All You Need to Know about Golden Chips

The first of their kind in the industry, Golden Chips offer players boosted thrills when playing on Playtech’s live games. Read on to discover what they are, how they work and how you can get your hands on them too!

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The Ins and Outs of Golden Chips

Have you recently received a Golden Chips offer from us and weren’t sure how you can benefit from it? Or perhaps you’ve simply heard about them in passing and would like to learn more? Good news! This page has been carefully prepared to clarify some queries and misconceptions on the topic, so you too can start enjoying Golden Chips to the fullest in our Live Casino. Let’s get started!

What are Playtech’s Golden Chips?

At their core, Playtech’s Golden Chips are equivalent to Free Bets but in our Live Casino. We are able to reward these to our players on a wide variety of Playtech titles such as the exciting game show titles of Adventures Beyond Wonderland & Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, the upgraded blackjack table of Quantum Blackjack Plus as well as the thrilling baccarat table of Speed 6 Scanner Baccarat, amongst others.

💡 Did you know? The quickest way to discover all our Playtech titles is to simply type ‘Playtech’ within the search bar on our website!

How Do Golden Chips Work?

So you’ve received a notification from us that we’ve gifted you with Golden Chips, say for example 5 $1 Golden Chips on Age Of The Gods Bonus Roulette. What does this mean exactly?

After claiming them from your Offer Card on the ‘My Offers’ page within the stated time frame, when you open the game on which your Golden Chips have been gifted, you will see a pop-up message that says “Golden Chips available”. You’ll also find your Golden Chips within the chip stack ready to be used, along with your real money chips, clearly stating the value of your Golden Chip and how many of them you have available. Whether you’re using your desktop or mobile devices, you’ll find them waiting for you!

To use a Golden Chip, you must select it from the chip stack and place it on the betting field as you would normally do with any other chip. Once you do that, the chip will be deducted from the Golden Chip stack. Keep in mind that you could use up to 5 Golden Chips per game round.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Golden Chips cannot be mixed with real funds in a game round. The only exceptions are: a) on poker tables when choosing the “Play/Call” decision as this requires placing additional funds in order to continue playing, b) on blackjack tables when real money is placed either on a separate seat or side bets, and c) on blackjack tables when choosing Double Down or Split functions.

Speaking of blackjack! It’s important to note that Golden Chips cannot be insured on blackjack games. In addition, in case a game ends in a push (typically in blackjack), the Golden Chip is returned to the player and can be used in another round.

A major advantage of Golden Chips is that, once claimed, they come with no expiry date! For this reason, you can exit the table at any time and return back later on to continue where you left off with your Golden Chips. What’s more, even though Golden Chips cannot be mixed with real funds in a game round, if you have not used all your rewarded Golden Chips yet, you can still decide to switch and start playing with real money chips on your next game round. Ultimately, once all your Golden Chips have been used, you will be able to continue the game with real money in no time.

Winning with Golden Chips

When winning a hand played with a Golden Chip, you’ll receive the net win. These net winnings will be paid out as cash and credited to your real money balance in your LeoVegas account right away. So for example, if you place a bet using a Golden Chip worth $5 on a blackjack hand and you win, the payout will be $5, rather than $10. This is because the Golden Chip always stays with the “house”. The good news is that your net winnings carry no wagering requirements!

If a game was played with Golden Chips in the game history, you’ll be able to see “Golden Chips” written in the left bottom corner. If you win with Golden Chips, the net winnings of each Golden Chip will appear as a Reward payout on the LeoVegas account history. If you would have used mixed funds on blackjack or poker games (as per our exceptions listed above), the payouts will appear under the CASINO tab as game rounds (no payouts will show under Rewards in this case).

Have a Golden Time with Golden Chips at LeoVegas!

Now that you’ve become familiar with the ins and outs of Golden Chips, it’s time to experience them firsthand! Not yet part of the LeoVegas pride? Click here to register now and start benefiting from our roaring Live Casino Welcome Offer, with which you could unlock a $20 Golden Chip as well as up to $1,000 cash!

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