European Football Championship 2024

This section is dedicated to all the guides and predictions on all the matches of the European Football Championship 2024. Find everything you need to be know about the biggest European tournament.

Roll of Honour - European Football Championships

The European Football Championship, often referred to as the Euros, is a premier international soccer competition held among European nations. Organized by UEFA, the championship occurs every four years, featuring top national teams competing for continental glory.

European Championship 2024 Predictions

The European Championships this year will take place in Germany. Some might think that it doesn't seem like four years have passed since the last edition of this tournament. That's because the pandemic pushed the last tournament back to 2021, so it has, in fact, only been three years.

European Championship 2024 Group Stages

The European Championships 2024, one of football's biggest tournaments, will be held in Germany this year. The journey kicks off with the highly anticipated group stages on June 14th. These stages, see teams fiercely fight for their place in the tournament setting the tone for the entire event, where teams build momentum and give us fans a thrilling sense of who is likely to be crowned European Champions.