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Irish 2000 Guineas Betting Guide

The Irish 2000 Guineas is just around the corner and needless to say that fans are looking forward to its return. The popular yearly Group 1 flat horse race is set at the prestigious Curragh Racecourse in County Kildare, Ireland, and it’ll be the first Classic Race of the season, promising memorable racing, great entertainment, and betting options too.

The race is open to three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies trying to pass the finish line first after one mile (1,609 metres). This year's event will see 13 colts participating in the race.

Stay with our guide to learn more about the race, the betting markets, the previous winners, and other things that will help you make a well-informed decision when placing your first bet on the Irish 2000 Guineas. You can also check out our detailed Irish 2000 Guineas betting tips. Let's start!


2000 Guineas Ireland Race

Like many other horse races, the 2000 Guineas Ireland race occurs once a year in May, with few exceptions. In 2023, the Tattersalls 2000 Guineas is due to take place on Saturday, 27th of May. The Irish 1000 Guineas will take place the next day.

The Irish 2000 Guineas has been run at the Curragh Racecourse since 1921. This flat racecourse can be found in County Kildare and it hosts the country's five most important flat races, aka the Classics.

The popularity of this race knows no limits, which is why the prizes continue to multiply double figures. For example, the main reward was €400,000 in 2021, but it jumped to €500,000 the following year. The same total value is promised in 2023, plus €100,000 for the second place and €50,000 for the third place.

The 2000 Guineas Ireland race is a Group 1 flat race. Group 1 is a group/pattern race, the highest level of race in thoroughbred horse racing. As for the flat racing part, this usually means that the race takes place on an oval-shaped racing track that is levelled.

Irish 2000 Guineas Bet Types

As a punter, you'll get a chance to explore a diverse range of betting markets available for the Irish 2000 Guineas. Of course, if you want to turn your betting activity into success, you should take the time to learn some of the most popular markets.

The popularity of this annual race has inspired sportsbooks to create a whole host of markets that horse racing fans can bet on. We have prepared a shortlist of the three most played bets associated with the Irish 2000 Guineas to help you make informed decisions.

Race Winner

The race-winner is arguably the most popular Irish 2000 Guineas betting market. Naturally, you can wager money on the horse you believe will cross the finish line first.

This year's 2000 Irish Guineas festival includes a couple of participants considered to be favourites. Al Riffa is one of the top picks, followed by Chaldean.

The Race Winner market has better odds than others but it is also the riskiest because the 2000 Irish Guineas festival often brings surprises to the spectators.

By checking the track conditions, analysing the team (jockey and trainer), and considering the horse's results, choosing a horse with a good chance of winning the next race is a bit easier. For instance, Al Riffa won the last two races at the Curragh Racetrack in 2022, while Chaldean won the Qipco 2000 Guineas Stakes in early May 2023.

Each Way

Each-way bets are the go-to option for many horse racing fans. With the each-way bet, you can back a horse to finish in the top two or three positions.

It's a good idea if you want to boost your chances of winning, as it gives you some insurance. 

Paddington, Hi Royal, and Galeron might be good options for the Irish 2000 Guineas in 2023 if you’re willing to risk and wager money on non-favorites.

Top Three Horses

This bet allows you to wager on the horses you believe will secure a spot in the top three positions in the race.

One main advantage of this market is its flexibility. Unlike the race winner bet, you can back multiple horses in the race, broadening your chances. Still, it's crucial to note that for your bet to win, all three of your selected horses must finish in the top three places. Many punters mix a favourite with some potential surprises. 

Take some time to check the horses' past performance and assess their current condition. Of course, a horse on a winning streak on similar tracks has a better chance to win the race than the others. Plus, consider the track conditions and jockey and trainer impact.

Irish 2000 Guineas Stakes Ante-Post Betting

Another option for fans of the Irish 2000 Guineas is ante-post betting. Thanks to this form of wagering, you get an opportunity to place bets on the race well before its scheduled date.

Ante-post betting typically provides higher odds for each horse than bets closer to the race day. Still, even if you do this a couple of days before, you can expect better odds, because there's greater uncertainty surrounding the final outcome.

Ante-post betting presents several advantages in specific situations. If you enjoy planning your bets well in advance and are willing to embrace a higher risk in exchange for potentially more significant payouts, this option can be particularly appealing.


2000 Irish Guineas Past Winners

Horse racing fans had a chance to witness many exciting moments on the Curragh Racecourse in the past years. 

  • 2022 - Native Trail with jockey William Buick
  • 2021 - Mac Swiney with jockey Rory Cleary
  • 2020 - Siskin with jockey Colin Keane
  • 2019 - Phoenix of Spain with a new record of 1:36.52, jockey Jamie Spencer
  • 2018 - Romanised with jockey Shane Foley

Irish 2000 Guineas Betting Strategy

To get the most out of betting on the 2000 Guineas race, you should carefully prepare and decide on a strategic approach. If you're a newbie, all of this can seem overwhelming at first. But we've got you covered with essential strategies and tips to help you prepare your 2000 Guineas bets.

The key would be to get to place more informed bets instead of purely guessing. You can get to do so by doing a bit of research on the recent performance and statistics.

Recent Performance and Statistics

Understanding the horse’s recent performance is a huge factor to consider. If you can understand and identify a trend, it may help you understand its form leading up to the race. 

The Irish 2000 Guineas is a flat race. Similar races you could research include the trials, as well as the previous Gold Cup, Irish Oaks, and Irish Derby. Statistics you might want to check include short-term wins, strike rate, performance on the specific distance and track, number of races after injury, travelling distance, blinkers, hood, visor, etc. It could also help to consider the performance in different weather.

Jockeys and Trainers

It goes without saying that you should research the jockey and trainer of each horse in each race because they can significantly impact the final result. For instance, several 2000 Irish Guineas winning jockeys have won this race more than once, like Joseph O'Brien and Johnny Murtagh.

You should also consider factors such as the jockey's riding style (tactical manoeuvres for a well-timed finish or front-running style, for example), their previous record on the Curragh Racecourse, and their success rate in races of a distance of around 1 mile.

The same goes for the trainers. Some trainers may have specific strategies tailored for the Curragh Racecourse or races with similar characteristics.

Irish 2000 Guineas Festival History

The 2000 Irish Guineas festival started in 1921, with the first race being won by Soldennis with Tommy Burns Senior as a jockey. The same jockey won this race four more times, and Martin Quirke is another successful jockey who won five times between 1929 and 1941. Aidan O'Brien is the most successful trainer with 11 wins.

Another interesting thing about the Irish 2000 Guineas festival history is that the fastest race time is 1:35.80, achieved by Olivier Peslier with his Desert Prince in 1998. Today, the Irish 2000 Guineas is one of the most prestigious races in flat racing worldwide that fans enjoy all over the world.


Q. When is the Irish 2000 Guineas held?

A. The Irish 2000 Guineas is held in late May each year, but it’s been known to be held in early June on rare occasions. The 2023 race will take place on the 27th of May.

A. Wagering money on the race winner is the most-played Irish 2000 Guineas bet. Other popular bets include each way and the top 3 horses.

Q. When was the first 2000 Guineas Ireland race?

A. This flat horse race was first run in 1921 and has been held annually at around the same time of the year almost every year since.