Parlay Bets - An Introduction

Parlay Bets and How to Use Them | LeoVegas Blog

Have you ever visited a sports betting page and wondered what the term parlay bet means? Search no further - we’re about to explain it all to you, and even give you some tips on how to have the most fun with them at LeoVegas!


What is a Parlay Bet?

A parlay bet, also known as an accumulator (or acca) bet, combo bet, or multi bet is one single bet that combines two or more individual wagers into one betting ticket. In order to win, ALL those wagers need to win! Why would anyone do that? Read on to find out, and learn how best to take advantage of our weekly parlay bet offers, where we give you Profit Boosts every week!

What Does Parlay Mean?

Since you are combining multiple bets together, that means that the odds of winning the parlay bet go down - but that is also reflected in your potential winnings! There are plenty of parlay calculators out there, but the parlay odds can easily be calculated by multiplying the odds of the individual bets together. This means there is a much bigger potential win than if you were to place every bet separately. However, if even a single bet in the parlay loses, the entire parlay loses. This means you have the potential to win a large amount on a comparatively low stake, and it also means you get to combine multiple events into the same bet slip - even across multiple sports!

💡 Did you know? Sports betting has been around for millenia - in fact, the origin of the very first sports bet is hard to date. However, we do know that the ancient Greeks who spectacted the Olympic Games would bet on the winners of events amongst themselves.

Parlay Betting at LeoVegas

Not only do we have an awesome Sports Club where we give you weekly Free Bets and Profit Boosts, but our Sportsbook allows you to place parlay bets in the easiest way imaginable thanks to our handy Bet Builder function, with an built-in parlay calculator! It allows you to create a parlay bet using wagers on the same as well as different events, and it actually removes the bets on screen that you can’t use as part of your parlay bet as you go along. That way, you can never add a bet to the parlay which isn’t valid! The Bet Builder is available both pre-match and in-play, leaving you with a multitude of choices. Simply enter a sports event page and click the slider at the top to activate the Bet Builder. Once you’ve added your bets, the parlay calculator will show you the odds and the potential winnings, leaving you just to enter your stake and place your bet!


Parlay Betting Wins at LeoVegas

As mentioned above, parlay bets can score you some big wins with a relatively tiny wager. The player who submitted the bet below placed a €25 bet ($37) on a parlay bet of 10 football games across 4 competitions. The bet with the best odds was 1.57, and his steepest odds were 3.5 (both were bets on over 1.5 goals being scored in two Premier League matches). Once all the odds were multiplied in the parlay calculator, they added up to 999.50. And wouldn’t you know it - he won! That happy player went home with almost €25,000 (almost $38,000) that day!

Want to try your luck? Head to our Sportsbook and give it a go!


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