Play Bonus Buy Slots at LeoVegas

When it comes to online slots, a lot of jargon and terminology can describe the many game features. Even as a slot veteran, these can often get confusing, especially when trying to decide if a new game is worth trying. However, one feature that all slot players know is the concept of the bonus round. In this stage of a game, you can often access much higher totals and prizes.

LeoVegas has a wide range of slot games featuring bonus rounds, and with many of them, you don't even have to wait for luck to let you inside. Bonus buy slots allow you to buy your way into the rounds, which means you don’t have to wait for the bonus game to get triggered. You just simply pay to start it. Below, we give our essential tips on bonus buy slots.

Buy Bonus Feature Slots - What They Are

When it comes to slot game bonus features, the big wins are in the bonus rounds. Yet to access these, you need to get certain symbols or complete different tasks. In some high-volatility games, this can take a while. It sometimes feels like it may never happen.

With bonus buy feature slots, you have the option to purchase the bonus round. You simply click the designated command, and you are allowed access to the special features. This lets you side-track the game and get straight to the point.However, buying your way into a bonus game does not guarantee access to the big wins. Before you decide whether to play online slots with buy bonus features, there are several factors you should understand. Check them out below!

Volatility & Variance

Both these terms have almost the same meaning when it comes to slots. However, they are also used in the world of investing where they mean two different things. When it comes to slots, they have a minor difference.

Volatility and variance are measurements of how likely you are to win a game. It's linked to a slot's return to player rating, though they are both very different metrics. Volatility and variance are a score showing how likely you are to get winning combinations that will result in a payout.

Generally, games that are low volatility will pay out more frequently but will pay less. Ones that are high volatility will pay out less but in higher amounts. This is where their slight difference comes in. Variance indicates the winning combinations played out over a long term. Volatility shows the risk involved in playing short-term.

Are you the type of player willing to catch frequent wins? Or would you rather wait longer for some bigger wins? When you have played a few slots, you should soon know the type of player you are and which you prefer.

How to Buy the Bonus Feature

Depending on the game, there will be different ways to purchase the bonus buy feature. Most will have a button somewhere on the screen that lets you click and access it quickly. Bets will almost certainly cost more than your standard wager.

For example, in the slot game Extra Chilli, the amount to take part in the bonus buy will be listed above your stake. Buying in straight away will cost 50x your original bet. As the game progresses, it has an interesting feature where coins collected from the reels lower the price. This means you could end up buying bonuses for little, depending on how long you play. Buying in then becomes quite a tactical decision.


RTP stands for Return to Player. In casino games, it shows how much of a player's bankroll would return to them and other players over a period, and how much would remain as profit for the house. Of course, this is a statistical average and not a guarantee of what you will win.

As an example, imagine you play a slot machine with a 95% RTP. Over some time, you choose to place €100 of your bankroll into the slot. Of this, €95 will come back to you. €5 will stay with the house. Generally, the higher the RTP the better, though this can change throughout a game.

RTP should not get confused with volatility. Both should measure the enjoyment you will get from a game, though they must be viewed differently. Volatility is an indication of the risk factors involved. It shows how much money you stand to lose, and thus how much you stand to win.

RTP will measure how much gets paid back to you. Regardless of if you get paid with low volatility in small and frequent amounts or one big high volatility jackpot, the RTP will remain the same.

This is until bonus buy features become activated. In some games, they may have a higher return to the player than in others. This does not mean the game as a whole had a better RTP. Instead, the bonus buys feature will have its own RTP.

Types of Buy Feature Slots

To make it even more interesting, not all bonus rounds are created equal. Each game will have different bonus rounds with various rewards. Some may even have multiple ones. Once you know what type of buy feature slots are available, you can decide if they are right for you.

Some bonus buy slots may offer you a single bonus. This is the simplest for those just starting. There is one type of bonus and one type of bonus round.

The opposite of this is when you can choose from a series of bonuses. Though a little more complicated, this makes the game more fun and adds a lot more variations.

A final choice is the type of buy feature slot that allows you to gamble on feature bonuses. In this, you can bet any of the free spins you have bought or accumulated. Should you win, then you will bag even more extra free spins and multipliers. However, this type of bonus is risky and should not be used lightly.

