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Welcome to the home of online baccarat. Sit back, relax and enjoy a few rounds of the game of choice for Bond, James Bond. As another addition to the great selection of games in the live casino, you will find an impressive array of baccarat casino games available to play right here!

Interested? It gets even better! You’ll also find some of the greatest live baccarat tables from top providers, such as Evolution, as well as a first-grade gaming experience. Professional and friendly dealers combined with wonderfully immersive live studio environments make your time at the table that much more enjoyable. So, get ready to play your favourite baccarat games right now at LeoVegas!

Baccarat online in a nutshell

Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular casino card games. Some say the game appeared back in the 15th century, in Italy. Baccarat is very simple, and there are a few famous variants available.

The basic goal of baccarat is to guess which hand will get a score closer to 9. You can bet on both your hand or the dealer’s.

Value of cards in online baccarat games

Any card with the value bigger than 10 (including) is worth zero points. The rest of the cards are worth their value, and the ace is worth one point. If the score of a hand is a number bigger than 10, only the second digit of that number will be considered as the final score. Let’s take 7 and 5 for example. The total in this case is 12, so the score of the hand will be 2.

Baccarat rules - how the game works

The game starts with two cards for each participant (the player and the bank). The bets are placed before the cards are dealt. If the score is 8 or 9 for any party, the game ends there and the winner cashes out.

The third card rule for the player

If the player has a score of 6 or 7, they will need to stand. For any other score (0 to 5), the player will get a third card.

The third card rule for the banker

The dealer rules are a bit more complex and depend on the hand of the player. If the player doesn’t draw new cards or stands, there are two options: the banker will draw with a hand of 0-5 or stay in case of a hand of 6-7.

If the player draws a third card, the actions of the banker will depend on its value, following the rules from below:In case of a card of 9, 10, face card or ace: the banker will draw for a score of 0-3 and stand for 4-7In case of a card of 8: the banker will draw for a score of 0-2 and stand for 3-7In case of a card of 6 or 7: the banker will draw for a score of 0-6 and stand for 7In case of a card of 4 or 5, the banker will draw for a score of 0-5 and stand for 6-7Lastly, In case of a card of 2 or 3, the banker will draw for a score of 0-4 and stand for 5-7The rules might seem a bit complicated, but luckily you don't have to think of all scenarios. When you play baccarat online, the game automatically counts the values of each hand and shows the outcome.

How to win at baccarat

You win at baccarat every time your bet is on the hand closer to 9 or when you bet on a tie and the outcome is indeed a tie. The game is of pure luck, without being based on strategy. If you are more into logical card games, with more control over the outcome, blackjack or poker are better choices.

The payout in baccarat

There are 3 basic bets you can place at the beginning of a baccarat game. Here are the payouts of each bet:- The player hand - 1:1- The banker hand - 1:1- Tie - 8:1Some baccarat online tables have a series of other extra bets available, known as side bets. These are often based on colours or the outcome of the third card and are always explained in the information section.

Live baccarat vs virtual baccarat tables

Now that you know the basic rules of baccarat, let’s explore the options you get when playing online. There are two types of games that you can play: live ones with real dealers and virtual ones with computer generated gameplay.

Live baccarat

Live baccarat games take place in land-based studios. A real dealer stands at a baccarat table and interacts with the players. The table is live-streamed, and you get to feel a genuine casino experience. The dealer will announce when the bets are open, the outcomes, and even squeeze in a joke or two. You can send messages to the dealer or the other players by using the chat.

The games are very interactive, and you get all the benefits of playing at a real-life table without having to wait for a seat or feel the pressure to act in a certain way. Moreover, you can play baccarat anytime, anywhere.

At LeoVegas you will find live baccarat tables of all kinds. You can look around and decide which dealer or table you like most. There are plenty of options.

