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Introducing the Multiplay Feature

There’s a new arrival! You may have heard that we’ve recently brought another creation to the mobile world because we can’t stop talking about it! If you’ve recently been on our app, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed some slight changes occurring in your favourite games. There’s nothing to be worried about - change is good, change means optimisation, change is Multiplay!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the feature, join us as we stroll through memory lane to learn about the origins of our Multiplay golden child!

The Birth of Multiplay

February was an exciting time for LeoVegas. Bustling with a multitude of ideas and oodles of enthusiasm, our team took it upon themselves to produce a feature which we felt could revolutionise the industry and pave the way to the mobile future.

Being a tech unicorn in the entertainment industry, we felt it was important to develop a product which could provide double the fun in one sitting. For this reason, our magnificent casino developers and product designers swiftly got to work, supported by our operations’ superheroes, commercial ninjas and product gurus. As a result, Multiplay was conceived.

Eventually, on the 17th of May, Multiplay had its soft release to a select number of VIP players. What followed was a flood of encouraging and constructive feedback. Thanks to this unbelievable response, we were able to introduce Multiplay to all our players on the 24th of July.

That’s right. You too can now experience Multiplay!

In light of the launch of the Multiplay feature, our CPTO, Mattias Wedar commented: “As per our commitment to always be mobile-first, I'm delighted to see months of hard work lead to the creation of our new Multiplay feature. Armed with Picture-in-Picture technology, we're sure such a technological advancement will revolutionise the experience of our players and enable new possibilities in mobile gaming. We continue to deliver our main cornerstone – to offer the greatest gaming experience.”

What is Multiplay?

Multiplay is a LeoVegas-exclusive feature which enables mobile users to play two games simultaneously. All the while, players have the freedom to swap between portrait and landscape mode to further augment their Multiplay experience.

For one, the portrait mode stacks both games on top of one another, with each one taking up half the screen - perfect for players who wish to evenly divide their attention. Conversely, the landscape mode was designed to provide an immersive game experience. Employing the PiP technology, the landscape configuration allows users to overlay the two selected games. In this layout, the main game is displayed across the entire screen whilst the latter is restored in an inset window.

Supported by leading mobile models and manufacturers, the Multiplay feature is currently compatible with a selection of your favourite Casino and Live Casino games.

How to use Multiplay

Are you ready to Multiplay? Below is a step-by-step guide on enabling the feature:

  • Download the LeoVegas app on Google Play or the App Store.

  • Log in to your LeoVegas account.

  • Select either the Casino or Live Casino lobby.

  • Launch any game featuring a distinctive green icon on the top right corner.

  • A game selector will pop up - select the second game to Multiplay with.

  • Enjoy playing your two favourite games at the same time!

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