How to Choose Slots with Feature Buy Options

If you are looking for feature buy slots, then it helps to do your homework. You can buy bonuses that are less attractive, while others will reap huge rewards. So, you know what to look for. The main steps when choosing feature buy slots are:

Check the Payout Potential

The first step is to check the payout potential of the bonus round. There is no point buying into the feature if it won’t yield the correct results. Luckily, most bonus rounds offer a better RTP than the main game. All the stats for the bonus round should be included in the game's paytable, or you should be able to find them on the developer's website if not.

Check How Much the Buying Feature Costs

Managing your budget with bonus buy slots is extremely important. None of them come cheap, because of the potential extras they can offer. If you keep using them, your bankroll could soon bottom out. So, you should consider the best time to deploy them.

Each game will have its own bonus buy cost. However, working out the intrinsic value of this is tough. As they each offer different rewards, it's hard to know what a good bonus buy price is. For example, some feature buy slots may charge double your stake but have small bonus prizes. Others can charge as high as 2000x your bet but have much greater rewards.

Know Your Slot Bonuses

You should also understand what you are getting in your bonus. Few bonus buy slots will offer credit or just credit alone. Therefore, you need to know what you are paying for when you get into the game.

Free spins do exactly what they say on the tin. You get to spin the reels but without using any of your own bankrolls. They are great because you are essentially gambling with the house's money. Most online slots will also offer something alongside free spins, such as multipliers and wilds. This can up the ante and excitement in a game.

Wilds, multipliers, and modifiers are others you may come across. Wilds replace other symbols in the reels and complete pay lines that may not have won without them. As such, they are usually reserved for the main game but may be in certain bonus rounds. Modifiers are similar, but they change certain dynamics in the game. For example, they may change all low-paying symbols to high ones.

However, multipliers are the most useful in a bonus round. They will multiply the value of any win you have. For example, if you win €10 and have an x10 multiplier, that will turn to €100. As it is increasing your winnings, these are very handy.

The Best Bonus Buy Slots at LeoVegas

Of course, it helps to have a handy list of the best slot games that provide bonus buys. LeoVegas has carefully curated the greatest ones from a range of providers. Below you’ll find some of the most entertaining slots with the best bonus buy features.

Extra Chilli

Extra Chilli is a spicy Mexican-inspired slot by the developer Big Time Gaming. This is a Megaways slot, meaning there are an astounding 117,649 ways you can win. That makes for an extremely exciting game, as you spin for coloured chillies on a reel laid out at a Mexican market stall. The game has 6 reels, high volatility and great RTP.

When it comes to bonuses, this feature buy slot is stuffed tighter than a taco. Once you collect the scatter symbols, you will get to the bonus round, which is a free spin offer.

Here, you can rack up unlimited multipliers to increase your total. You can buy straight into the feature drop where the RTP increases. Luckily, the more you play, the more the feature drop price lowers. Collect coins that drop across the reels and the cost to buy in will reduce.

Rick and Morty Megaways

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, then you probably already know a little about Rick and Morty. This irreverent animation turns the genre on its head, poking fun at science fiction and popular culture in a way only the two titular characters can. The cartoon has been everywhere, and it even has its own slot game. Being a Megaways slot, there are 117,649 different ways to win in this stylish-looking game.

Rick and Morty Megaways comes packed with features and bonuses. There are cascading reels, which drop in new symbols and replace old ones continuously as long as new winners get created. Get a spaceship door symbol and you will unlock the mystery feature, where all others transform and new payouts are achieved. Fans of the show will be happy to know one of the most lucrative bonuses involves the Pickle Rick character. If you select this free spins feature, then your wins get boosted by unlimited multipliers.

Money Train 2

The original Money Train arrived in 2019 and was a huge hit. It was so good it was hard to see how it could get better. Yet it did with its sequel, a 5 reel 40 pay line game that has a crazy bonus known by slot aficionados throughout the world.

Money Train 2 has a high volatility, and as soon as the base game gets quiet, the action explodes in the added rounds. It's a game where you probably want to consider investing in a few of the bonus buys if your bankroll is permitting.

The Money Train in question has a wild west, steampunk aesthetic to it, which carries on throughout the game's symbolism. Card symbols are used for the low-paying ones, albeit in a dirty, copper tone to fit with the game's design. Higher-paid ones come from a host of sinister post-apocalypse characters. The Money Cart bonus round is the highlight, as almost everything adds to your win multiplier in various amounts, really pumping up the total.

