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State of Origin Rugby Betting Guide

How To Bet on State of Origin Rugby at LeoVegas New Zealand

It’s never been simpler to bet on the State of Origin Series with LeoVegas. But if you’re not sure how to find your favourite markets, we are here with a clear step-by-step guide on how to bet on the State of Origin Rugby with LeoVegas Sport.

1 - To bet on the State of Origin Series with LeoVegas Sport, simply head to our dynamic search function and type in State of Origin.

2 - Select the game you would like to place a bet on - for example the upcoming State of Origin women’s fixture between Queensland and New South Wales. Alternatively, you can bet on any future/outrights from this area too.

3 - Find the market that you would like to wager on. Whether you are sticking with the moneyline, or combining markets for a parlay, LeoVegas has you covered with multiple markets.

4 - Once you’ve selected the bet for you, add it to your betslip, and stake your preferred amount.

5 - Best of luck and enjoy the games!


Format and Rules of State of Origin Rugby

Queensland against New South Wales is the annual best-of-three series that makes up State of Origin Rugby. This fixture is regarded by many as the “greatest rivalry in Australian sports”, and with 120 games between the two, it’s clear to see why.

This yearly series usually takes place between June and July, with the games being held across Australia in cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, and Adelaide.


The biggest difference with State of Origin Rugby is the eligibility rules regarding players. This is due to both teams residing in two different states and only players with ties to that state being able to represent them. For example, any player who represents a tier one nation other than Australia (England or New Zealand) is not allowed to compete in the State of Origin series.

Another major rule is the inability to tie in State of Origin. With golden point extra-time being introduced, the two teams will continue to play until the winning points are scored. Most rules are similar to other variations of rugby (five points for a try for example), but the two above are the major changes in State of Origin.

State of Origin Teams


The Queensland Maroon have assembled the best players based in the state since 1908, and despite historically playing foreign teams, they haven’t faced anybody besides the New South Wales Blues for multiple decades.

Queensland are the most successful team in the Origin Series - winning 64 of the 120 games between themselves and New South Wales - including a spell of dominance between 2006 and 2013. These eight-straight series wins have never been matched.

New South Wales

A year prior to the Maroons being formed, the New South Wales Blues emanated from the East Coast of Australia. Unfortunately, the Blues don’t boast as much success in the State of Origin Series, winning only 54 games in 120 attempts. Though, they have managed to secure two draws alongside their 54 wins.

Best Players of State of Origin Rugby

Wally Lewis - Queensland (1980-91)

The man has an award named after him. Wally Lewis is the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to State of Origin, so much so that player of the series awards are named the Wally Lewis award.

He holds the record for eight-straight man of the match performances in State of Origin and between 1982-85, he was voted the best player on the ground in five out of the six matches.

Wally Lewis is regarded as one of the best State of Origin players of all time.

Cameron Smith - Queensland (2003-17)

From one record breaker to another, Cameron Smith is a consensus choice for one of the best State of Origin players ever. His longevity alone, playing a record 42 State of Origin matches, makes him a clear choice for this list, but also his unbelievable performances aid his cause.

Smith won a man of the match award in each of his last three series, securing his place amongst State of Origin’s elite.

Andrew Johns - New South Wales (1995-2005)

New South Wales’ sole representative on this list is Andrew Johns. Johns was part of the Blues team that secured back-to-back series wins between 1996 and 1997, before playing a crucial role with a man of the match performance during game two in 2003.

He also provided a memorable moment in 2005 when he returned for game two and produced one of his best performances - leading New South Wales to victory.

State of Origin Rugby Betting Markets

Series Winner

Backing the Series Winner market at LeoVegas Sport is when you wager on who you believe will win the entire series. This means that the results of each individual game does not matter, as long as the team you selected to win the series gains the two crucial victories.

This market could also be referred to as a future/outright bet.

Margin Betting

Margin betting is placing a bet on how many points a certain team will win by. For example, if you believe the New South Wales Blues will dominate the upcoming fixture, you could wager them to win by 7-12 points or 13-18 points, depending on how confident you are feeling.

3-Way Handicap

Very similar to point spread betting, the 3-Way Handicap allows players to place a virtual deficit or advantage to one of the teams. For example, if the line for the Maroons was set at -6.5, and you wagered on the Maroons, they’d have to win by 7 for your bet to land. Similarly, the Blues at +6.5 would have to lose by 7 or less.

However, with the 3 Way-Handicap, you can place that wager for them to cover the spread to the point of a tie. Again, if a team was at -3, a victory by three would mean a virtual tie.

Origins of State of Origin Rugby

An annual game between New South Wales and Queensland has been part of Australian society since 1908. However, this annual meeting was known as the ‘Interstate Game’ and players were simply chosen from teams based in the state.

New South Wales would dominate the early portion of this rivalry - winning 75% of the games until 1956 and increasing that dominance further between 1956 and 1981. This constant dominance led to a change in the rules and the ‘State of Origin’ game was introduced in match three of the 1980 series, simply to give Queensland a better chance to compete.

