Deal or No Deal Live

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Test yourself with ‘Deal or No Deal Live’

Spin your way into the world of ‘Deal or No Deal Live’ from Evolution. Like most people, you probably know and love the TV show, well now you can actually participate - instead of just shouting enthusiastically at your television set. With so much great nostalgia and a chance to win up to 500x your bet, there are heaps of good reasons to dust off your briefcase and have a go yourself. While this game largely follows the format of TV show, keep an eye out for the Bonus Top-Up Phase.

Special Features

Because this game is so full of twists and turns, the label of ‘base game only’ doesn't seem to fit. However, there aren’t really that many additional special features other than the Bonus Top Up Phase. Let's zoom in and take a closer look at what this is and how it works.

Bonus Top Up Phase

After you have qualified for the game using the Qualification Wheel, you will be offered the chance to top up the amount of money inside one of the briefcases. This is done using a second wheel called the Top Up Wheel. Essentially, it gives you the option to increase the value of one briefcase. You can increase it from 5x to 50x your bet amount. Once you have decided how much you would like to top up the briefcase, go ahead and spin the wheel.

How to Win Deal or No Deal Live

Winning ‘Deal or No Deal Live’ is a game of nerves. It comes down to whether you want to settle for a safe offer from the bank or risk everything to push further into the game in the hopes of landing the big one. However, as the game progresses the very concept of winning shifts and morphs in relation to what you're prepared to walk away with. As the bank’s offers get bigger and bigger, you may find yourself more and more tempted to settle. Taking any offer that is more than your bet amount is still technically winning, it's just how you decide to look at it. That’s what makes this game so great!

How to Play Win Deal or No Deal Live

‘Deal or No Deal Live’ is broken down into four stages. There are sixteen briefcases in total, each of which holds a certain amount of money. In the first round of openings, three cases will have their amounts revealed. This will leave thirteen cases active. From here, you can either choose to ‘deal’ or ‘no deal’. A ‘deal’ will result in your potential winnings being displayed in the winning message. However if you decide to choose ‘no deal’, then you will continue into the next round.

In the second opening, four more briefcases will be opened. This leaves nine to go. Here you can, once again, take the ‘deal’ or choose ‘no deal’. Similarly, the third opening leaves five briefcases for the next and final round.

The fourth set of openings, opens three of the final five briefcases. Which leaves you looking at two briefcases. Here you'll either need to choose one of three options: ‘Deal,’ ‘No Deal’ or ‘Switch Briefcases’. ‘Deal’ will mean that you accept the offer and collect your winnings. ‘No Deal’ will mean that you take home the prize inside the assigned briefcase. The ‘Switch Briefcases’ option will mean that you open up the other briefcase in the hopes it is holding the big prize.

What's it Like to Play ‘Deal or No Deal Live’?

‘Deal or No Deal Live’ is a fully immersive experience. The tension created by the Qualification Wheel is released as you enter the visually stunning set. The hosts are knowledgeable and help keep the spirit of the television show alive. The fact that you can communicate with the hosts and other players, gives this game a very communal feel and often there is room for open interactions between everybody involved. The tense soundtrack keeps the atmosphere full of suspense. This is a game for the thrill seekers who want to find out just how far they’re willing to go!

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