, all of our live dealer games are available for you to explore. Take a look at our collection of live baccarat tables and take on the dealer in the palm of your hand, all rendered in stunning HD! All the games are there, whether No Commission Baccarat or Live Baccarat Squeeze, with all the features you find on desktop, including your list of favourites, last played and full-screen mode. Visit the App store or Google Play and experience mobile casino the right way.

How to Play Live Baccarat at LeoVegas?

Baccarat has always been a popular game in land based casinos. But, since the expansion of the casino world into an online setting, baccarat online has gained popularity and expanded into many different variations which slightly alter the rules of the original game. However, if you're looking for a quick crash course into how to play baccarat online before you place a bet, take a look below.

An online baccarat game is based on predicting the outcome of which hand will be the winning after the cards are dealt on the table. Normally within a game, there will be the player's and the banker's hands, and the only decisions players will need to make when playing is which hand they believe will win by getting closest to nine and how much they wish to wager.

There will be other additional side bets that players can make with cash funds, including player pair and dealer pair, and these will win if the two cards dealt to both the player and dealer include two matching cards, such as 5,5 or Q,Q.

After the cards dealt are shown, there are rules to follow in order to make a successful winning hand. These include 10 and picture cards counting as zero, and if your score goes over 2, you drop the first digit. In baccarat online, an ace will also count as one, meaning a hand of Ace+6 would equate to seven.

We've listed online baccarat hands below to give you more insight:

10+9 = 19 : This hand counts a natural 19

9+7 = 16: This would count as a 6

There are occasions when a third card is dealt, and this will be a tie between both hands. The human dealer will first deal the player card face up, followed by the banker's hand. The game will then be decided, and the players will be informed of the result.

Players can wager on whether a tie bet will be the outcome, whether the banker wins or the player wins at a baccarat table. However, if you’d like a more in-depth explanation, learn everything you will need to know about baccarat online in our How To Play Baccarat guide.

Live Baccarat Side Bets

If you choose to play live baccarat at an online casino before the cards are dealt, players may also notice some additional side bet options which they can place. The two biggest side bets are the player pair and the banker pair, and for these to come off in a game, the cards dealt to either the player or banker must include a perfect pair of numbers, so whether that is a set of three's or a set of queens. However, it's worth noting if a card shoe includes eight decks or more, there is a chance this bet can happen.

Live Baccarat Online Rules

Now you know a little more about live baccarat at LeoVegas, it may be time to try it to help you along the way, no matter your skill level, are teams of highly trained professional dealers. As you play live baccarat, they give you VIP treatment from start to finish to ensure that you wouldn’t want to play baccarat anywhere else.

Play The Original Baccarat Card Game

Some say that the standard game is the best, and if you've played baccarat in a land-based casino, the chances you will have played the base version which draws its roots from the French game Chemin De Fer. Many of our selected games are similar to classic baccarat and have familiar rules and side bets, including player pair and banker pair. So if you want to play baccarat online the way it was meant to be played, take a look at the many options we have in our game list.

How To Win At Baccarat

When you look at card games, there is often an ingrained feeling that it is a game of skill, and if someone is winning consistently, then it must be because they are a more skilled player. That may well be true in some cases for other games, such as Poker or online Blackjack, where some sort of strategy can be implemented when you start playing.

However, online baccarat, it’s slightly different, as it comes down to luck as to which cards will be dealt. Players will also be playing against a house edge which may take a percentage of the winnings if you choose to play a specific version of the game. There is no real strategy to be played.

Play Baccarat Variants at LeoVegas

When it comes to baccarat online, there is no longer just one version of the game for players to explore. Many of our live baccarat tables have similar rules to traditional live baccarat, but they offer something a little different, where you still play with either one or two cards and pick a side to win.

Live Baccarat FAQS

What is the best bet in Baccarat?

Due to the fact the house has an edge during most baccarat games, the best bet in live dealer baccarat is usually the banker's hand.

What is the highest winning hand in live dealer baccarat?

The highest winning hand in baccarat is 9. The cards in both hands of the game will be dealt face up, so players will be able to see the instant outcome of their bets. In the situation there is a tie, a third card is dealt to decide the winner.

Can I play Free Baccarat Games at LeoVegas

To play any of the live casino games we offer within our casino, including online baccarat, players must sign up for a LeoVegas account before they start playing.

Are all Live Baccarat Games hosted by Real Dealer?

Yes, a live dealer will be available in our live online baccarat games. Creating an immersive experience at our baccarat tables, they will be able to guide players through the game and the betting options.

Does LeoVegas offer Baccarat Promotions?

We do have Live Casino promo offers, simply take a look at our promotion page, and if you're eligible for our promotions, the bonus amount will be credited to your account.

Baccarat Help & Support

Rest assured that when you play online baccarat with us or any live casino game, we are here to help with a dedicated FAQs page for all general enquiries and dedicated customer support agents here for you 24/7 over the phone, live chat or email. And if you have any gambling-related concerns, there’s the LeoSafePlay site with more information.