Virtual baccarat

Virtual baccarat tables are games where the results are generated randomly by a computer software. The software is regulated and always 100% fair, so you can be sure that your chances are just the same as when playing in real-life.The biggest advantage of virtual baccarat is that the games are faster since there is no dealer to announce the bets or wait for them to be placed. Many players enjoy a faster-paced gameplay.

Check out the virtual baccarat tables at LeoVegas, and choose the games that match your budget and betting preferences. Take a virtual seat from the table games page!

Types of baccarat

There are 3 main types of baccarat popular among aficionados. Check out their details below:

Punto BancoMost baccarat games follow the Punto Banco rules. This type of baccarat is the most popular. Even though Punto Banco was more popular among high rollers years ago, online there are tables with bets to fit all budgets.

Chemin de ferThis is a faster version of baccarat, and mostly available in offline casinos. The Chemin de fer version got famous for being featured in several James Bond novels and movies.

MacaoMacao is another card game featured in land-based scenarios. It is considered to be the precursor of baccarat. It is popular in many countries and a hit among card games to play with friends.

Play baccarat online on your mobile

With all games at LeoVegas being optimised for mobile, you can take out your phone and load up your very own personalised online baccarat casino anytime. You can play baccarat from home or whenever you feel like playing a few rounds while spending time outside. When you play live mobile baccarat, you will find all the same great features that you know and love on desktop. For one, you will find a massive selection of baccarat variants, such as the ever-popular No Commission Baccarat.You can also mark games as favourites for quick access, see all your last played games, and even play in full-screen mode for ultimate mobile entertainment. So, download the LeoVegas App on Android or Apple devices now, and take your online baccarat experience to the next level. You can also play right in the browser if you prefer. Voted ‘Mobile Operator of the Year’ at the International Gaming Awards 2019, your live leisure is in good hands!

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When you sign up to LeoVegas, you will receive the royal treatment from the very beginning. As a way of saying thanks, you can take advantage of a wonderful welcome offer to play to your heart’s content. This means that you can find your feet as you test one baccarat game, followed by another. What’s more, you can also enjoy frequent promotions as you gain more experience. There are fantastic prizes up for grabs, so make sure you opt-in to receive promotional emails!Disclaimer: The live casino welcome bonus is only available in certain countries.

Play Live Baccarat with the best dealers

So, now that you know what baccarat online is all about at LeoVegas, it’s time to treat yourself to the VIP treatment that awaits within. Whatever your skill level is, a host of professional dealers cater for experienced players and impart their knowledge and skills to novices. All the interaction takes place in a fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Play the Original Baccarat Game

If you think that the original baccarat game is perfect the way it is, then you’ll be happy to know that the classic version is but a click away. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Check out the Live Baccarat Collection for classic fun.

Enjoy a Modern Twist on an Old Classic

If you feel that variety is the spice of life, then you’ll be happy to hear that there are a plethora of different tables where you can enhance your baccarat gameplay. Great variations such as online Baccarat Controlled Squeeze and Live Football Studio are among some of the favourites, but there are many more!

Got any Questions? Our Customer Support can Help!

Making sure that you’re having the best possible experience while you play live baccarat - or any games for that matter - is of utmost importance to us. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the dedicated customer support team 24/7 via phone, live chat and email. They will be more than happy to help. The FAQ pages are also brimming with information that can help you out. For anything related to responsible gaming you can check out the LeoSafePlay platform.

What types of baccarat can I play online?

At LeoVegas, you will find baccarat games with multiple versions of bets, speed, and table layouts. You will also find the popular Lightning Baccarat, as well as Peek Baccarat and other top-notch games.

How do I place my bet at a live baccarat table?

Live baccarat betting works just like at brick-and-mortar tables. Click on the chip to select your stake, and then place the chip on the area corresponding to your bet - Banker, Player, or Tie.

Can I play baccarat online on my smartphone?

Yes, you can play directly on your iOS or Android smartphone. Our games are perfectly optimised to run smoothly on smaller screens.