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Bet on Baseball at LeoVegas!

At LeoVegas we knock it out of the ballpark with our exceptional selection of good odds on baseball. Make the baseball games go by faster by placing bets on every inning, every hit and potential home run, while you enjoy the relaxing fun of your favorite sport. Although our sportsbook is close to perfect on desktop, you have the chance to experience an exceptional way of sports betting if you play with us via your mobile.

Baseball is a traditional sport. Here at LeoVegas, we have made a tradition out offering some of the greatest online odds from around the world, baked into a selection few can compete with. That tradition gives you a good chance of finding the best bets on baseball here at LeoVegas.

Baseball Leagues

MLB (Major League Baseball)

The premiere place for Baseball in North America is the MLB. It houses historic franchises such as the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Boston Red Sox within its 30-team league.

These 30 teams are separated into two different leagues - the American League and the National League. Each league contains three divisions with four teams in each, and at the end of the league stage, 12 teams make the postseason.

In the playoffs, the MLB games vary between best-of-five and best-of-seven series, the last team remaining becomes the winner of the World Series.

Learn more about how to place bets on MLB games in our MLB Betting Guide.

World Series

The aforementioned World Series is the yearly championship series of the MLB. This series lasts seven games between the champions of the National League and the champions of the American League.


LeoVegas also offers Baseball from the Asian continent with the NPB. The NPB is the home of Baseball in Japan and contains huge franchises such as the Yomiuri Giants - 22 time champions of the NPB.

It is slightly smaller than its American counterpart with only 12 teams competing, but the NPB still consists of 146 regular season games running from March/April until October. For the postseason, the NPB first has its climax series with three teams from each league, before concluding the season with the Japan Series.

Baseball odds

LeoVegas takes you out to the ball game with our vast array of Baseball odds. We offer hundreds of markets including over/under, point spread, and outrights, but which market will you hit a home run with?

We can also keep you up to date with every pitch with our in-play markets. Follow along whether you’re on the couch or in the stands, LeoVegas has you covered for Baseball betting during this season.

Live Betting Odds on Baseball

Your favorite batter is walking onto the pitch with all the bases loaded - you just know the team will score. Now is the time to find your mobile and take advantage of the live odds on baseball offered to you by LeoVegas. With a brilliant selection and a sportsbook tailor made for your mobile, it doesn't matter where you are in the world or what time it is. You can be at the stadium, at home or with friends - our live odds selection will be there to enhance your baseball experience.

When we say that we have tailor made our sportsbook to fit your mobile, live odds on baseball is an important factor to that. Things are happening fast in sports. That is why we put our pride in offering you a high-paced delivery of odds, making it more likely for you to not miss out of an opportunity. We have done that by making a light, fast and user friendly live odds section.

Baseball Betting Lines

Moneyline Bets

A Moneyline bet is when you simply place a wager on who you believe will win the game. If the team you selected wins, your bet on the moneyline has come in!


Choosing whether you believe two teams will combine for above or below a certain number of points can be referred to as the Over/Under. However, over/under markets can be utilised for certain statlines in the game as well.


Totals is wagering on whether you believe the combined run total in the game will be above or below the amount set. If the number was set at 8.5, you’d select whether the two teams would combine for over/under that many runs in the game. This is very similar to over/under betting.


Outrights/Futures are betting on which team will win a league, division, or conference. These are bets that will be settled within the calendar year stated.

Point spread

Point spread indicates how much a certain team has to win or not lose by. In Baseball, the spread may be indicated as -2.5 runs for the favoured team, therefore, they’d have to win the game by three runs for your bet to come in. For the underdog, they’d have to avoid defeat by three or more.


When you partner two or more wagering selections on a single bet - it is known as a Parlay. For your parlay bet to be successful, each selection you made would have to come in.

Prop Bets

A Prop Bet is when a bet is placed on whether something will occur in the game - regardless of the result. For example, if you selected a certain player to score two or more runs in the game, this would be a prop bet.


Teaser bets are much like parlays. Within a teaser bet, you can make multiple selections, and edit the point spread for each selection. All selections have to be correct for it to come in.

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Play Responsible on Baseball

LeoVegas' intention is to be a safe and secure source of great entertainment. If you feel that odds on baseball are taking up too much time or you find yourself spending more than you are comfortable with, we will be there to support you. We provide tools and customer support available around the clock if you need us. If you want some tips and tricks on how to gamble responsibly, we suggest you visit

Baseball betting FAQ

How do you bet on Baseball?

Betting on Baseball is easy with LeoVegas. Simply find the Baseball tab on either the desktop or mobile app, find the right market for you, and place your stake on your best bet. Whether you just want to choose the winner, or you want to take advantage of our in-play markets, it’s all available at LeoVegas.

How do betting lines work in Baseball?

Betting lines are the odds set to determine the favourite and underdog for games. Keep an eye on both the desktop and mobile app to make sure you get the best odds because betting lines can alter throughout the week.

What is the spread in Baseball betting?

The spread is used to indicate the margin of victory for the favoured team. If a team is a -1.5 favourite, they’d have to win the game by two runs or more to cover the spread. The less-favoured team would be shown as +1.5, and they’d have to avoid defeat or only lose by one.

What is handicap in Baseball betting?

A handicap bet is placing a bet on which team will win after a handicap score is applied. If a team is at a -1.5 handicap, they would have to win the game by two or more for you to be successful.

What is 3 way betting in baseball?

3 way betting in Baseball relates to the moneyline set for the game. However, rather than having odds for either team to win, 3 way betting includes the tie as an option.

What does PK mean in betting baseball?

PK is short for Pick’em. This is when two teams are viewed as even, so there’s no underdog or favourite for the match. Also, in PK betting, the spread is zero.

What is F5 betting baseball?

F5 translates to ‘’first five” in reference to the first five innings of a Baseball game. An F5 bet is selecting who you believe will be ahead when the fifth inning concludes.

What does runs mean in baseball betting?

A run in Baseball is the equivalent of a basket in Basketball or a touchdown in Football. If you have a bet on a team to win, if they score the most runs, your bet will come in. Runs are also how the spread works. If the spread is -2.5, the team would have to win by three runs.

What does 1st Half Match betting mean in baseball?

1st Half Match betting in Baseball is when your selection is only valid from the beginning of the game until the 5th inning. If you’d placed a first half bet, and it came in after the 5th inning, it wouldn’t be valid.