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NBA All-Star Betting Guide

The NBA All-Star game is a unique contest between 24 of the league's best players and is the lead event of the All-Star Weekend, which runs every year for three days between Friday and Sunday around February. This year's match takes place between February 17th - February 19th.

Below, we will give you the full lowdown on everything that you need to know, including how to bet on NBA All-Star games, the two NBA All-Star teams, the All-Star MVP award and more!


How to bet on NBA All-Star Betting

Betting on the NBA All-Star game at LeoVegas is easy! Use our dynamic search function on the sports homepage to navigate the NBA betting page. You will find the complete list of available basketball markets, including All-Star betting opportunities.

Please note, however, that odds may only sometimes be available. If you cannot view any All-Star betting odds, it could be because the market is down due to other circumstances, such as other matches in-play.

NBA All-Star Teams

Two All-Star teams compete yearly, one representing teams from the West Coast division and one from the East Coast standings. Since 2018, the teams have been named after the MVP from each division.

NBA All-Star MVP

The NBA All-Star MVP award is an accolade given to the most impactful player during the All-Star game, voted for by members of a media panel.

NBA All-Star Three Points Contest

The Three Points Contest takes place every Saturday before the All-Star game and pits the best players in the league against each other. The rules are simple. Players must sink as many three-pointers from five pre-set positions around the rim. The player with the most points wins!

NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest

The best four dunkers from the All-Star game compete in a two-round contest to discover the best dunker of the campaign! Five judges will rank dunks on a scale between 40 and 50, with the average of the five scores culminating in the player's submitted score.

NBA All-Star Skill Competition

Three teams of three players compete in challenges that help showcase their handling, shooting and passing. Points are awarded for meeting targets, with the team of three players getting the most points winning overall.

NBA All-Star Betting Lines

There are several exciting pre-match and in-play markets to bet on the All-Star game when you place your wagers with LeoVegas. Players can punt on three of the most popular main markets:the Money Line (where you have to predict the outcome of the match), the Point Spread (where teams are handicapped according to their chances of winning), or Total Points (where you must predict the total number of points).

Alternatively, you could take a punt on game combos, which involves adding two individual markets to the same betslip for bigger odds!

NBA All-Star Game History

The All-Star game has been around since 1951-in that time, the Eastern Conference marginally got the better of the Western Conference by 37 wins to 29.

NBA All-Star Games Stats

To be leading the All-Star all-time leaderboards, players must be the best of the best. The game's legendary players have racked up some incredible numbers in this game down the years.

It's no surprise to see modern-day greats Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James ranking in the top five for points per game (PPG), with the former topping the rankings with an average of 29.

Here are the top five All-Star PPG averages:

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo - 29.0
  • Dale Ellis - 27.0
  • Kevin Durant - 25.
  • Adrian Smit - 24.0
  • LeBron James - 22.9

NBA All-Star Game MVPs

The All-Star Game MVP award is handed to the best player on the day. Two players top the list, having won this accolade the same number of times - Kobe Bryant and Bob Petit have each won it on a record four occasions.

Who won the last NBA All-Star event?

The last team to win the NBA All-Star event was won by Team Lebron, beating Team Durant by 163 points to 160.

Where will the NBA All-Star Game be in 2023?

The All-Star Game will be held at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City in Utah.

When does the NBA All-Star weekend take place?

The All-Star weekend takes place from 17th-19th February, 2023.

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