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It's always Football season at LeoVegas with one of the world's greatest selections of online betting odds on your favourite sports. Make us a part of your tailgate tradition, by placing bets on teams to win, players to score, and many other markets. Even though odds on Football is great to bet on from your desktop, LeoVegas brings the action even closer with our world-class mobile betting platform, allowing you to become a part of the action all the way through kickoff. In our high-paced sportsbook, the odds are always changing, so pay close attention to when you get the best odds.

Football Rules

Football is the most popular sport in the United States, but it can be difficult to wrap your head around as a first-time viewer. But, fear not, we are here to break down everything you need to know about Football and how it works.

The first thing to establish is the scoring system. A touchdown is worth six points, and this occurs whenever a player catches, or runs the ball into the endzone. If the ball is run into the endzone, it’s a rushing touchdown, and if a pass is caught in the endzone, it’s a passing touchdown.

After a touchdown is scored, the kicker will have the opportunity to score a PAT (point after touchdown) which is worth one point. In addition, the kicker can also score his team a field goal which is worth three points, and this happens when a team is unable to gain ten-yards in three attempts.

Touchdowns are mainly scored by the offense, but the defense can score touchdowns too. The defense can intercept a pass intended for the other team, and if that player then runs into the opposing end zone, it’s a pick-six.

As well as interceptions, the defense can also sack the opposing quarterback. This happens when the opposing quarterback is tackled on or behind the line of scrimmage by the opposing team - before he completes a pass.

The team who has the most points, wins the game. If the game is a tie, there’s a ten-minute overtime period on a first-to-score to decide the winner. If there’s no winner after the additional ten minutes, the game is recorded as a draw.

Football Leagues


The NFL is the biggest Football league in the world. Beginning in early-September, and concluding with the Super Bowl in mid-February, the NFL takes centre stage on the footballing calendar.

The season begins with 32 teams in total, separated into two conferences, the NFC and the AFC. Both conferences contain four divisions (represented by North, South, East, and West), and each division contains four teams.

The winner of each division automatically makes it into the playoffs, while the other six spots are decided by the best record from non-division winners. The three best from the NFC and the three best from the AFC.

Both the AFC and the NFC go through three rounds of playoff matchups, finishing with one representative from the AFC and one from the NFC clashing in the Super Bowl.

You can learn how to place bets on NFL games in our NFL Betting Guide.

Super Bowl

The aforementioned Super Bowl is the biggest event in the Football calendar. After a month of preseason, a grueling 17-week regular season, and the playoffs, the two representatives from the AFC and NFC face-off to decide who lifts the Lombardi Trophy.

College Football (NCAAF)

Before players become household names within the NFL, the stars of the future belong at the college level. The NCAAF houses eleven conferences across the United States, and the season lasts from late-August until mid-December.

While it may not have a Super Bowl, the college football season ends with a variety of Bowl games to get you excited. From the Orange Bowl to the Peach Bowl, Fiesta Bowl to the Cheez-It Bowl, the end of the college football season is like no other.


The Great White North has its own Football season to look forward to. The Canadian Football League (CFL) is a nine-team league, divided into an Eastern (four teams) and Western (five teams) division. The 21-week regular season bleeds into the six-team playoff series, culminating in the Grey Cup in late-November.

Football Odds

Football betting odds are displayed using a decimal point system. If the odds of a particular thing happening in the game is high, the odds displayed will be closer to 1.00. So, if a certain team is favored at 1.25, a $10 bet would return $12.50 if it was to come in. The further away from 1.00, means the odds are higher. A $10 wager at odds of 3.75 means a return of $37.50 if that outcome occurs. You can check the latest NFL Betting odds here.

Live Odds on Football

Whether you are at the stadium, watching from home, or you are enjoying the game with friends, LeoVegas knows exactly what it takes to increase the entertainment. With live odds on Football, we promise a more exciting game for both you and your friends. Not only does it allow you the opportunity to win real money, it creates an opportunity for you to prove your in-game analysis skills to everyone around you. With our super rapid system, you can find your bet and place it within a few seconds. We know you will appreciate this when the game is on the line and you want to bet live on the next thing to happen.

Live Odds on football is available to you both from desktop and mobile devices. Although superb on desktop, the LeoVegas live odds experience is designed to be the best on mobile. Stripped of non-essential features, you will get a high-paced and smooth experience when betting live on football either way.

Football Betting Markets


There’s numerous ways to bet on Football with LeoVegas. The most popular is the moneyline bet. This is selecting who you believe will win the game, for example, if you chose the Buffalo Bills to beat the New York Jets, that would be betting the moneyline.


Another way to bet on the NFL action is with over/under markets. Unlike the moneyline bets, this doesn't involve selecting a winner. Instead, you can choose a team or player to go over/under in certain aspects of the game. If the over/under on receiving yards for Minnesota Vikings receiver, Justin Jefferson, was at 149.5, you would choose whether he would go over or under that amount. Similarly, this is an option for the game itself.

Before the season begins, there are options to place bets on how teams will perform. Much like an over/under, you can select how many total wins a team will achieve. If a team has had a good offseason, the Buffalo Bills for example, they would have a certain win total, and you can choose whether they will do better or worse than that total suggests.

Point Spread

Another popular market is point spread betting. This is when you wager on how many points you think a team will win or lose by. Within the NFL, Point Spread is represented by a +/-, so if the Green Bay Packers were favoured by +6 over the New England Patriots, the Packers would have to win by seven or more points. Alternatively, the Patriots would be -6, and placing a bet on them means they can either win, or not lose by six or more.


If you wanted to package some bets together, these would be known as parlays. A parlay is when you combine two or more bets together to increase the odds, for example, if you placed a bet on the Buffalo Bills to beat the Los Angeles Rams, with over 34.5 points in the game, and Josh Allen to throw two or more touchdown passes, this would be a parlay. All of the chosen wagers would have to be correct to receive a full payout.

Prop Bets

You can also place a prop bet on the NFL. A prop bet is wagering whether something will happen during the game. An example of a prop bet is selecting a certain player to score the first touchdown of a game, or a certain quarterback to throw an interception.


LeoVegas also offers bets that are known as teasers. Teasers are similar to parlays, however, it involves combining two or more games and changing the point spread for both. If you believed both the Cincinnati Bengals and Atlanta Falcons will both cover a three point spread, you can combine the two and it would become a teaser.


Finally, if you were to bet on who you believe will win a certain division, or who will win the Super Bowl, these would be known as outrights/futures. These phrases are interchangeable, so, wagering on a certain thing to occur in the future. Tom Brady to win the NFL MVP would be known as both an outright/future bet.

Get a Bonus on Football

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Play Responsible on Football

LeoVegas' intention is to be a safe and secure source of great entertainment. If you feel that odds on football is taking up too much time or you find yourself spending more than you are comfortable with, we will be there to support you. We provide tools and customer support available around the clock if you need us. If you want some tips and tricks on how to gamble responsibly, we suggest you visit