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Highest Scoring NHL Games

There have been some incredible games since the NHL first began in 1917. High scores aren't by any means the reason we watch the NHL, but there's no use arguing they don't add a certain thrill to spectating and betting on all sports and, to stick with the current theme, betting on the NHL.


So let's do the full rundown of highest-scoring NHL games, beginning with a chart-topping 21 goals in the mid '80s.

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Edmonton Oilers vs. Chicago Blackhawks (Dec. 11, 1985) - 21 goals

This game saw a 12-9 win for the Edmonton Oilers against the Chicago Blackhawks at the Old Chicago Stadium for the Stanley Cup Finals. Oilers’ player Glenn Anderson opened the scoring in the first period, with the help of assists by Wayne Gretzky and Randy Gregg respectively.

Anderson went on to score a hat trick within the game, with Jari Curri and Marty McSorley winning two goals each for the team as well. The remaining four goals were all singles secured by players Dave Lumley, Dave Semenko, Kevin McClelland and Lee Fogolin Jr. Team Captain Wayne Gretzky assisted with a tremendous seven goals.

Montreal Canadiens vs. Quebec Bulldogs (March 3, 1920) - 19 goals

March 3, 1920 saw the Montreal Canadiens take on the Quebec Bulldogs at the Montreal Arena. The Canadiens beat the Bulldogs 16-3 and set the sport record for the most goals scored by a team in an NHL game. The Bulldogs unfortunately ended the season with a disappointing record of four wins and 20 losses.

They didn’t stand a chance that day, as goals from their opponents kept coming in. It was a multiple-score day for the Canadien players, with Amos Arbour winning two goals, Didier Pitre and Odie Cleghorn securing a hat trick each, and Newsy Lalonde and Harry Cameron scoring four goals respectively, the latter landing the final goal.

Vancouver Canucks vs. Minnesota North Stars (Oct. 7, 1983) - 19 goals

On October 7, 1983, the Vancouver Canucks secured a 10-9 win against the Minnesota North Stars at the Pacific Coliseum. It was a pretty even game, imitable of a game of table tennis, with goals coming in from each team consistently. The North Stars took the lead in the first period, with goals from Brian Bellows, Craig Hartsburg and Dino Ciccarelli.

They maintained a three-point lead until the end of the second period, where the Canucks’ fought back and scored three goals consecutively, bringing the game to a deadlock. Canucks players Stan Smyl, Jiri Bubla, Thomas Gradin, Jere Gillis, Darcy Rota and Rick Lanz all scored single goals, while Tony Tanti and Patrik Sundstrom landed two goals each, with Sundstrom securing the winner.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. San Jose Sharks (Nov. 4, 2023) - 12 goals

Just over a month ago, the San Jose Sharks suffered their 11th straight loss with a 10-2 win for the Pittsburgh Penguins at the SAP Center. Penguins players Reilly Smith, Evgeni Malkin, and Jake Guentzel each scored two goals while Bryan Rust, Kris Letang, Matt Nieto, and Vinnie Hinostroza won one goal each. The Sharks got off to what was the second-worst start in NHL history at that time, the first being the New York Rangers team in 1943-44, with a 0-14 start.

Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks (Nov. 2, 2023) - 11 goals

This game preceded the one above, marking the 10th straight loss for the San Jose Sharks. It took place at the SAP Center against the Vancouver Canucks who scored a total of eight goals for the second time this season and for the eighth time in the franchise’s history.

It was also the first time since March 1992 that the team had scored this number of goals. Goaltender Thatcher Demko made 30 saves, while Brock Boeser and Anthony Beauvillier scored two goals each. The men of the match included Quinn Hughes who scored one goal, made four assists and landed five points; J. T. Miller who obtained one goal, made two assists and landed three points; and the earlier mentioned Brock Boeser who scored two goals, made one assist and landed three points.

Quebec City Nordiques vs. Washington Capitals (Feb. 22, 1981) - 18 goals

Czechoslovakian brothers Peter and Anton Stasny set rookie records in this game as they each won eight points and contributed greatly to the team’s win of 11-8 at the Capitol Centre for the Nordiques over the home team.

