LeoSafe Play

Sometimes playing for fun can change into problem gaming.

Gaming at LeoVegas should be all about entertainment and we take our responsibility to protect you very seriously. If you need to talk about this at any time, please feel free to contact our trained staff. We encourage all to use the different limit tools we offer, and also to read more on our dedicated web site - LeoSafePlay.com .

self-assessment Self-Assessment
A good way to start is to try our Self-Assessment tool. It’s completely anonymous but of course you can contact us if you want to discuss the result.

deposit limitDeposit Limit (requires login)
Limit the amount of money you are able to deposit into your account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

loss limitLoss Limit (requires login)
Limit the amount of money that you are able to lose on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

session limitSession Limit (requires login)
Set your limit for how long you should play. You will be notified with a pop-up just before the time ends and then automatically logged out when the time is up.

player historyPlayer History (requires login)
A summary of all your wagers, results, deposits, withdrawals and pending bets.

time alertTime alert (requires login)
Helps you to keep track of time, and will alert you periodically, about the length of your gaming session and changes in your balance.

pause accountPause account (requires login)
Close your account for a period of time of your choosing. Do it directly here or contact customer support.

Read more about responsible gaming at our dedicated website – LeoSafePlay.com

ConnexOntario provides service information and resources for people experiencing problems with gambling, drugs, alcohol, or mental health. The service is free, confidential, and available anytime.

Call ConnexOntario 24/7 at 1-866-531-2600. Text us at 247247 or chat with us at www.connexontario.ca