Seven 7's


Seven 7's, a fast-paced nautical-themed casino game.

In this game: there's a total of 7 reels to be unlocked. Unlock a reel when you land a 7 on the first reel. As you do this you will step towards the jackpot prize with each 7 landed.

Game details: in the Seven 7's video slot, you must do exactly that yo reach the jackpot prize. Created by Microgaming there's 7 reels and a single payline.

Find Your Luck in Seven 7's Online Slot

Microgaming did it again! The biggest name in the world of online slot games, released a title that is as simple as it is intriguing: Seven 7’s slot machine! This simple game pays up to x25,000 the stake and invites players to expand the initial 1x1 grid (yes, you read it right). Try Seven 7’s slot online from Microgaming!

Seven 7's Slot Features

How many features can a 1x1 slot have? Apparently, more than you think! Even though this game doesn’t have a Scatter symbol or even a Wild symbol, it still delivers plenty of attractive bonus features.

Expanding Grid Continuwin

The first bonus feature you’ll hope to trigger in the Seven 7’s slot is the Continuwin. Continuwin is an expansion feature. If you land a win, the game will instantly continue with one more reel added. The maximum number of reels is seven. The number of rows remains one at all times. The re-spin on the expanded grid is free.

The grid will continue to grow if you land multipliers or 7s.


The 2x is the Wild Multiplier, and it essentially acts like a 7 but with some powers on top. Namely, it will multiply a win and allow you to keep expanding the grid. The multiplier appears on reels 2, 3, 5, and 6 only.

Seven 7's Demo Slot

Is Seven 7’s slot simple? Yes, it is. Should you take it lightly? No, you shouldn’t. Like all online casino slot games at LeoVegas, Seven 7’s is a slot that has a unique gambling mechanism. Due to the unorthodox nature of the game, we strongly suggest playing it in the demo mode first.
Spin the reels to get started.

Seven 7's Theme and Design

Seven 7’s game is a 2020 title that raised many eyebrows upon its release. If you start playing it, you will instantly see why. It features vintage visuals, reminiscent of the very first slot games one could play at bars.

The game feeds the eyes with glamorous details that evoke the American Gilded Age. Everything is intricate and ornate. The tones are deep, and little details make a world of difference. Despite being inspired by times long gone, the Seven 7’s slot game theme is still crisp and stunning. There aren’t many symbols, but every single one feels like a masterpiece.

We know what you are thinking! This game must be filled with opera arias and classical music, right? Not, really! Classic casino sounds will help you stay focused without overpowering the visuals.

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How to Win Seven 7's

The Seven 7’s slot doesn’t have traditional paylines. In fact, all it takes is the number 7 or a multiplier to keep on playing. Each time you land one of the two, the grid expands by one reel. If you get a BAR symbol, the spin is over.

The pay table is as follows:
7 pays x25,000, x250, x75, x25, x10, and x2 for 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 symbols in view.
x2 is a multiplier that appears only on reels 2, 3, 5, and 6.
BAR is the losing symbol that resets the grid back to 1x1.

How to Play Seven 7's

Click the Play button on this page to start the game. Before spinning the reels, you need to set your bet amount. Press the coin icon to do so. Click the menu icon to read all the rules once again. Press the biggest button on the control board to spin the reels.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.