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Hockey Betting

It’s fast. It’s powerful. It’s entertaining, and it’s exciting. Hockey is an amazing spectator sport, and it’s also an amazing sport to bet on at LeoVegas!

Whether it is your own national league, the big boys at NHL or KHL hockey leagues, or an international event, we offer one of the greatest hockey odds selections available online.

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Using our live betting options, you can dazzle your friends with your hockey expertise - whether you’re attending the game at the venue, watching it at home, or in a cosy pub with your mates. Our live odds offer you a great range of betting options that reflect what is going on in the game so you can react quickly.

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Major tournaments and hockey events

For hockey fans, the NHL is the place to play, and the season-long hockey contests attract large audiences.

The gold medal in hockey in the Olympic Winter Games can be considered the most crucial prize in the world sport. Hockey World Championship and the Hockey World Cup are the biggest hockey events outside the Olympic games.

National Hockey League (NHL)

NHL is the elite hockey league. Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames, and other popular NHL teams compete to win the Stanley Cup.

Eighty-two games are played in the regular NHL season, and the best team from both Eastern and Western Conferences progress into the NHL Playoffs (also known as Stanley Cup playoffs).

Learn about how to bet on NHL in our NHL Betting Guide.

American Hockey League (AHL)

AHL is a professional hockey league with 32 teams, 26 of which are located in the US and 6 in Canada. The AHL's main goal is to be the highest-level development league and help create players who will play in the prestigious National Hockey League, despite being a season-long competition.

With clubs vying for the coveted Stanley Cup, the NHL draws the top athletes in the world. All AHL teams are currently associated with an NHL team, thus viewers may observe players switching between teams as necessary.

Learn more about AHL in our AHL Betting Guide.

Ontario Hockey League (OHL)

One of the three primary junior ice hockey leagues that make up the Canadian Hockey League is the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) , available to participants between the ages of 16 and 21. The OHL, a hugely popular spectator sport in North America, currently has 20 competing teams.Of the 20 teams, ten compete in the Eastern Conference, and ten compete in the Western Conference. These two Conferences are also split into two divisions.

Learn more about how to bet on OHL game in our OHL Betting Guide.

Swedish Hockey League (SHL)

Swedish Hockey League is the highest division of Swedish hockey competitions. The league was founded in 1975, and consists of 14 teams. The SHL season is split into two parts: the regular season (late September through early March), during which teams compete against one another according to a set schedule; and the playoffs (March through April), an elimination tournament in which two teams compete against one another to win a best-of-seven series in order to move on to the next round. The main trophy of Swedish Hockey League is Le Mat Trophy.

Finnish Elite League (Liiga)

Liiga, or Finnish Elite Hockey League is the top proffessional hockey league in Finland. The Liiga was also founded in 1975, and consists of 15 teams. Finnish Liiga is considered one of the strongest leagues in Europe along with the SHL and KHL.

Champions Hockey League

Similar to famous football Champions League, this League is the biggest international hockey competition in Europe. 32 teams from 13 different countries compete for European Trophy.

Hockey World Championships

Hockey stars compete in two groups in the annual world championship. Canada, the United States, Sweden, and Finland are amongst them. LeoVegas offers excellent betting odds during the Hockey Championships before each game.

Hockey Betting Lines

LeoVegas Sports provides betting odds for the most popular ice hockey betting markets, such as:

  • Match Winner

  • Total Goals

  • Goals Scored

  • Correct score

  • Goal Scorer

  • The first team to score

  • Player Points

  • Player Shot

  • Futures

Hockey betting terms

Money line

Betting on the ‘money line’ is the most common type of ice hockey bet. This is where you are betting on a team to simply win the game. The team deemed by the bookmaker to be the favorite will have a minus sign beside their odds, e.g., -4.5, with their opponent, the underdog, having a plus sign beside their odds, e.g., +5.5.

Puck line

This bet focuses on how many goals a team is expected to win or lose a game by. The standard form for this bet is on +1.5 goals, or -1.5 goals. The team judged to be the favorite will be advertised as having a -1.5-goal advantage, with their opponent given a +1.5-goal advantage. Therefore, the favorite must win by at least two clear goals for the bet to win.

