Crazy Pachinko Live

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Crazy Time’s Bonus Round Becomes the Star in the Crazy Pachinko Live Game

Crazy Pachinko Live casino game by Evolution Gaming is a fantastic spin off of the popular Crazy Time live casino game. While Pachinko is usually just a bonus round in Crazy Time, it’s making its way to the big time. This exciting live game looks initially like a slot that comes with multipliers but as the game progresses, there’s so much more in store. Spin your way into the bonus round or buy into it with the activate Xxxtreme feature. This innovative live game is a mish mash of slots and pachinko. Try it out in a game show online in Ontario section.

Special Features of the Crazy Pachinko Live Casino Game

In The Crazy Pachinko Live game, you’re spinning to gain your way into the bonus round. The bonus round is a live, immersive experience and can lead to big multiplier wins. To trigger the bonus round, you must land three scatters. You have the option to buy a bet by clicking on XXXtreme Spins.

XXXtreme Spins

This feature comes with two options and can trigger the bonus rounds. When you click “Activate XXXtreme,” you can either choose one guaranteed scatter per spin for a cost of 15x your bet, or get all three with this feature for 75x your bet.


Like many slot games, landing at least 3 scatter symbols will trigger the bonus round.. The scatters may also have a multiplier of between 10x to 200x attached to it, meaning not only is the bonus round activated but there are higher chances for big wins. This multiplier is taken through to the final round to boost your wins, and Scatters are sticky and will drop down one line for each spin and then drop off the bottom.

Pachinko Bonus Round

The Pachinko Round transforms the game into a live streaming experience. You’re greeted by a croupier and step into already existing game play. When you trigger the Pachinko Round, there’s a chance to top-up and increase your bet amount before the round starts. When you top-up, you’re adding random multipliers to the bonus round that range from x2 to x10,000.

When the bonus round begins, multipliers and Doubles are assigned to prize positions, and multipliers from the top-up round will be added to the Pachinko gameplay area. The croupier will then drop the puck from the top of the play grid, which will fall into one of the prize pots. If the puck falls into a multiplier spot, you get the payout value. The payout value could be a Double, in which case your prizes are doubled and the puck will drop again for further chances of winning

Try Crazy Pachinko Live Casino in Demo mode

The Crazy Pachinko Live game provides a unique experience for you to check out. The demo mode available for casino slots is not available in the same way for live casino games, but you are able to log in to a participating live casino Ontario site and click on Crazy Pachinko live. This allows you to check out the game to get a feel for it.

How to Play the Crazy Pachinko Live Game

You start by choosing your bet amount, which is below the slot game. Be sure to choose a stake that fits your budget. Click on the large Spin button once you’ve chosen your bet value, and game information is available from the top left of the game.ou can find game information on the top left of the game.

How to Win Crazy Pachinko Live Game

There are three phases to the Crazy Pachinko live, including the qualification round, top-up, and the Pachinko bonus round. This includes betting amounts and the pay table for the slot section. While you’re in the slot section, it is also possible to buy a bet. Once you’ve entered into the bonus round, you can select a higher stake before the timer reaches zero by clicking the + or – beside the bet amount. You’ll then enter the live Pachinko round where you can observe where the puck lands.

The Activate XXXtreme button is on the slot machine if you choose to buy the bet. The game transforms into something completely different when you trigger the bonus rounds. This is when you can top-up, which means you can increase your bet which will increase the multiplier values used in the Pachinko round.
As it is a live casino game, your time to top-up is limited and you can see how much time you have left on the counter before it starts. You’ll then head into the live screen where the croupier awaits. Watch the croupier as he drops the puck into the slot based on where the green light randomly stops. At the bottom, there are values that determine how much you’ll win as the puck drops into one of the slots. When the round is over, you go back to playing the slot.

Game info about Live Crazy Pachinko Live Casino Game

Evolution Gaming released the Crazy Pachinko Live casino title in 2023. It has the feel of a slot game although you can tell there’s something behind the beaded curtain. There are many phases to the game, creating an exciting experience, and t has an old school feel. you head into the bonus round, the slot machine is removed and you’re in a live casino environment where theour croupier stands on top of the iconic Pachinko wall wearing a shiny gold suit, giving a classy feel. The background is quirky and colorful, giving a nice dose of the Crazy Time world.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.