The second period led to a score fest between the two teams, but ultimately the Nordiques had the edge over the Capitals. Anton and Jacques Richard scored a hat trick each, while Peter scored a total of four goals in the game. They prevented the Capitals from earning their first-ever playoff spot, as the game’s outcome resulted in the Capitals being sent to the final with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the regular season.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Boston Bruins (March 16, 1944) - 19 goals

Boston Bruins goaltender Maurice Courteau was in the Detroit Olympia net for the full 60 minutes of the game on March 16, 1944, where the Detroit Red Wings beat the Bruins 10-9. At the time, the 19 goals scored by both teams was a modern NHL record for the most goals scored in a game.

The 10-9 win for the Red Wings saw Carl Liscombe score a hat trick and Syd Howe, Don Grosso, Bill Jennings, Mud Bruneteau, Flash Hollett, Adam Brown, and Bill Thomson land single goals. For the Boston Bruins, Jack Crawford, Herb Cain and Art Jackson were single scorers within the game, while Bill Cowley and Busher Jackson landed a hat trick each respectively.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Chicago Black Hawks (Feb. 20, 1977) - 18 goals

The Toronto Maple Leafs won 10-8 against the Chicago Blackhawks on February 20, 1977. It was the highest-scoring game until 1981. Stan Mikita opened scoring eight minutes into the first period. The remaining 17 total goals took a while to come, with nine of them scored throughout the third period (five for the Maple Leafs and four for the Blackhawks). Maple Leafs’ Errol Thompson ended the game at the Chicago Stadium with a hat trick in the bag.

Buffalo Sabres vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (March 19, 1981) - 18 goals

The game at the Memorial Auditorium started slow for the Sabres, with John Van Boxmeer scoring the only goal in the first period. In the second period, they scored an additional nine goals which included a hat trick for Gilbert Perreault and Andre Savard respectively. As a result of this, the Sabres became the first team to score nine goals in a single period.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers (April 25, 1989) - 17 goals

Held at the Civic Centre Arena, this game saw a 10-7 win for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Mario Lemieux scored a hat trick in the first period and totalled his goals to five when he secured an additional goal in the game’s second period and the winning goal in the third period.

For a moment, the tables briefly turned when the Flyers scored four goals back to back in the third period. However, Bob Errey and Troy Loney’s singles scoring, and Kevin Stevens and Rob Brown’s four-goal total brought the Penguins to their win. Lemieux’s goals tied the league records for most goals in one period and the most goals in a playoff game.

They also set the record for the most points won in a playoff game. The Penguins and Flyers came within one goal of matching the NHL record for most goals scored in a playoff game which the Los Angeles Kings and Edmonton Oilers set in 1982. The latter scored 18, the former 17.


What is the highest-scoring NHL game of all time?

The record for the highest-scoring NHL game is tied between the Montreal Canadiens VS the Toronto St. Patrick’s 1920 game and the more recent Edmonton Oilers VS the Chicago Blackhawks’ game in 1985. Both games totalled 21 goals.

Who scored seven goals in one NHL game?

Joe ‘Phantom’ Malone holds the NHL record for scoring seven goals in one game. This record was set in the January 31, 1920 game for the Quebec Bulldogs against Toronto St Patrick’s. The Bulldogs went on to win that game 10-6.

What are the most goals scored in a single NHL game?

The most goals scored in a single NHL game is seven, achieved by Joe Malone.

What was the last NHL team to score 10 goals in a game?

The Pittsburgh Penguins scored 10 goals in a single game on November 4, 2023 against the San Jose Sharks.

Which NHL game had the most goals scored by a single team?

By the end of 2023, the Montreal Canadiens held the record for the most goals scored by a single team for their 16-goal win against the Quebec Bulldogs on March 3, 1920.

What is the largest score margin in NHL history?

The largest difference in goals in a game was 15 goals to none, marked by the 1944 game between the Detroit Red Wings and the New York Rangers, where the Red Wings succeeded in a blow-out win.

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