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Basketball Betting at LeoVegas

LeoVegas is dropping dimes to our players with a fantastic selection of online odds for one of the most popular sports, not only in America but throughout the whole world - Basketball. How high can you jump?

Get ready to make a perfect dunk, because we will provide you with a great variety of basketball betting markets to bet on such as overtime, total points, handicaps and much more.

Even though it is possible to bet on all devices, our mobile platform gives you a neat and clean design with quick sports betting options, all the while you follow the action closely with the feeling that you are part of every quarter in this intense game.

Since there will always be a variety and changes in the basketball odds, we suggest that you take note of the development of the different markets, so you can get the best out of your basketball live betting experience.

Basketball Leagues


The NBA is the home of Basketball in North America! It contains franchises filled with rich history such as the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, and the Boston Celtics to name a few. However, the entire NBA holds 30 teams split into two conferences - 15 teams in both.

Competing over 82-games, from October until April, to determine the 16 team NBA playoff bracket. Each playoff basketball game is decided via a best-of-seven series, and the playoffs continue until one team remains. This franchise is crowned NBA champions.

Learn more about NBA in our latest NBA Betting Guide.

College Basketball (NCAAB)

Before the NBA pros hit the court, they go through the collegiate system - this is the NCAAB. Just like the NBA, you can bet on the NCAAB with LeoVegas during the season from November until April.

At the College level, you can have your pick of 32 different Division I athletic conferences, and enjoy the season-ending tournament between March and April.

Check out College Basketball Betting Guide to learn more about betting on NCAAB games.


Similar to the NBA, the WNBA is the premiere place for women’s Basketball in North America. It holds 12 teams within two conferences - including the well-established Seattle Storm. The WNBA has a shorter season at 36 games, it still contains a thrilling eight team playoff series.

FIBA Asian Cup

Taking place every four years, the FIBA Asian cup is the prized tournament for Asian and Oceanic nations. 16 countries from the aforementioned continents go head-to-head on the court with four groups of four in the preliminary round.

Teams who finished first advance, while teams who ended the preliminary round in second and third place enter the elimination round. The four winners from the elimination round combine with the four group winners to create the quarterfinals. Then it is a single elimination tournament to decide the Asian Cup crown.


The PBA is the basketball offering from the Philippines. It is a 12-team competition which can end with three separate winners - a winner of each of the three conferences. The most prestigious conference to enjoy is the Philippine cup.

Other International Tournaments

If you are still looking for more Basketball action, LeoVegas offers up odds on numerous international tournaments. Get closer to the action with odds on the EuroBasket, the FIBA AmeriCup and more on our desktop or mobile app.

Basketball odds

LeoVegas is ready for Basketball betting with our slam dunk selection of odds this season. With hundreds of markets varying from total points in the game to player specific markets, we have you covered on all areas of the court.

You can also keep up to date with our live betting odds during the game - bringing you closer to every quarter of this thrilling sport. Whether you are watching from home, in the stands, or wherever you may be, our desktop and mobile app keep you up to date with the latest odds.

Live odds on Basketball

With an amazing selection of basketball odds, we will make sure that you are part of this action-packed game, no matter if you are at the stadium, at home with friends watching the game, or anywhere else.

Besides being a sport fuelled with insensitivity and adrenaline, it is also perfect for live betting, as many things can happen during the game in a matter of a few minutes or even seconds.

Whether you want to bet on total points - including overtime, bet on every quarter, half time, double chance or handicap, we got you sorted with the ability to place your bets in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, basketball has one of the most well known leagues in the world, but you also have the opportunity to bet on your favourite team in your local league.

Even though our desktop-version provides an excellent user experience, our mobile app gives a clean and fresh design with the opportunity to do your basketball betting faster than ever no matter where you are.

Basketball Betting Lines

Bet on who you think will win with the Moneyline betting on LeoVegas. Simply select the team you believe will win, and if it comes in, you’ve successfully betted on the Moneyline.

For an Over/Under selection, you wager against a certain statistic and whether you believe it will be above or below that number. Think a certain player will dominate three-pointers, you’d select the over on three-pointers in the game for that player.

Ever had a hunch on whether two teams were going to have a high scoring, back-and-forth encounter? Then Totals could be the best bet for you. Totals is placing a bet on the amount of points both teams will combine for in the game.

Placing a bet on the margin of victory within Basketball is known as Point Spread betting. If a team is valued at -3 on the spread, that team has to win by four or more, it places a virtual deficit on the team. However, if a team is +3, they’d have to lose by less than three or win the game to cover the spread.

Placing an Outright/Futures wager is selecting the outcome of the entire league season. With Basketball, if you believed the Golden State Warriors will win the NBA Finals, placing a bet on them would be an outright.

Partnering up multiple wagering selections on the same bet is known as a Parlay. For a parlay to be successful, each of the individual bets placed would have to come in. A parlay bet has to contain at least two selections.

If you make a bet on whether something will occur in the game, regardless of the result, this is a Prop Bet. In Basketball, these are usually statistical selections surrounding a player or team, for example, choosing who’d be the scorer of the first basket is viewed as a prop bet.

A Teaser bet is very similar to parlays. You make two or more selections on a single bet, and you edit the point spread for each of the games.

Get a bonus on Basketball

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Play Responsible on Basketball

LeoVegas's intention is to be a safe and secure source of great entertainment. If you feel that odds on basketball is taking up too much time or you find yourself spending more than you are comfortable with, we will be there to support you. We provide tools and customer support available around the clock if you need us. If you want some tips and tricks on how to gamble responsibly, we suggest you visit

Basketball betting FAQ

How does betting on basketball games work?

There’s multiple ways to bet on Basketball with LeoVegas. Simply select your market of choice, the moneyline or over/under for example, and choose your best bet. You can also use the live betting feature if you want to place a bet on the Basketball during the game.

How do betting lines work in basketball?

With LeoVegas, you can bet on numerous betting lines regarding Basketball. The betting lines are the odds set which decide the favoured outcome and the less-favoured outcome on specific Basketball markets.

What is a spread in basketball betting?

The spread in Basketball can be compared to the Handicap. If a team is -3.5 favourites, and they were to win by four or more, they’ve covered the spread. As for a +3.5 underdog, they’d have to win the match or lose by four or less.

What is 3 way betting in basketball?

A 3-way bet in Basketball is when the game has an additional third outcome. Most games have the home team or the away team to win, if a tie is added, this becomes a 3-way bet.

Does overtime count in basketball betting?

Bets on Basketball are determined by the result at the end of overtime, unless it has been stated otherwise. This is the same for multiple-legged ties.

What does PK mean in basketball betting?

PK simply stands for pick’em. This is when two teams can’t be separated, so there’s no clear favourite for the game. In addition, only the winning team would cover the spread.

What is a handicap in basketball betting?

The handicap is very similar to the spread in Basketball betting. If a team has a -6.5 handicap, this is an imaginary deficit and they’d have to win by seven or more points. Teams with a +6.5 have to win or lose by less than seven.