Red Door Roulette

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Mash Up of Crazy Time and Lightning Roulette with Red Door Roulette Live Casino

Red Door Roulette live game by Evolution Gaming is a fusion of a few popular games mashed together. This online roulette game offers a Crazy Time Bonus that has 64 multipliers and double segments with the opportunity to win 4,000x your stake. So, if you love lightning roulette and excitement, this might just be the perfect online roulette game for you. The concept brings together more multiplier bonuses than you’d see in a normal live roulette game, making this live Roulette in Ontario title a must try.

Special Features of the Red Door Roulette Live Game

Red Door Roulette comes with grandiose features behind the red door and on the European style roulette table. Enjoy the multiplier bonuses that are available in every round along with other perks.

The Slot Machine

After you’ve placed your bet on the European style roulette table, the dealer spins a one-reel machine. When it stops, it reveals a random Bonus Number between 3-15. Keys are attached to the number, and you’ll see what bet spots are assigned with Keys. A random multiplier may be applied to the Key, ranging from 2x to 20x.

When the roulette wheel stops and the ball lands in one of the pockets, it could bring players a 19:1 win. If the ball lands on a number with a multiplier you had placed your chip on, your win is multiplied. If the ball lands on a Bonus Number with a Key and you put your chip on the pocket, you earn your way into the Bonus Round as long as it’s a Straight-up number bet. If the pocket has a multiplier on it, all multiplier segments on the Crazy Time wheel are multiplied by that multiplier.

The Bonus Round

The Red Door behind the dealer opens up to a completely new world. Your dealer walks through an imaginary place full of wonder, leading you to the massive Crazy Time wheel for the bonus round. The wheel has 64 segments, offering bonuses like multipliers and doubles. When the wheel stops spinning, the flapper points to the prize and the winning segment and a multiplier is added to your winnings. If the flapper stops on a Double segment, multiplier values on the wheel are doubled and the wheel spins again for additional wins.

Red Door Roulette Live Game in Demo mode

As live casino game, Red Door Roulette does not offer demo mode in the same way as online casino slots. However, players can still login and observe the game before placing any bets.

How to Play Red Door Roulette Live Game

Firstly, you’ll want to choose a bet amount. Do this by clicking on the dollar sign on the bottom left. You can find your bet options in the middle of the table. Place a chip on the pocket of the number and color you that you believe the ball will land in. To do this, click on the chip.
You can speak with the live dealer by clicking on the live chat button on the left.
To the bottom left, you can see your balance and total bet and on the right, you can change views, go to settings, turn sound on and off, and ask for help.
Since it’s a European roulette style game, you’ve got 36 standard numbers and the single zero pocket. To qualify for the bonus round, you have to bet straight-up on one number. And, you can choose odds/evens, or colors for less risk, but that won’t get you to the Bonus round.

How to Win on Red Door Roulette Live Game

You can bet between $1 to $5,000 on Red Door Roulette. By selecting a specific number, you have a chance to win 19:1 and/or get into the bonus round. You can also opt for odds/evens or colors for a less risky bet.
When the betting time is closed, the dealer spins the single reel slot machine to conjure up the Bonus Number. Keys are distributed onto the betting grid. If the ball lands on your number and there’s a key to it, you win your way through the red door and into the Crazy Time bonus round.
Your win may also come with a multiplier attached to the Key. The Crazy Time bonus will add a multiplied win or double win, which brings extra winnings of 2x to 20x.

About Red Door Roulette Live Game

The Red Door Roulette live game was released in 2023 by Evolution Gaming. The dealers wear the Crazy Time outfits as opposed to the normal croupier fashion. The red door is behind the dealer with a shimmering gold frame, flashy lights, and a golden handle. The reel for Bonus Numbers is beside it and there’s plenty of glitz and glamor. When taken behind the red door in the bonus round, it’s a completely different world. Evolution has managed to make it look like the dealer is walking through the imaginary Crazy Time world as you watch it in real time. The branded Crazy Time wheel awaits and as the dealer spins, penguins dance and flying fish carry martinis. It’s a wild ride with plenty of exciting features and animations to delight the senses.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.