Crazy Time Live

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Wheels of Insanity Thrive in Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time Live? You can be the judge of that! It’s a big name to live up to, but we feel it’s bang on for this wheel-based bonus-riddled game show by Evolution. Bonus rounds, multipliers, and wins that soar to a mad x20,000 your stake are all up for grabs. Step right up and spin the Money Wheel and see if you’ve hit the spot for a whirlwind bonus round adventure. Our online Ontario live casino game shows are truly a whole new world of entertainment!

What are the Special Features?

There are a few exciting features in this game! One being the Crazy Time bonus round. Before the game begins each player selects a flapper color: blue, green, or yellow. The game presenter spins the wheel by pressing a big red button. When the flapper stops, the player is rewarded the multiplier wherever the flapper ends up. If the flapper points to a ‘DOUBLE’ or ‘TRIPLE’ value on the wheel, each multiplier will be doubled or tripled and the wheel will spin again.
Let's look at some of the other top features:

Coin Flip Bonus Game

A good old school flip of a coin will determine which multiplier will be won! A blue and red coin is flipped and the side that’s facing up when landing wins. Two multipliers are generated before the coin is flipped, one which will apply if the red side wins and one for the blue side!

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

In this cool interactive bonus round there are 108 random multipliers displayed on a large screen in a shooting gallery. The multipliers are covered by random symbols and are shuffled in front of players, allowing them to position their target when the countdown timer starts. Each player should choose the target where they think the largest multiplier is hidden. The cannon blasts at the target and reveals the won multiplier when the countdown finishes.

Pachinko Bonus Game

The Pachinko bonus round features a puck, but it’s not for hockey - it’s dropped until the multipliers max out at 10,000x. There is a big Pachinko wall with physical pegs and the game presenter drops the puck on top. Players win the multiplier depending on where the puck lands. In this round you also have the chance to double up.

Try Crazy Time Live

If you have a LeoVegas account and are registered, even without a deposit under your belt, you’re privy to viewing any live casino action games. The deal is, while our online Ontario casino games like slots offer demos, by nature of Crazy Time Live being ‘live’, you only have the option to observe. It won’t take long before you’ve got a feel for the game and are certain you want to risk your money. When that happens, simply make a deposit and head into play!

How to Play Crazy Time Live

Most of the wheel spindles are numbers – 1, 2, 5, and 10. However there are more 1s and 2s than 5s and 10s. Your wager is placed on which number you think the wheel will land on. If you choose correctly, your wager will be multiplied by that number. During the main game the Top Slot generates one random multiplier for one random bet spot, this is either a number or a bonus game. If the multiplier and bet spot are aligned horizontally in the Top Slot, this match results in a multiplier being added to the bet spot. All players can observe the bonus games, however only players placing bets on the corresponding bet spot can participate and be rewarded.

How to Win in Crazy Time Live

The wheel is divided into eight sections and some are win multipliers, while others take you to some of the bonus features. You will have a higher win probability by placing your bets on 1s and 2s, but will be rewarded more handsomely by selecting 5s or 10s. Crazy Time Live doesn't have a ton of restrictive rules so you're able to wager on any amount of sections. This all-action game is super easy to play as players simply have the option of their bets on numbers (1, 2, 5, or 10) and/or the bonus games. Players who get a thrill out of roulette should enjoy this game, as the added complexities of roulette are stripped away.

Game info on Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time Live is set in a colourful studio featuring a main money wheel, a Top Slot money wheel, and four fun bonus games – Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. The spinning wheel creates tension inducing excitement and the simplicity of this live game makes it easy to revisit. Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming is a multi-award winning software company and Crazy Time Live is one of its freshest games, with its popularity rate soaring.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.