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Joker of the Pack - Canada's Biggest Jokers

After surveying 1,022 Canadians, we’ve outlined the style of humor that gets people laughing the most, where each demographic sources their comedy, which type of laugh is most commonplace across the nation, and how often the average Canadian cracks up. Additionally, read on to discover which regions have the best sense of humor…

Which style of joke do Canadians love most?

When it comes to the different types of joke, there are five key contenders that Canadians find funny, with each producing a chuckle in around half of survey respondents: one-liners (49.41%), memes (47.55%), situational comedy (47.16%), ironic humor (46.77%), and dry humor (45.50%).

While Canadian men (53.77%) find simple one-liners to be the funniest form of humor, it’s memes that most often have women in fits of laughter, with 51.33% claiming to enjoy the cultural imitation comedy more than any other.

Meanwhile, memes are also the most popular form of hilarity in Canadians aged between 16-24 (65.59%) and 25-34 (64.77%), while one-liners steal the comedy crown for those aged 35-44 (52.58%), 45-54 (53.42%), and 55+ (54.51%). Interestingly, however, those in the 45- 54 bracket also find situational and ironic humor to be equally amusing.

Where do Canadian’s source their comedy?

It might come as some surprise just how close the Canadian comedy race is run, with very little between the top three causes of laughter; nearly half (45.01%) of respondents admit friends and family are among their main sources of comedy, while two-in-five highlight YouTube (39.63%) and social media (39.24%) as the place to go to split one’s sides.

By gender, fascinatingly, there’s a clear difference of opinion when it comes to social media; nearly half of females (44.11%) admit to finding the likes of TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter among the most hilarious sources of comedy, while just a third of men (31.17%) agree.

Interestingly, when focusing in on age, half of those 45-54 (50.93%) and 55+ (50.35%) cite a good sitcom as the main source of their laughter, while 16-24 (64.52%) and 25–34-year-olds (52.85%) consider social media to be their go-to place for comedy. Meanwhile, 35-44-year- olds (45.88%) are mostly glued to YouTube for their laughs.

What is Canada’s most common kind of laugh?

As far as types of laughter go, there’s nothing more prevalent in Canada than a giggle, with a whopping quarter (24.46%) of respondents reporting this as accurately describing their reaction to comedy. Closely following, 23.68% confess to being cacklers, while tearful glee (15.26%) is the third most common form of laughter across the nation.

Intriguingly, by gender, perhaps surprisingly, men are predominantly gigglers (26.49%), while women are mostly cacklers (24.02%). Looking at age, instead, things are much the same; the comedic cackle is strong in those aged 16-24 (23.12%) and 25-34 (25.91%), while sharp giggling is commonplace in Canadians aged between 35-44 (28.87%), 45-54 (24.22%), and 55+ (23.96%).

How often do Canadians laugh out loud?

With well over half of all respondents claiming to laugh daily, it’s fair to conclude that Canada is clearly a country of comedy. This includes 55.06% of men and 58.87% of women who enjoy a chuckle or chortle every day. It’s a similar tale across each age group, as well, with over half jesting daily – including two 35-44-year-olds (63.92%) who find particular humor in life.

Which provinces love to laugh the most?

We know how often Canadians love to laugh, but which provinces have the best sense of humor? Weighting each region between 0.00-12.00, based on how often residents laugh compared to the national average, we’ve been able to rank each according to where they place:


Evidently, according to our survey, it’s the folk of New Brunswick who have the greatest sense of humor, of any Canadian province, with residents of British Columbia and Nova Scotia not far behind.

This comes as citizens of number one placed province New Brunswick (47%), along with second placed British Columbia (54%), find the elegantly styled one-liner to be the funniest form of comedy. Meanwhile, third-ranked Nova Scotians (55%) favor ironic humor above all else.

Turning our attention towards the source of each province’s comedy, British Columbians follow the national trend of finding humor among friends and family (56%), while the people of New Brunswick (46%) are suckers for a good YouTube video. Lastly, there’s nothing between social media comedy and TV sitcoms for residents of Nova Scotia, with an equal 41% share claiming each to be their main source of humor.

Interestingly, none of Canada’s top three comedy hotspots evidence giggling as their most common form of laughter. In fact, only 15% of those in New Brunswick laugh like this; you’re much more likely to notice residents here enjoying tearful amusement, with an incredible quarter citing this as their response to funniness. Finally, Nova Scotians are very much like their provincial neighbors, in most commonly expressing crying laughter (23%) when

confronted with humor, while those residing Pacific-side in British Columbia are more prone to a powerful cackle (28%).

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