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Soccer Betting Online at LeoVegas

It’s time to kick off your betting adventure here at LeoVegas with some solid online odds on Soccer from around the world. We pride ourselves on our selection, allowing you to select your favourite odds from hundreds of markets for almost every game. With LeoVegas you can feed your inner betting geek with odds on Soccer far down the league system in many nations while playing on markets such as 1x2, handicap, asian handicap, both teams to score and a lot more.

LeoVegas Sportsbook can compete with any other sportsbook out there, something you will notice when you see our markets on English and Canadian Soccer. Although our sportsbook is great from your desktop, our mobile version is even better. With a light and speedy page, at LeoVegas we pride ourselves in giving you the best betting experience on mobile.

Soccer Leagues

Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is the elite soccer competition in Europe. The tournament contains the best teams from across Europe, including England, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France. It also includes teams that make it through the five qualifying rounds.

Once all the teams are set, the 32 teams are split into eight groups, and they face each other twice. The top two teams from each group advance and create the round of 16. From this round, there are two-legged knockout games until the final at the end of the season in mid-June.

UEFA Super Cup

The winner of the aforementioned Champions League faces the winner of the Europa League to contest for the UEFA Super Cup. This fixture happens before the start of the regular season, usually in August, and it is a one-off match where the winner receives the UEFA Super Cup trophy.

Womens Euros

16 European nations come together for the Womens Euros. After the qualifying round, the 16 countries that made it to the tournament are split into four groups, with the top two teams advancing.

Eight nations enter the quarter finals, and play single elimination games to determine who lifts the Womens Euros. The latest Euros was played in 2022, England being the victors, and it will be four years before they can defend their crown in Summer 2026.

Copa America

While the Euros involves nations from Europe, the Copa America is the premiere Soccer tournament for nations from the South American continent (and some invited nations such as USA, Mexico, and Qatar). The competing countries are divided into two groups of five teams - sometimes six to accommodate the non-South American competitors.

The top four teams progress into the Quarter Finals, and like most national tournaments, it is single elimination to determine the winner. Like the Euros, World Cup, and the Olympics, the Copa America is every four years and will next take place in 2025.

World Cup

Nothing excites Soccer fans like the World Cup. 32 nations, five continents, and only one being crowned the best Soccer nation in the world. The 32 countries are separated into eight groups, with the top two progressing into the knockout stages.

English Premier League

The top division in English Soccer is the Premier League. Beginning in August, and concluding in late-May, 20 teams play 38 games to decide who is the best team in England. However, it’s not all about being on top come May.

If they aren’t on top of the tree, teams can finish in the top four slots and qualify for the Champions League, while finishing in either 6th or 7th correlates to a place in the Europa or Europa Conference League respectively.

At the bottom end, the bottom three teams in the division face the dreaded relegation to England’s second-tier.

La Liga

While England has the Premier League, Spain’s top Soccer offering is La Liga. Consisting of 20 teams from across Spain, including giants such as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, the La Liga also has 38 game weeks to decide the winner.

The Spanish topflight is extremely similar to the Premier League, four teams in the Champions League, two more for the various European competitions, and three teams destined for relegation in June.

Check out our La Liga Betting Guide to learn more about it.

Ligue 1

France’s top division is known as Ligue 1. While the top four get Champions League in other European leagues, Ligue 1 only has the top two guaranteed, with third place having to qualify. Fourth and fifth occupy the other European spots.

Regarding relegation, the 2022/23 Ligue 1 season will be the final season involving 20 teams. From this season, Ligue 1 will consist of 18 teams, so four teams will be relegated at the end of the season in June.

Serie A

Serie A is a 20-team, 38-game offering from Italy. Lasting from August through to May, Italian Soccer has the top four teams playing Champions League, fifth and sixth playing in the other European competitions, and three teams being relegated to Serie B.


The German Bundesliga is the only elite European league that contains 18 teams rather than 20. Two-less teams means four games less over the entire campaign, making it a 34-game regular season for Germany’s topflight.

The lack of teams also influences the relegation battle. While three teams are usually relegated in the other European options, only two get automatically relegated from the Bundesliga. The team in 16th faces the 3rd placed team in Bundesliga 2 in a two-game playoff to decide who remains/comes up to the Bundesliga.


A non-European domestic league offering is the Canadian Premier League (CPL). The CPL enjoyed its inaugural season in 2019, and it is an eight team league with competitors from five provinces within Canada.

Each team plays 28 games during the campaign, and the top four teams after those games enter the playoffs. The top four teams are split into two separate semi-finals, and the winners of the semis commence to the final. Whoever wins the final is crowned CPL champion in September.


North America’s biggest soccer league is the MLS (Major League Soccer). Much bigger than most domestic leagues, the MLS is filled with 28 teams in two separate conferences (Eastern and Western).

Teams from both conferences play 34 regular season games before the postseason begins. However, the sole team with the most points at the end of the season wins the MLS Supporters Shield.

When it comes to the postseason, seven teams from both conferences enter, but the top-seed from both get a bye. In the playoffs, all games are single elimination games, including the final between an Eastern and Western conference representative. The winner of the cross-conference final wins the MLS Cup in October.

Soccer Betting Odds

The odds on Soccer betting are indicated using decimal points. Therefore, if the odds of something happening are high, the odds will be closer to 1.00. For example, if a team were facing an opponent from a division below, the odds of them winning might be 1.20, as it is favoured. Whereas the odds of the opponent winning may be listed at 2.80 - less likely.

With odds of 1.20, a $10 bet would return $12, whereas at 2.80, a $10 wager returns $28.

