Royal Potato

Print Studios

Cook Up a Few Wins with ‘Royal Potato’ Online Slot

Dig yourself into the underground universe of potatoes with Royal Potato, an online slot machine from Print Studios. In the fertile soils of this epic online betting adventure, you'll find some amazing prizes can be dug up. Boasting thirty active win ways, you should be in with a good chance of striking gold - golden potatoes that is! During the base game, stay on the hunt for the Free Spins Feature and the SuperSpinners - as these will help you elevate your overall winning potential.

Special Features

There is so much you can do with the mighty potato in the kitchen. A very versatile vegetable indeed! So, when it comes to playing in the ‘Royal Potato’ online slot, there are also lots of different ways to maximize your prize. Be sure to check out the special features: Free Spins Feature and SuperSpinners to lift your game to new heights!

Free Spins Feature

When it comes to activating the Free Spins Feature in this ‘Royal Potato’ online pokie machine, the Scatter Symbol is what you're after. The more Scatter Symbols you land, the more Free Spins you can collect. Keep in mind that three Scatter Symbols can get you ten free spins, four Scatter Symbols bags you twelve free spins, and five Scatter Symbols collects you fourteen free spins in total. On top of this, there is another interesting aspect to this generous feature - the Jumbo Symbol. This is a huge symbol that sits in the middle of the reels and substitutes for multiple other symbols - allowing more winning combinations to be created. The more wins that are created through this Jumbo symbol, the bigger it grows. Also, you can win additional spins the further you progress!


SuperSpinners is a way to get your winning lines multiplied. If a winning line passes through one of the SuperSpinners, it will multiply the win by the amount that specific SuperSpinner shows. This amount will vary between each SuperSpinner - some are worth more and some are worth less. Another way you can capitalize on SuperSpinners is via the Royal Levy. This is where every King Symbol or Queen Symbol can dish out a prize - that is subsequently multiplied by all the current SuperSpinner multipliers.

Free to Play Mode

Much like the humble potato the best things in life are free. This is why the Free to Play Mode inside LeoVegas’ [online casino NZ], allows you to play top casino games and jackpot games without needing to pay. Not only does this open you to a whole new world of fun, but it also allows you to explore new types of online pokies without any financial commitment. And don’t worry – it’s easy to switch back to the regular game settings where you can bet and win real money should you so choose.

What's it Like to Play ‘Royal Potato’ Online Slot?

Potatoes with faces—it's funny! There is an undercurrent of humour that runs through this quirky addition to the world of online pokie machines. On either side of the reels, you'll see two potatoes that resemble royal guards - hence the name ‘Royal Potato’. However, there are also lots of other potato faces in the game symbols that have a royal edge to their facial expressions. This would have to include a crown-wearing King Potato and of course his equally charming, Queen Potato. The reels are formed from potato vines and sit on top of a bed of soil. Now, if that's not royal enough for you, the symphonic string-based soundtrack definitely sets the atmosphere of a Royal Court and makes you feel as if you're in the company of some rather special vegetables!

Print Studios

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Fruits and Vegetables

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How to Win Royal Potato Online Slot

With thirty active pay lines, you'll have plenty of chances to walk away with a win in ‘Royal Potato’ slot. Be sure to maximize the special features on offer, so you can up your chances of increasing your overall win total. However, to generate a win within the base gameplay, simply look to land matching combinations of game symbols across one of the 30 ways to win. Different matching combinations vary in their payouts, so here's a look at how much each symbol is worth when playing this ‘Royal Potato’ online slot machine.

Scatter Symbol:

5 – +14 Free Spins

4 – + 12 Free Spins

3 – +10 Free Spins

King Symbol:

5 – 50.00 Fun

4 – 10.00 Fun

3 – 3.00 Fun

Queen Symbol:

5 – 25.00 Fun

4 – 7.50 Fun

3 – 2.00 Fun

Desiree Symbol (Purple):

5 – 12.50 Fun

4 – 5.00 Fun

3 – 1.00 Fun

Yukon Symbol (Orange):

5 – 10.00 Fun

4 – 4.00 Fun

3 ��� 1.00 Fun

Russet Symbol (Green):

5 – 7.50 Fun

4 – 3.00 Fun

3 – 0.75 Fun

Kennebec Symbol (Blue):

5 – 6.00 Fun

4 – 2.50 Fun

3 – 0.75 Fun

Purple Flower Symbol:

5 – 3.00 Fun

4 – 1.20 Fun

3 – 0.40 Fun

Orange Flower Symbol:

5 – 2.50 Fun

4 – 1.00 Fun

3 – 0.40 Fun

Green Flower Symbol:

5 – 2.00 Fun

4 – 0.60 Fun

3 – 0.30 Fun

Blue Flower Symbol:

5 – 1.50 Fun

4 – 0.60 Fun

3 – 0.30 Fun

How to Play Royal Potato Online Slot

On the right-hand side of the screen in ‘Royal Potato’, you'll see a betting window with two arrows attached to it. The arrow on the right will increase your total bet amount, whereas the arrow on the left will lower it. Your current bet amount is visible between these two arrows. Knowing you have decided the right bet amount for you, head down to the Spin Button directly below the betting window. Clicking this will start the game and make the wheels begin to spin immediately.
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