These new rules allowed Sydney-based Queenslanders to join the side for this final game, and Queensland went on to win 20-10, snapping the New South Wales superiority. The intrigue generated by the one-off State of Origin matches in 1980 and 1981 led the way for all three games of the series to be played under these new selection rules.

State of Origin Rugby Women's Series

The State of Origin Rugby Women’s Series is also between the Queensland Maroons and New South Wales Blues. It was originally only one game between the two teams - known as the Interstate Challenge - before being renamed to the State of Origin in 2018.

During this period, Queensland controlled the fixture, going on a 17-year unbeaten run until New South Wales won for the first time in 2016.

However, for the first time in 2023, the State of Origin Women’s Series will now involve two fixtures rather than one. The Maroons were victorious in the first game of the new series, winning 18-10 on June 1st, with the next game being played on June 22nd.

State of Origin Recent Winners

2022: Queensland Maroons

The reigning champions from the State of Origin Series are the Queensland Maroons - winning the series 2-1 in 2022. After securing a 16-10 victory in game one, the Maroons collapsed in game two, losing 44-12. However, Queensland would fight back and grab a 22-12 series-clinching win.

2021: New South Wales Blues

2021 was the year of the Blues. Dominating both the first and second game in the series with 50-6 and 26-0 score lines respectively, New South Wales won their third series in four years between 2018 and 2021.

2020: Queensland Maroons

In the middle of New South Wales’ run between 2018 and 2021, the Maroons did pick up a sole series win in 2020. Again, they would take it to the final game, but a victory in game three ensured the trophy headed to Queensland.

2019: New South Wales Blues

2019 was one of the more dramatic finales in Origin Series history. James Tedesco’s final-minute try proved the difference and won New South Wales their second-consecutive Series win at the time.

2018: New South Wales Blues

New South Wales ran out 2-1 victors in 2018. The Blues got their victory secured early, winning both game one and game two, while Queensland’s consolation victory in game three proved to be only that.

2017: Queensland Maroons

After falling short in game one, Queensland won two-straight games in 2018 to turnaround the series and gain back-to-back origin series wins.

2016: Queensland Maroons

In one of the narrowest wins in State of Origin history, the Queensland Maroons took a 1-0 lead in the series in 2016 thanks to a 6-4 win. They won the second game and grabbed the series win before dropping the final game.

State of Origin Betting Tips

Queensland to win game two of the series - 1.43

It was a thrilling series opener between the Blues and the Maroons back on May 31st. A final period of the game filled with lead changes, unfortunate injuries, but some free-flowing attacking prowess from Queensland.

Due to that impressive attacking outfit, we pick Queensland to take game two and consequently win the State of Origin Series 2023. Similarly, we think the women will do the same and win game two of their series at odds of 1.75

Queensland to win the State of Origin Series 2023 - 1.24

Similar to the points above, we’d back Queensland to lift a third trophy in four years when this series is over. The Maroons managed to claw a win in game one - even after New South Wales had more possession - so we think they go on and dominate the rest of the series after an early scare.

**Odds are subject to change

State of Origin FAQ

What is State of Origin Rugby?

In its simplest form, the State of Origin Rugby Series is a best-of-three series between the Queensland Maroons and New South Wales Blues and is often referred to as “Australian sport's greatest rivalry”

When did State of Origin Rugby start?

The 1980 State of Origin Rugby game was the first to have both the Queensland Maroons and New South Wales Blues compete under State of Origin rules.

How are the teams determined for State of Origin Rugby?

Both teams that compete in State of Origin Rugby represent their respective states. The players that are then selected for these teams have to have played their first Rugby League game at senior level in that state to make the team.

How often is the tournament held?

This game between the two teams is held annually, with the three games being held in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.

Who has the most State of Origin wins?

Queensland lead the way in State of Origin victories with 64, while New South Wales have claimed 54 wins, and two games ended with the teams inseparable.

What player has played the most State of Origin games?

Cameron Smith holds the record for most State of Origin games played at 42 - five more than the closest player behind him (Johnathan Thurston).

Who are some of the greatest players in the tournament's history?

The two aforementioned players are some of the greatest in State of Origin’s history. Firstly, Jonathan Thurston won 11 of the 13 series he played in as a player, becoming one of the best halfbacks of all time.

As for Cameron Smith, he was a four-time winner of the Wally Lewis award for player of the series, an achievement that cemented his legacy as one of the best in tournament history.

How does the State of Origin Rugby Women's Series differ from the men's tournament?

One of the main differences between the women’s and men’s State of Origin is the length of the series. While the men compete in a best-of-three series, the women used to play in a one-off fixture between the two sides. Although, in 2023, the women are competing in their first ever two-game series. There are other differences, but the above is the most notable.

Are international players allowed to participate in State of Origin Rugby?

As of 2022, the rules indicated that any player who represents a tier one nation other than Australia (England or New Zealand) is ineligible to play in the State of Origin Series. However, tier two and three nation representatives are allowed to play for their respective states.

How can I watch State of Origin in NZ?

There are multiple ways to watch State of Origin in New Zealand, including on Sky Sports. Sky Sports holds the rights to the State of Origin Series and should be showing all the games throughout the series.