Dead or Alive 2

Dead or Alive 2 stands out in a field saturated with wild west-themed slots. This is down to its innovative gameplay and availability on several platforms and devices. It is a 5 reel, 3-row slot with 9 pay lines that are active at all times. Land 3 or more matching symbols along the pay lines to win. You access the feature buy, which will take you straight to the free spin games, of which there are three. Each of these has its unique multipliers, wilds and return to player.

The three free spin games are Train Heist, Old Saloon, and High Noon. Each fits in perfectly with the theme of the game. In the first, you can win additional free spins and multipliers up to the value of 16. Old Saloon increases the stakes with 2x multipliers and more free spins.

Finally, the High Noon game is the most fun with the highest volatility. Wilds have multipliers of 2x and 3x. Land several in a single spin to increase the maximum value.

Ramses Revenge

Ramses Revenge takes you back to the days of ancient Egypt and the realm of the pharaohs. Created by Relax Gaming, the slot game invites you to take part in the exploration of a treasure-filled room. You'll join the action on a 5 x 5 grid. With a high level of volatility, the base game may seem quite sedate but it can flip in an instant and suddenly change course. There are a total of 4096 ways to win, so you shouldn’t ever find yourself bored.

The most interesting features are the bonus free spins and the mystery sandstorm feature. Get two or more explorer symbols to net six free spins. These will then get replaced with the mummies, which take the place of the wilds. Mummies will stay in place on your spins until an explorer appears, at which point they will move around, getting rid of explorers and adding free spins and multipliers to your total.

All this makes for an exciting experience, as your mummy symbols chase the intrepid adventurers around the screen.

White Rabbit

This bonus buy slot has an Alice in Wonderland theme. White Rabbit has Megaways mechanics and allows you to win in 16,807 unique ways. However, like Alice when she drinks the potion, that can grow exponentially in the bonus games where you will have around 248,832 ways to a possible payout. Created by Big Time Gaming, the title has 5 reels that contain between 2 and 7 symbols each. Get matching symbols to form winning combinations using imagery from Lewis Carrol's classic novel, such as the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat and Alice herself.

Part of its appeal comes from the interesting bonus round. When the game begins, the white rabbit will transform. As it falls down the rabbit hole, you get 15 free spins and then enter into a wonderland of wilds, spins and multipliers. Of course, you can enter this using the bonus buy feature at 100x the stake.

This can be lowered by collecting symbols that drop throughout the base game, reducing the cost.

LeoVegas Megaways

Occasionally, LeoVegas will release exclusive slots under its own original series. To date, the most exciting and adventurous has to be the LeoVegas Megaways. Created by Blueprint Gaming, it has all 6 reels that allow you 117,649 different ways to win. With a luxurious design that involves the use of LeoVegas' unique imagery, you can play against cascading reels and benefit from the generous amounts of free spins and multipliers.

The symbols on the reels are the classic casino slots ones, such as numbers and card symbols. Green, blue and red gems are also present, but it is the diamond you want to look out for. This can provide up to 5 times your stake if you get 6 of a kind. You can also easily access the bonus buy feature by clicking on the distinctive lion head of the Leo Vegas logo.

Once inside, before you enter the free spins round you will get to go on the bonus wheel, which will provide even more free spins and multipliers.

Legacy of Gods

Legacy of Gods takes its inspiration from the mythology of Ancient Greece. It takes place on Mount Olympus, home of the deities. The game plays out on a 6-reel device with 7 symbols on each. The MegaWays reel functionality provides 117,749 different ways to win. Symbols use figures of the gods for the highest paying ones, and each of them is in a hierarchy with Zeus giving the biggest payout of all. This god only needs two of a kind to bring on a payout, which will then remove winning symbols and trigger a cascade. These will continue to rack up potential wins for you.

It is a great game for those wanting to get to grips with new concepts such as bonuses, as the stakes are quite low. It also has a very high RTP, so despite all the action, it will ease you in gently. When you engage the bonus buy feature, the RTP goes even higher. It would be hard to find many slots that provide a level like this.

Find Your Favourite Bonus Buy Slots

Slots are some of the most diverse casino games, and feature buy slots take things to another level. Gone are the days when you could only wait to trigger a slot bonus. You can now skip to the best part and check the potential of the newest features.

The developers are always launching new features and themes, competing to win the player's loyalty. At LeoVegas, you will find the latest launches and the biggest selection of games. You can explore hundreds of feature buy slots and find your favourites. You'll always be up to date with the best gaming experience. Time to play the best bonus buy slots and jump right into action!