Live Odds on Soccer

Here at LeoVegas we offer a unique Live Odds experience on Soccer. With a fast-paced delivery system, we make sure that you don't miss a moment. If you are lucky, you might even find a live stream to watch. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. You could be watching from home, with friends or actually be at the game - our live odds sportsbook is just a few clicks away.

Being good on desktop and perfect on mobile, you can show off your in-game analysis skills to friends and family by betting on a winner, the next goal or even the next team to get a corner kick. With a superb selection of live odds, it's up to you to choose your favorite live odds market.

Soccer Betting Lines


Moneyline betting is simply betting on what you believe the outcome of the match will be. So, if you believe the home team will win, you will select them to win the game, and the same goes for either a draw or the away team.

If you were to place a bet on two things and combine the Soccer odds, this becomes a double. For example, if you were to place a bet on both Manchester United and Chelsea to win at the weekend, this becomes a double. This also applies to if you believe two different players will score or be carded in the match.


An over/under bet is choosing whether there’ll be more than a certain number of goals in a match. If the choice for the match is 2.5, you can choose whether there’ll be more or less than that number. This is the same for corners, cards, or goals for an individual team.

Over/under betting is very similar to totals. Totals are when you bet on a combined score, meaning both teams can influence this. An example of this is if you believed there’d be a total of over 9.5 corners in a match, you’d need ten corners, but they can be split evenly between both teams.


Placing a bet on something that will be settled at a later date is known as an outright/future. An outright would be placing a bet on a specific team to win the World Cup, or placing a bet on somebody to be the World Cup top scorer. Both outrights/futures are similar in the betting world.


The spread in Soccer is similar to Football, but with much lower totals. Whichever team is favourite for the match may have a spread of -1.5, this means they’d have to win the game by at least two goals to cover. Opposingly, the opposition would be listed at +1.5, meaning they’d need to win the game or not lose by two to cover the spread.


When combining two or more bets, it becomes a parlay. Parlays contain a minimum of two bets that both need to be accurate for you to win. This means that placing a bet on a team to win and a player to score in that win, you’ve placed a parlay. Parlays also work over different matches, so wagering two different teams to win their respective matches would be viewed as a parlay as well.


Another aspect of betting on Soccer is prop betting. Prop betting is betting on a scenario that is posed, for example, will the team score an even or odd amount of goals in the game? These bets aren’t always tied to the result of the game, and they can be placed on individuals.


Teaser bets are similar to parlays, but it provides the opportunity to shift the point spread in the games you have chosen. For example, if you believed two teams would cover the spread at -1.5 each, then you would shift the odds and create a teaser.

Live Odds on Soccer

Here at LeoVegas we offer a unique Live Odds experience on Soccer. With a fast-paced delivery system, we make sure that you don’t miss a moment. If you are lucky, you might even find a live stream to watch. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You could be watching from home, with friends or actually be at the game - our live odds sportsbook is just a few clicks away.

Being good on desktop and perfect on mobile, you can show off your in-game analysis skills to friends and family by betting on a winner, the next goal or even the next team to get a corner kick. With a superb selection of live odds, it’s up to you to choose your favorite live odds market.

Get a Bonus on Soccer

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Play Responsibly in Soccer Betting

LeoVegas’ intention is to be a safe and secure source of great entertainment. If you feel that odds on Soccer are taking up too much time or you find yourself spending more than you are comfortable with, we are here to support you. We provide tools as well as customer support available around the clock if you need us. If you want some tips and tricks on how to gamble responsibly, we suggest you visit

Soccer betting FAQ

How does Soccer betting work?

Betting on Soccer with LeoVegas is extremely simple. The odds of a match, or aspects of the game are set, and you simply place your wager on the outcome. The closer the odds are to 1.00 means it is favored, whereas the further away from 1.00 the odds are, the less favoured that outcome is.

How to place bets on Soccer?

Find your intended game, select the type of market you’d like to focus on, and select your stake. Whether you just want to bet on the result, or you want to be more in-depth about corners or cards, all are available when betting on Soccer.

How do betting lines work in Soccer?

In Soccer, betting lines are used to dictate which team is favoured and which team is the underdog. This decision is affected by injuries, home advantage, or form, and these lines can shift leading up to a fixture because of these factors.

What is a spread in Soccer betting?

The spread is wagering on the margin of victory from a game. A -2.5 spread for the favoured team means they’d have to win the fixture by three, whereas, the opponent would have to not lose by three, and they’d be listed at +2.5. Whichever outcome is correct correlates to whichever team covered the spread.

What is a handicap in Soccer betting?

A handicap is very similar to the spread. If a team begins at a -1 handicap, they begin the fixture at an imaginary one goal deficit. Therefore, if a team is at a -1 handicap, they would have to win the game by at least two goals.

What does +/- mean in Soccer betting?

The +/- in Soccer betting relates to both the spread and handicap. If something is favoured via the spread, they are indicated by a - symbol, and they’d have to win the game by that margin. The + symbol is the opposite. This is for the less favoured team and for the bet to win, they’d have to avoid defeat by the indicated margin.

Can I place free bets on Soccer?

Free bets are available on Soccer! If a free bet is available for the Soccer, it can be found in the promotions page that is dedicated to any Sport bonuses. Whether you want to place it on a parlay or the moneyline, the choice is yours if you have a free bet.

What are the best Soccer betting markets?

A popular Soccer betting market is the moneyline. The moneyline in betting is wagering on the outcome of the game - home victory, away victory, or draw. However, other markets such as over/under, outrights, and parlays are extremely popular amongst Soccer fans.