Dragon Hatch

PG Soft
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Enter the Lair of Wins in Dragon Hatch

Dragon video slots are all the rage and Dragon Hatch online slot is one to remember. Dare to enter the dragon’s lair where sleepy momma snoozes on her eggs and attempt to snatch wins of up to 20,000x the bet. Charming characters, atmospheric ambiance and baby dragons offering cascading wins and dragon feature bonuses await. Enter PG Soft game cave to hatch wins today!

The Best Dragon Hatch Features

The fierce dragon momma is boldly protecting her babies and all sorts of riches. Still, the friendly kiddos will be there to help you play on the next level with their spectacular features!

Dragon Features

There are four different dragons in the game, each holding a respective power. They are triggered by collecting winning symbols. Let’s hatch open their special features.

- Earth Dragon (Green Dragon) activates with 10 winning symbols on the board and removes all low-paying symbols from view.

- Water Dragon (Blue Dragon) activates with at least 30 winning symbols and sends four Wild symbols to the reels.

- Fire Dragon (Red Dragon) activates with 50 or more symbols and adds a randomly chosen symbol (wild excluded) in a checkerboard formation.

- Dragon Queen activates with at least 70 symbols. The Queen will burn down all the low-paying symbols and replace them with high-paying ones.

Try the Dragon Hatch Demo Mode

Everyone knows you should tickle the dragon’s tail, but with LeoVegas, you can do so without getting burned. Play Dragon Hatch demo slots online to see if you have the power within you to tame the momma and grab everything little dragons have to offer to you without putting any real money at stake. Power your spins with the virtual money we provided for you and become the hero of your own story!

Dragon Hatch Theme and Design

Dragon Hatch mobile casino slot machine was released in 2019 and immediately captivated the attention of gamers looking for their daily dose of adrenaline. The game revolves around a dragon family, a mom with three young dragons, who can be quite mischievous. Will they become your new pets or are they a real threat? The enchanting atmosphere and playful soundtrack definitely help you become immersed in the storyline, while the adorable design makes you fall in love with dragon cuties.

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How to Win Dragon Hatch

Dragon Hatch is not one of those megaways slots with complex interfaces, but it does feature a slightly different layout than usual. To trigger a win, you must land at least four symbols of the same kind. They will activate a cascade, meaning, after the payout has been triggered, they will disappear from the board allowing new symbols to fall into their place.
High-paying symbols are:

- Eye of the Dragon - x2,000, x1,000, x500, x200, x100, x50, x30, x20, x10, x7, x4, x3

- Red Dragon - x500, x200, x100, x80, x60, x30, x20, x10, x8, x5, x3, x2

- Blue Dragon - x100, x100, x80, x50, x40, x20, x10, x8, x7, x4, x2, x1.50

- Green Dragon - x80, x80, x60, x40, x30, x10, x8, x7, x6, x3, x1.50, x1

Low-paying symbols are:

- Spades - x60, x60, x50, x10, x6, x5, x4, x3, x2, x1.50, x1, x0.50

- Hearts - x50, x40, x30, x8, x5, x4, x3, x2, x1.50, x0.90, x0.60, x0.40

- Clubs - x40, x30, x20, x6, x4, x3, x2, x1.50, x1, x0.60, x0.50, x0.30

- Diamonds - x30, 20x, x10, x4, x2, x1.50, x1, x0.80, x0.60, x0.40, x0.30, x0.20

How to Play Dragon Hatch

The main button in this game is the flaming-hot spin button that sets the reels in motion. But, before you engage in the game make sure to determine your bet amount by clicking the coin icon. There, you can adjust the bet size to your personal comfort zone and bankroll.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.