Prop Bets

Prop betting is short for ‘proposition’ betting and focuses on a possible outcome, not related to the overall final result of the game. For example, popular prop bets in ice hockey include the number of goals a player might score. If you predict a player to score 2 goals and they do, even if they end up on the losing side, your bet will still win.

Spread betting

Spread betting in ice hockey relates to betting on a ‘spread’ or an outcome of something that might happen in a game. For example, the spread on Total Goals could be 4.7-5.2. If you think the game will have more than 5.2 goals, you should buy the bet. If you think the game will have less than 4.7 goals, you should sell the bet. The profit or loss will depend on the difference between the buy or sell level, and the final outcome, multiplied by your wager.

Total (Over/Under)

A ‘Total’ bet focuses on how many goals will be scored in a game and placed as either ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ a specific number of goals. For example, you can place a wager for a game to have Over 4.5 goals, in which case at least 5 would need to be scored for a winning bet. Or you can wager on there being Under 4.5 goals, so you want there to be 4 or less goals scored.


This type of bet needs to have several outcomes predicted correctly for it to be a winning bet. Each selection within a parlay, also known as a leg, must be predicted accurately to win, but if one leg loses, the entire wager is lost. The more legs in your parlay the bigger the odds will be, but it is a higher risk bet due to needing all the predictions to be successful.


Future bets are when you wager on something to happen in the future, such as a team winning their championship, or a player being named MVP for that season.

Dime Line

This is when a line is only 10 points, or ‘cents’ difference. For example, a line that is -140 and +130 is considered a ‘dime line’.


The ‘edge’ is the advantage you think you have on a specific bet. For example, a bet that you think has a 75% chance of winning, but the odds are set at 50/50, means you have a 25% edge.

Double Chance

Double chance bets focus on the three outcomes of a match where you can pick two of the ones you think most likely to happen. For example:

Bet 1: Home team wins/tied after 60 mins

Bet 2: Away team wins/tied after 60 mins

Grand Salami

This is an exciting bet that focuses on the ‘Total’ (over/under) number of goals that are scored in all the games that are played on the same night.

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Hockey Betting FAQ

How do betting lines work in hockey?

Betting lines work when a bookmaker will set the odds and determine who the favourite is and who the underdog is in a match. This creates a margin, also known as the line, between the two teams.

How do you bet on a hockey game?

To bet on a hockey game, the simplest way is to place a money line bet where you are picking who you think will win a game between two teams. Odds set by the bookmaker, will determine who is the favorite and who is the underdog. From those odds, you will be able to see how much stake you need to wager to win, for example, $10.

What is the 60-minute line in hockey betting?

This is like a money line bet, as you are still making a prediction on who will win the game. However, a 60-minute line bet focuses only on the score at the end of the three regulation periods. So, if a team wins in overtime or via a shootout, this won’t count in your 60-minute line bet.

What is a spread in hockey betting?

Spread betting relates to betting on a ‘spread’ or an outcome of something that might happen in a game. For example, the spread on Total Goals could be 4.9-5.3. If you think the game will have more than 5.3 goals, you should buy the bet. If you think the game will have less than 4.9 goals, you should sell the bet. The profit or loss is dependent on the difference between the buy or sell value, and the final outcome, which is then multiplied by your stake.

What does SU mean in hockey betting?

SU means ‘straight-up’ and relates to whether a team has won the game regardless to the point spread offered.

Does overtime count in ice hockey betting?

Generally, yes, if you have placed a money line bet, unless otherwise stated. Shootouts also count for certain bets, but it is best to check the T&C’s. However, if you have placed a 60-minute line bet, only the score at the end of regulation time will count towards whether your bet has been successful or not.

How do you read hockey betting odds?

In hockey, the team who the bookmaker thinks is the favourite will always be indicated by a minus sign beside their odds, e.g. -3.5, whilst the least favoured team, the underdog, will have a plus sign beside their odds, e.g. +4.5.